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Samira Essiaf, European Society for Paediatric Oncology (SIOPE), Chief Executive Officer, Belgium: “We should all work together towards a future where no child dies of cancer and survivors live to the fullest.
For this reason SIOPE, the leading organisation representing all professionals working in the field of childhood cancers in Europe, strives to support paediatric cancer professionals to do their best work and to build life-saving bridges between all involved stakeholders.”

Vaskar Saha, Professor of Paediatric Oncology, Institute of Cancer Sciences, Manchester Academic Health Science Centre, Manchester, UK: “I signed because as a paediatric oncologist, almost daily I feel the need for better, more effective and less toxic drugs to treat children with cancer. Over the last 20-years, though the number of  potentially new drugs has increased exponentially, many are not being made available for children.  Even where the new drug is being made available to children, it takes years and a mountain of paperwork to get the drug to clinic. We need to make the process equitable and simple for all stakeholders involved in this process.”

Andrew Hall, Associate Dean of Bioresources, Northern Institute for Cancer Research
Newcastle upon Tyne, UK:
 “We need to find a way to stop the knowledge we now have about children’s cancer gathering dust in academic journals by turning it into new ways to make treatments more effective and less toxic. It won’t make anyone rich but it will make us more humane.”

Ajay Vora, Consultant Paediatric Haematologist, United Kingdom : “The current EU regulation is an obstacle to research on new drugs for children with cancer and there is a desperate need for the reforms proposed in this petition to improve access these drugs for the paediatric population”

Darren Hargrave, Consultant Paediatric Oncologist, United Kingdom: “I am signing the Unite2Cure petition both personally and in my role as the Chair of the UK NCRI Children’s Cancer and Leukaemia Novel Agents Sub-group!
As a paediatric neuro-oncologist I see every day the desperate need for novel therapies for patients with brain tumours and other poor prognosis cancers to both increase survival but also to reduce the burden of treatment for these children and young people.
There has been tremendous progress in the understanding of the underlying biology of many of these cancers and a real opportunity to translate this into better treatments but we need improvements and changes in the current incentives and regulatory framework to expedite this and allow all stakeholders (i.e. academics, industry, regulators and patient/ families) to truly work together in partnership for this common goal!”

Guy Makin, Senior Lecturer in Paediatric Oncology, UK: “We need new drugs to treat children and young people with cancer, and these changes to the Paediatric Medicines Regulation are the only way to make sure that all promising drugs get properly investigated.”

John Moppett, Consultant Paediatric Haematologist, United Kingdom:”The law should be there to help and not hinder progress.”

Lars Hjorth, Paediatric oncologist, Sweden: “it is the right thing to do at the right point in time.”

Kathy Pritchard-Jones, Paediatric oncologist, UK: “We need drug development for children with cancer to keep pace with the explosion in knowledge of the biological changes that occur in childhood cancers. Many of these are shared with changes found in adult cancers, yet children with cancer are not being offered access to these new drugs through clinical trials.

The pharmaceutical industry needs to be obliged/incentivised to work in partnership with research scientists, doctors who treat children with cancer and the children and their families who are affected by this devastating diseases. We understand the clinical need and are experienced in designing clinical trials that are acceptable to patients and families. We need a change in the legislation to ensure the new drugs are available for testing in this way so that we can make progress to improve survival rates and quality of survival for children with cancer. ”

Gilles Vassal Pediatric Oncologist and Pharmacologist France SIOPE, the European Society of Pediatric Oncology has just launched its Strategic Plan in Vienna to increase both cure and quality of cure of children and adolescents with cancer.
This Plan has been designed with parents, patients and survivors.
I sign the petition because we need to move the lines, to create a new mindset and a strong momentum that will speed innovation for children and adolescents.
I sign the petition because we need to work together, all together. This is the only way to success and we will !

Manuel Diezi, Paediatric Oncologist, Switzerland: “We need to move quicker, find better drugs, cure more children.”

Martin Schrappe Ped. Oncologist, Germany Being chair of the I-BFM Study Group, of the ENCCA Project Management Team, and SIOPE President-elect I strongly support this petition.

Roly Squire, Surgeon, UK: “Children, Teenagers and Young Adults deserve the full range of treatments available to adults.”

Mark Gaze, Oncologist, UK: “I am committed to getting the best treatments made available for children and young people with cancer.”

Iain Chalmers, Researcher, UK: “It is in the interests of children with cancer and their families.”

