Why Unite2Cure childhood cancer?

Why do we need a unified European movement? There is growing recognition across the parent/patient and professional community that promising new drugs for children and teenagers with cancer are not being developed quickly enough. Whilst there has been excellent progress…

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Sign up to receive information and action alerts from Unite2Cure ! Click on the “sign up” button on the right! Call for immediate change to European Paediatric Medicine Regulation to save more lives of children and teens with cancer A…

How to change the system

Cancer remains the primary cause of death by disease of children and adolescents in Europe, yet investment in research into childhood cancers lags far behind that for adults. A few basic changes to European law, however, could transform the situation and harness the…


Tragedy of children dying from cancer because drug companies won’t include them in trials

Unite2cure has been busy campaigning in the UK this week.

Our message has come across loud and clear: across the word we need better access to newer and kinder drugs for kids with cancer.
#ChildhoodCancer #ACCELERATEplatform

Unite2Cure: calling for FAIR Trials

Our video sets out how young people with cancer are often excluded from research trials, without any just cause. This not only limits their individual options but holds back progress in finding better cures and kinder treatments for generations to come

Children with cancer still left behind!

Childhood Cancer professionals and parents react to European Commission report on 10 years of the EU Paediatric Regulation


Some Facts…

It is impossible to measure the impact that childhood cancer has on it’s victims and their families by using statistics but research funding decisions are often based on numbers. Here are some facts about childhood cancer for you to consider:…

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