Why Unite2Cure childhood cancer?

Why do we need a unified European movement?

  • There is growing recognition across the parent/patient and professional community that promising new drugs for children and teenagers with cancer are not being developed quickly enough. Whilst there has been excellent progress in some areas, treatments and survival rates for some childhood/teen cancers have not improved in some 30 to 40 years. This is a multi-faceted problem that requires an urgent co-ordinated pan-European approach.
  • There are many groups and charities working for similar aims. We aim to provide a parent-led platform, that with the Accelerate Platform, will mobilize this support, to encourage conversations, consensus and opportunities for joined up working.
  • Under the banner “Unite Against Childhood and Teenage Cancer, we aim to build upon a growing desire for change so that we save more young people with cancer and allow others to access better, kinder new drugs. Our approach will be to work supportively and collaboratively with all stakeholders to celebrate and share areas of good practice, and identify solutions for better smarter working.

Together we will amplify the voice of children and teenagers with cancer

More detailed information can be found here: SIOPE/CRUK/Unite2Cure Position Paper