Daniel Morgenstern, Paediatric Oncologist, UK: “There is a clear need for changes to the current regulations”

François Doz, MD, France: “It is absolutely necessary to facilitate new drug development for children and adolescents with cancer in order to increase cure rates and to develop less toxic treatments”

Professor David A Walker, Professor Paediatric Oncology, University of Nottingham
Nottingham University Hospital, NHS Trust, UK, : 
“I signed because we are in a golden age when science has produced exciting new opportunities to improve treatments and opportunities for people with cancer of all types.  The problem for the young person with cancer is that they are the youngest component of the rare cancer sufferers with limited experience to lobbying process, yet with strongest story to tell.

The restraints within the scientific and commercial methods of developing new treatments, designed to keep things safe for the majority of people with cancer, are based upon scientific evaluation linked to commercial funding, seeking regulatory approval for licensing purposes.  These complex steps do not meet the needs of young people, with the very rare experience of getting cancer so early in life, as they work to a timetable that is incompatible with the pace, complexity and rarity of the cancers, with which young people are presenting.  Many are dying without access to new therapies, with strong scientific rationale, because regulations and health service practices will not sanction access in a timely manner.

To introduce greater, yet safe opportunities for young people to access new treatments needs greater flexibility of the application of scientific prioritisation in selecting drugs for trial and subsequent regulation.  Methods for including a greater proportion of  young patients in clinical trials of existing drugs with promising characteristics needs to be explored as a matter of urgency.

The success seen in the recent revision of the Clinical Trials Regulation in Europe by introducing risk stratification of trials to ensure reduced administrative burden for trials testing existing drugs for new applications was spearheaded by young people’s lobbying in the EU Parliament.

I believe that,

LOBBYING BY YOUNG PEOPLE FOR YOUNG PEOPLE will promote the changes that are needed. ”

Simon Davies, Executive Director,Teen Cancer America, USA: “I signed because I support the goals of the organisation and understand the need for substantial change in a dysfunctional system.”

Deborah Binner, PR consultant, UK: “I signed because children and teenagers risk missing out on exciting new treatments for cancer because of current regulations. We need to work quickly and join forces to put pressure on regulators to ensure that regulations are working in the best interests of our young people with these horrible illnesses. This isn’t the case at the moment and too many children and teens are being blocked access to new treatments. We need to change this situation immediately. Our young people are way too precious! Please sign our petition.”

Kevin & Karen Capel, Charity Founders, UK: “Christopher’s Smile supports the Unite2Cure campaign. As an organisation we have been campaigning for a change in both the way the current Paediatric Regulation is implemented and also for a longer term change in the regulation itself.
We first met with the EMA in November 2010 to gain an understanding of why there is a loophole being exploited by the pharmaceutical industry. Article 11 of the Paediatric Regulation provides the loophole in the issuance of class waivers. It allows many drugs which could have been used to treat paediatric cancers to be waived for testing in children.
Christopher’s Smile has become an outspoken proponent of change. We are not afraid to speak our minds and we always aim for robust and direct debate.
Unite2Cure is a parent run initiative. The issues that instigated the Unite2Cure campaign are complex but in summary nowhere near enough drugs that are being developed for adults are made available for children soon enough.
Christopher’s Smile wants to see immediate change – not endless dialogue.”

Maria Rawlings,  Administration, UK: “I signed because One day my child may need these drugs!!”

Conor Dignan, Sales exec, UK: “I signed because more needs to be done.”

Zoe Binner, Translator, Germany: “I signed because I lost my stepsister aged 18 and 1 month after a three-year battle with a rare bone cancer. Children with cancer need access to drugs that could potentially help them, and that is why I have signed this petition.”

Katrina Fleming, Administrative assistant, England: “I signed because if there’s a chance any life can be saved, It must be! All pathways, worldwide, need to be opened to let this happen. SAVE A LIFE!”

Natasha Cardazzone, England: “I signed because it is such an important cause.”

Lisa Roma, acounts clerk, UK: “I signed because young people should have as much chance as anyone else as trying or opting to try  groundbreaking treatments when all the other options may have failed – its wrong to deny them because of their age.”

Cindy Farmer, Accounts assistant, UK: “I signed because our kids are so important and are our future.”

Elena Dowding, marketing assistant, England: “I signed for Chloe and all the other young people xxx”

Nicki Riley, Office and Events Coordinator, England: “I signed because I believe in the cause.”

Roisin Duffy, England

Danielle, UK

Stacey Pates, Marketing Director, England

Sarah Savage,  Student paediatric nurse, UK

Olivia, UK

Michelle Law, teacher, England

Emma Reynolds, England

Abigail Davis, England

Sophia, England

Ciara Wakley, Student, England

Karen Heath, England

Julia, UK

Emily Freer, England

Declan McDougall, England

Phyllis Rooney, Police, England

Beth Rose, England

Aimee Mckeown, Accounts, Uk: “In memory of Chloe and to see a change for other young people. X ”

Sian Mathias UK: “Because it was the right thing to do. Treatment for teenage can we must improve.”

