Fireworks for International Childhood Cancer Day

February 15th was International Childhood Cancer Day and one way we chose to celebrate was by dispatching our reply to the European Commission’s Consultation on the Paediatric Regulation on the same date as the ICCD call to action. This was the climax of weeks’ of work, cooperating with patient advocacy groups in Spain, Italy, France, Britain, Switzerland and across Europe to push home a set of common messages about the need for better research for children with cancer. You can read a copy of the U2C reply here.

Also on February 15, a feature was broadcast on French TV which showed how cancer affected one Belgian family. Featuring U2C activist, Delphine Heenen, and set up with the assistance of Anne Goeres, this demonstrates why there is a need for ‘more support for childhood cancer research, cure and care.’ You can watch the film at the link here.


The soundtrack is in French or German, so if you do not speak either of these languages, you will have to ask a friend who does. If you do not have such a friend, then make one.That is what this project is all about.  😉