Ellie Kean, England

Hannah Smith, Tax advisor UK

Katie Greenslade, UK

Katherine Murphy, Student, UK

Helen Mackenzie,  Self employed, UK: “I signed because I strongly believe that young people should be given every possible chance to live life. Without these treatments there is always a “what if…. question lurking in the background when all other treatments have failed and heartbroken parents face life without a precious child. Give them every opportunity to life.

Laura Gale, Admin, England: “I signed because this needs seriously reviewing, in order to save people’s lives of all ages!”

Christine Rose, Retired teacher, UK: “As a mother and grandmother I believe that this is such an important cause. We need to give our children every possible chance in the fight against this terrible disease.”

Paul Cardazzone, Electrician, England:  “Children and teenagers have their whole lives ahead of them.”

angel parnell, pcso, uk: “My sister had leukemia when she was 10 thankfully God had his healing hand upon her but not all children recover. Please give doctors the wisdom for a cure for cancer. In Jesus name. Amen”

Sav Neofitou, childcare manager, England: “I’m a surviour of cancer and we all need to be more proactive in believeing that one day ALL young peoples needs will be met with the sufficient treatment to cure cancer! x”

Dawn Herbert, Manager, Isle of Man: “My daughter endured 7 years of chemo & radiotherapy but sadly lost her battle aged 17”

Melanie Bolt, Police, UK : “The law needs to change. Everyone with a terminal illness should have the right to treatments available, even if experimental, regardless of age. A child should be given that right, however slim, to become an adult.”

Vicky reino, UK

Daniella Chivers, Hair stylist, England: “Iv signed this because my sister lost her best friend at the age of 18 due to not being old enough for treatment. This doesn’t only affect the teen with cancer it effects everyone around them. Watching my sister suffer and loose her best friend was the hardest thing iv witnessed.”

Anne Goeres, Head of Fondatioun Kriibskrank Kanner, Luxembourg; “I signed this petition because every day, I meet children and teenagers suffering from cancer and actually we don’t have any possibility to guarantee them a 100% efficient treatment. This has to change now and I want to belong to those who push these changes. Please, join me, sign our petition.”

Niamh Murphy, Stay at home mum, Uk: “I believe everyone should be given fair treatment”

Sean Reilly, PR Account Executive, UK

Nuala Barr, UK

Rich Copland, Retired Social Worker, United Kingdom: “It is essential that children and teenagers with cancer benefit as much as is possible from any new drugs developed for treating adult cancers.”

Inese Copland, College Lecturer, UK: “children and teenagers with cancer need to be given the same priority as adults.”

Caroline Sugg, Manager (charity), UK

Karin Holm, Patient Advocate, Switzerland

David Morton, Self employed, United Kingdom: “My 19 year old son died of a brain tumour.”

Georgina Hillman, Youth Cancer, Trust Uk

Rebecca Harris, Accounts assistant, UK: “Everyone has the right to live. A number for an age should not determine anything. X”

Alberto polanco, chef, UK: “For my daughter who deserved better and who should still be here with us.”

Charret Virginie, Bank employee, France: “Be cause i keep In Mind that hopé is the key of success . Our strénght is’our’coalition .”

Lellouche Joelle, Fondatrice, France: “Une vrai recherche pour les cancers pédiatrique il est vital de rompre le silence. Les enfants sont bankables”

judith landman-parker, pediatrician, france: “i strongly support the action of cure4kid in order to speed up new drugs delivery to children and adolescent with cancer”

Kathleen beagley, retired, England: “Anything that will speed up the finding of a cure for child hood cancers must be the right thing to do. From personal experience, I know the heart break that childhood cancer can bring.”

Lucy Allnutt, Stay at home parent, Uk: “My son had wilms tumour.”

Clare Selleck, Nursery manager, United Kingdom: “My son aged 7 is fighting cancer.”

Liz Selleck, Make up artist, UK

Clare McEnery, Nanny, England

Brenda Tarry, Teaching assistant, England: “It is vital that we do all we can to fight cancer in children. No parent should ever lose a child because every possible treatment isn’t available. Children should not lose their lives to cancer unnecessarily. To see the suffering of a bereaved parent is just heart breaking.”

Courtney Plumbridge, Sales manager, England: “a boy very close to me has been diagnosed with cancer. ”

Angela Stevens, Debt Recovery Assistant, England:”My nephew was recently diagnosed and having Chemotherapy, maybe there is a drug that could prove more useful”

Kimme Brill, Banking, England

jean donadieu, md, france

mark Hudson, carer, United kingdom: “I care and have a family friend with cancer”

Sara Donnelly, Full time parent, Uk: “Too many children are still losing their battle with cancer. Many treatments are harsh and too many survivors live with life changing side effects from treatment.”

suzanne king, credit controller, uk

Sarah critchley, mother, uk

GAMBART Marion, Pediatric Oncologist, France: “We need more drug for a better personalised medicine for children with cancer.”

Peter Wells, Teacher, United Kingdom

Beate Wulff, Paediatric Haematologist/Oncologist, aPODD Germany

Roger Wilson, CBE Journalist and cancer patient, UK: “It’s right.”

Karen Richards, Full time Mum, uk: “My 4 year old son was diagnosed with a brain tumour – Medulloblastoma. After 18 months of treatment he is in remission BUT the treatment is brutal. He now has learning difficulties, takes daily medication to treat his damaged Thyroid, has daily growth hormone injections because of a damaged Pituitary gland, has hearing loss, had cataract surgery on both eyes, Still has muscle weakness and fatigue – 2 years into remission. ALL DUE TO THE TREATMENT FOR CANCER. We need new drugs that cure the cancer but do less damage to a childs young body.”

Brochard Frédéric, Psychologue Psychotherapeute, France: “Par cette signature, je souhaite modestement contribuer à la mobilisation de toutes les énergies, pour vaincre les cancers de chaque enfant atteint.
Pour que les adultes en responsabilité d’œuvrer, prennent exemple sur les Enfants Héros qui se battent au quotidien.
Bravo pour l’initiative, l’énergie engagée, et les premières réussites.
Bien chaleureusement.

Chris Copland, University teacher, UK; “In memory of Bethan Copland. Happy 21st birthday, darling.”

Fiona Dodd, Retired, UK: “Every option should be considered when treating children and teenagers with Cancer”

Irina Ban, Parent, Serbia

Natalie Simon, Public Involvement Team Lead, Wales: “I believe more research should be carried out to improve our understanding of childhood cancer and its treatment. ”


Alana Allen, Homemaker, Australia: “My son was diagnosed with Ewings Sarcoma PNET at age 4.”

Randy Carson, Director, USA: “My Son has recurrent Ewings Sarcoma. Because it is an orphan cancer little progress is being made to fight it. We need better methods and regulations to support research and development of new therapies. Now. ”

Carol Basso, Co-Founder, 1 Million 4 Anna Foundation, USA : “For the help this will provide to adolescents and young adults fighting cancers.”

Merran Toerien, Senior Lecturer, England: “A friend of mine, whose young daughter died of cancer, supports this campaign.”

MiMi Olsson, Childhood Cancer Advocate, USA : “In honor of my granddaughter Carly a 13 yr mesenchymal chondrosarcoma survivor”

Holly Corbridge, USA

anne hiltgen / Luxembourg

Weimerskirch Denise, Medical secretary, Luxembourg: “Très important pour combattre le cancer juvénile !”

Edward Ritvo, MD Professor, UCLA MEDICAL SCHOOL USA: “We need to join together to make progress for our children and science in general”

Jennifer Hawkins, United States: “I lost my 18 year old a month ago to his rare cancer after a 11.5 year battle and his loss was unnecessary if more efficient and less toxic drugs were available. Let’s not let another of our babies die from these horrible diseases.”

Shashank Singh, Scientist, India: “I have suffering my child closely diagnosed with Ewing sarcoma at age of 8 yr”

Guy Berchem, Medical Oncologist, Luxembourg: “Drug developpment for pediatric patients has been neglected for decades.”

Tene Kiellberg Kofoed, Massage therapist, Danmark


Carina Baio, Réceptionniste, Luxembourg : “My child had also cancer, it is important to do everything we can to save children. They are the most important to our world.”

Liisa Stephan, Mom, USA: “ My son Tyler 16y/o deserves a better choice.”
Kunegel Catherine, Luxembourg

Sharon Knudsen, School Psychologist, USA: “In honor of my daughter, Hannah, a two time survivor of Ewings Sarcoma, and in rememberance of all the young friends we have lost to Ewings, too numerous to mention, but never forgotten.”

Mary Ellen Modico, parish secretary, USA: “My only child, my son Nicholas, died last year from Ewing’s Sarcoma”

Patricia McColgan, Director, Ireland: “I believe our children and teenagers deserve our support,
m/o Rory dx with sPNET
now age 21”

Brigitte Rousseau, Head of Accounting, Luxembourg: “It is the right of each child to receive adequate treatment…. it is our duty to make adequate medecine available ….. children have the right to live..”

Elisabeth Harrington, Social Worker, USA: “For my son and all the other pediatric cancer fighters who are given dismal odds even with lengthy, toxic, and debilitating chemotherapy/radiation protocols.”

Susan VanNice, RN, USA: “My daughter is a survivor of Mesenchymal Chondrosarcoma. While we are thankful for this, what she had to go through with the toxic chemo treatments was awful. I push for further research to find targeted therapies that will not be so harsh on such young growing bodies.”

Andrea Seratti, USA: “At 40yo, I was diagnosed with a pediatric sarcoma. I am still battling every day.”

Christina Hall, USA: “In honor of my 16 year old daughter, McKenna, diagnosed at 15 with Ewing’s Sarcoma.”

Nancy McGugin, Certified clinical medical assistant, United States : “My son, Adam, died at the age of 4 from Rhabdomyosarcoma, another orphan cancer, and we were told that it was due to dumb luck. Only one treatment available and that only works some of the time with no answers as to why or why not. What a wonderful person he could have been if allowed to grow up.”

Hillarey Puro, RN, Canada : ” will never stop missing my son Michael, lost to rhabdomyosarcoma in 2012 at age five. There have been no meaningful changes in prognosis for children with his stage of disease – bleak and brutal.”

Dawn Merkel, Mom and wife, United States: “In honor of my son Sam Merkel who has been battling Osteosarcoma for over two years.”

Milca Graver, Trademark attorney, The Netherlands: “I have seen my son and other kids suffer so terribly in the past year. Luckily he “only” lost his leg to bone cancer and not his life. And so many parents have lost their precious kid. So much grief, that should be stopped!!”

Tessy Hartert, Luxembourg

Scott Hall, USA: “In honor of my daughter, McKenna, diagnosed 8/27/14 at 15 years old with Ewing’s Sarcoma”

Lynn Andres, Retired adults with disabilities teacher, USA: “My daughter is currently battling cancer for the fifth time in seven years. Ewing’s Sarcoma and other pediatric cancers must be cured!”

Adriana Ribeiro, luxembourg

Danelutti Pierina, Assistante Direction, Luxembourg: “I support Unite2cure”

Erica balkhi, speech language pathologist, USA: “my son had Cancer and he went through harsh toxic treatments. We need a change!”

Ashley Medina, Speech-Language Pathologist, USA: “My husband is fighting Ewing’s sarcoma for the second time. Funding and treatment advances and are desperately needed.”

Lynn Raczkowski, USA: “My son is a cancer survivor!!”

Randi Levine, School Social Worker, United States: “I lost my stepbrother to rhabdomyosarcoma.”

Melissa Oberst, United States

Soraya Bertioli, Biologist – Researcher, Brazil/USA: “My son George is an osteosarcoma warrior. We need more research and better drugs for this aggressive disease.”

Merna Rainea, Mother, Usa: “ have seen the late effects that occur from my sons childhood cancer treatment and I hope that someday childhood cancer survivors will not have these difficult problems.”

David Thomas, Lawyer, UK: “The basic principle should be that cancer patients and especially children should be able to access the very best treatment (even if experimental), given where medical research has reached at that point, and therefore have the very best chance of getting better or at least having as long a life with quality as possible. I know from personal experience that the system is not always flexible enough to achieve these objectives, with too much power vested in drug companies and regulators too weak to hold them to account. I support any move which will put children right at the heart of the system, as a reality not rhetoric. Delivering high quality care is not sufficient unless institutional barriers are dismantled and unnecessary secrecy removed. Strong regulation with effective incentives is essential”

Sherry Troxel, Homemaker, USA: “I watched the horrible effects chemo had on my 12 year old daughter with ovarian cancer. There has to be a better way.”

Martine Goergen, Sudgeon, Luxemburg :”I am convinced that there are great oppurtunities to develop new medical therapies for children .
We have to push development in theses directions ”

Carol Migliore, Parent, United States: “I want my son to have a future!”

Nicole Longmore, Underwriter, US: “I sign For my daughter who is 5 years OT from Rhabdo. Her treatment lead to learning difficulties, has daily growth hormone injections because of a damaged Pituitary gland, had cataract surgery on 1 eye & has several teeth issues. We need less toxic more natural treatment.”

Ariella Ritvo-Slifka President and Chairwoman, The Alan B. Slifka Foundation, USA: “My son has recurrent metastatic Ewing Sarcoma. My foundation is committed to sponsoring collaborative sarca research and effective targeted treatment strategies . We sponsor international collaborations as well as single center studies in hopes to increase understanding of Sarcomas and finding kind treatments leading to long remissions and eventually cure.”

Carolina Ballen ,Student, Colombia: “Important to support childhood”

Flavia Ramos, Psicologa, Brasil

Da Silva Maria José, Technico commercial, Luxembourg 

Wendy Marecle, business owner, USA: “My daughter is a survivor of both Wims’ Tumor and xp11.2 translocation renal cell carcinoma. She suffered many complications from her treatments…..renal failure, heart failure and the secondary cancer being the most serious of the many.”

Teresa Smith, Mother, New Zealand: “our children need it”

Elizabeth Cofino, United States: “I sign this petition because we need a cure for all with sarcomas”

Jennifer Gilliam, Parent, USA: “ I am so saddened by the number of children who have cancer. I hope that the research of childhood cancer can increase so as to save more of these precious children’s lives.”

Nancy Williams, Grandparent, USA: “Our children are the future … my 5-year-old granddaughter is fighting for her life … help her and all other children to win their battle!”

Heather Morse, Teacher, Usa: “For the Bertioli Family who suffered through their son’s cancer diagnoses of Osteosarcoma. It being rare in particular, for being rare, not much has been tried and proven.”

Bob Sears, Education, USA: “I know a child and family who have battled this bravely and because I believe in the power of committed people. It is only when people get behind something, that they can get out in front of it…..One day, childhood cancer will be behind us……”

Laura Rutledge, Child/Young Adult Cancer Research Foundation, USA: “We have an obligation to stand up for the rights of those who cannot. Our children and young adults with cancer have suffered needlessly long enough from the lack of focus and attention to bring less toxic, life giving treatments.
These amazing children and young adults are our future. They should be our highest priority in the fight to cure cancer once and for all.”

Ida Borhan, Manager, Malaysia: “My daughter Irdina lost a battle no child should endure, let alone lose.”

Juliet Ruhl, Artist, U.S. :”I know two families in my community who have children dealing with this terrible disease.”

Tanja Miletic, Professor, USA: “I support the cause”

Laurie Karl, Mom, Nashville, Tenn USA: “My 20 year old son lost his battle to Ewings Sarcoma…the treatment options need to be improved to help these young people.”

darlene harris, usa: “current childhood cancer tx is poisonous to the child … the side effects are physically and mentally devastating . leaving the child with life-long physical and mental challenges . sometimes bringing on their early death … we need more humane and kind tx for our very ill children!”

Mary Kedzie, Accountant, USA: “As a cancer survivor I know firsthand how hard these drugs are on your body, the side effects are much worse for children and affect a greater portion of their lives. We owe it to all children battling cancer to improve their chances of survival and quality of life after treatment.”

Elise B, United States: “my daughter is a childhood cancer survivor.”

Carolina Chavarro, PhD Student, US

Glen Jusczyk, Self Employed, USA: “ my daughter is a cancer survivor”
lisa mansell, USA: “My Precious Payton,fighting sarcoma cancer age 4 years old…..and all the other little warriors fighting this demon called cancer…Our kids life matters, and they should have access to any and all experimental/trail meds..that could possible save their lives…”Cure Childhood Cancer”

lestang emmanuelle, france

steph stephanie, france

Arnaud Miller, Engineer, France: “ I saw my father losing his fight against cancer, and once while he was at the hospital for his chemo, he told me: “if it is hard for me, imagine how hard it is for these children sufferring from the same kind of disease”. I want some hope for those children, and for my own.”

Isabelle Bourasseau, Web project manager, France

Julia Maetz, Teacher, France

Mathilde guillouche, Psychomotor therapist, France

Paul gambit, France

Pizzo stéphanie, auxiliaire de puériculture, france

Valérie Ménard, translator, Spain: “I think about my children.”

Aurelien fabiano, Vidal manager, france: “it’s important to save children”

Laure, France

Calfy Care, France

margaret connon, Research Nurse, Uk: “Rare tumours still have a devastating effect and the more new treatments looked at the better chance of finding treatments for rare cancers.”

Christine Denele, France: “honte sur les gouvernements qui préfèrent vendre des armes et traquer les automobilistes, enfin s’occuper de leurs nombrils que lancer des recherches, installer des scanners et IRM etc
shame on the Governments who prefer to sell weapons and hunt down motorists, finally taking care of their navels that search, install scanners and MRIs (translation bing)”

Philippe Hoss, lawyer, Luxembourg

Lanoë Charlotte, Social worker, France

Jean-François Hubler, Ingeneer, France

John Li Non, Executive Director, Luxembourg: “I am a Director of a Foundation helping cancer strickened Children and support any initiative to help fight this disease.”

Delphine Puyo, France

Pieternel Slager – Luxembourg


Penne Delphine, Editor, France: “It’s important to save the future.”

Hélène Bonte, France

Raphaëlle Dickes, Journalist, Luxembourg: “Children and young adults mustn’t be considered as second class patients. Fact might be that there are more adults concerned by cancer and that drugmakers have more financial interest in pushing research for this type of medication. But the younger patients have a right to benefit from these treatments as well. Hence, more efforts should be made in order to study how new proven medication can be used for curing child cancer.”

Aurelie Benoit, Nurse, France: “I take care of children on my job ans it’s very difficult to see we don’t have a traitement for children.”

Nayla abouchakra, lebanon

célia caristan, France

Susy Lawson, Parent, Australia: “All children deserve the best available treatments and cures need to be found to prevent future suffering for families affected by childhood cancers”

Jane Puplett, Momcologist, Wales: “I live in hope that someone care enough to help our children.”

Olivier Duvois, France

Lindsey Bennister Chief Executive, Sarcoma UK, UK

mahout eleonore, sans emploie, france

Toussaint Pigeon, IT project manager, France

Jennie Puplett, Retired, Uk

Charlotte daldossi, mum, france

Karen Boujard, teacher, France


Johanne Coyle, Women’s Intervention Advocate, Retired Canada: “Sick children are forced to suffer some of the worst pain known to mankind. If we could, wouldn’t we want to change that? We can do better and we have to do better because even the treatments are killing our kids! Children and teens need you more than ever to bring about tangible support for them.”

Ludivine Pineau, Employee, France: “I feel concerned with this cause. I have some relatives in this situation and just feel there is still a lot to do to ease the treatment and support the families.”

Diane Erjavec, Homemaker, USA: “My granddaughter and so, so many other children battle childhood cancer everyday. Many battle and lose their lives. There are no cures for childhood cancers and treatments are harsh because they haven’t developed any new treatments in over 30 years. Childhood Cancer really needs to be ACKNOWLEDGED!”

Melva Menchaca Caregiver United States I pray they find a cure for these precious children who shouldn’t be suffering🙏🏼

Madelon sarreo france pour tous les petits Hugo

Deborah Tackett Program Analyst United States my grandson is a cancer survivor. All children should be cancer survivors!

ARMEN DER AGOPIAN Sales France Bécasse my Sister died And no one deserve to die from cancer. We need to push big pharmaceuticals group to invest in research ! !!

Erika Freire Researcher Brazil

Audrey ERETEO France

Hélène DRACOS France

Branson Berreles United ste

sarah raji mother Malta

Emilie Cailler mother France It can happen to anybody

Delphine McCormack France

Bonnie Raines retired USA

Magali Viela France

ebru cornet Finance Director France Because i have to kids and love them, and want to support any action that can help the kids of the world grow safely and with the same means as the adults.

sara de pablos Engineer Spain

Janet Wiedeman Engineer United States Our kids are our future, we need less toxic treatments so they can live up to their potential. With hope and peace.

Da Silva Marie

Luc roca Business dev manager france we have to fight

florence rochet assistante confederale france

adeline le france

Mathilde Bonnefond Researcher France

Kimberly Schmitz United States

Samantha Burton Real estate broker Isa

Izulme Santos Scientist Brazil I support the cause!

Susan Moreira Teacher Brazil I know families who need more support

Denis Barbe teacher france For children.

Carmen Bessa Gomes France

Marc Morales Public service France “il est inacceptable d’en être à supplier pour que l’industrie pharmaceutique s’intéresse aux cancers pédiatriques.”

Stacie Bogdan Business Director USA Having been through a young adult cancer as a care giver, no family should go through the war on cancer – finding treatments that are kinder and safer for children and young adults will increase efficacy and save lives.

Chantal Spittles PR Officer UK I work for the Bone Cancer Research Trust which works with families affected by this brutal disease – more research, awareness and treatments so desperately needed.

Debbie Jansen USA pediatric cancer needs to become an oxymoron

SOUVIGNET alexandre CEO france It is a main subject to save the children.

Yann DABÉ Procedure designer France it’ much important…!

Marie Gepel CEO France it seems obvious

Janice Skinner Retired UK Without research, my niece would not have survived

Rommie Flammer USA

Élodie philippe France

Paulette Brownfield Senior care assistant UK My son 2 yr old son is battling neuroblastoma and we need less toxic, more effective drugs to give kids the best possible chance of survival no child should have to fight for their life we need a cure !!

Julie Rhyder Office Co ordinator England Although my son was 32 when he passed away fue to Ostesarcoma, i know of children and young adults also affected by cancer.

Leslie Suarez mom, friend of kids battling sarcoma USA The kids battling this are brave. The law makers need to support their bravery by giving them every chance available.

Galia Flores Psychologue Swizerland

susan goldstein fundraiser united states Our children are not an afterthought. The cure for diseases that kill our children should be the priority. It is unconscionable that funding of research in children’s cancer should not be first in line for government allocated dollars!

Anthea Martin UK As a survivor of Ewing’s Sarcoma, I want to see the undoubted power of research and new drugs brought to bear on this and other cancers affecting children and teenagers.

Sophie Hardy Bruxelles Belgique J’ai eu moi-meme le cancer et j’ai une petite fille de 2 ans. J’espère qu’elle sera toujours en bonne santé. Il faut que les recherches avancent et qu’on trouve des traitements!

Marcelo José Valsésia De Rosa Engineer Brasil we are commited with other parents who are fighting to give better days for their sons.

ROSE GODFREY RETIRED United Kingdom Our children are he most treasured thing we have. We must protect them no matter what the cost,
David Murphy Computer Tech USA I know people affected by pediatric cancers.

Sarah Eldridge Marketing executive Uk I don’t want children to have to go through this when something can be done to find a cure.

Véronique Vincenti School teacher France Children are life and futur

Sergio Samoluk Biochemist Argentina Because cancer is very frequent in children and we must take care with them. They are the future!!!

Glaucia Buso Researcher Brasil

Alice Lefranc Student France Because I don’t have any cancer in my family. Because I don’t want to see my little brothers being sick, i want them to laugh, play as other children. And maybe because of a little girl I have seen during her chimio. I wanted to cry, she didn’t so we tried to laugh. But I want her to grow up. Please, for your family, your child, your brothers and sisters, your cousins, make the things move on!


Mathilde Monnier Student France

Anne Leresche Switzerland Pour que tous les enfants puissent guérir de leur cancer “personne ne se bat seul”

Villette Delphine France Mon fils a été diagnostiqué il y a 1 an d’un gliome du chiasma. Il a 2 ans et devra vivre toute sa vie avec cette maladie vicieuse qui évolue de manière agressive du fait de son jeune âge. Tumeur considérée de bas grade, non opérable avec peu d’avancées sur l’efficacité des protocoles de chimiothérapie actuels. Il faut que ça change ! On doit faire bouger les choses et concentrer davantage de moyens pour la recherche de nouveaux traitements dédiés aux tumeurs pédiatriques.

Reneaume Alexandra France

emmanuel cup webdesigner France

Benedicte Luberriaga Hotel manager France

Marie-Noëlle BARRIERE Art production manager France

Francoise Hocquet None France Things have to change !!

Le Van Carla Strident

denis-ledru Myriam France

WilliaumE beatrice france

Nicolas Dubois parent France

Saki Audrey Mother France I sign this petition because I think that cancer should not ne associated to children, ans I want to support them, eventhough this is a very little thing

Davina Leon dufour France My son has leuchemia

Gaëlle Morin France

Adrienne Hoyle Retired France I would like to see treatments evolve and be available for children with cancer

Rachid rouibah France Children are the LIFE

Xavier teychenne physiotherapist france

Aubry Alexandre Trachée france Bécasse i read a blog from a mother who had a child touched by a cancer. She explained the problem with the therapy for the childs. I hope the research will progress to save all the childs touched.

Marie makhlouk employee France i m affraid because i have a child and i want the best for him if he has a cancer

yann valdenaire student France

Laure De blay Consultante France Faisons avancer la recherche!

Mag Cia Commerciale France

Huenaerts Pascale Belgique

Nicola Clark Project manager England My 10 year old daughter has Oesteosarcoma

Ilana sabbagh trader france

Anne Laure mouret France

James Bullock Landscaper England I would like to see all cancers in children,teens and adults cured and banished.

camille demoures actress france “Children and teens cancers are very specific and need a particular attention and research
I’ve been ill 20 years ago at 9 years old, we never knew why and those mistery are too numerous to be ignored. ”

Denise Seltz France Just because the life of a child is precious.

stacey walley mummy England Because I want a cure for the monster

Nathalie jolly marketing canada “With all the modern technology and millions of dollars of the pharmaceutical industry, the death of a child is unbearable.”

Adrien Silvagni sales France

Rondeau sabrina conseillere France

Marine serres teacher france Very important cause. All my blessings to families who have to face cancer.

Nathalie hertrich administration france Children deserve the same attention, nô?

Ramette Anne Sophie 4 rue Victor trocmé Bellicourt

Carine Rohou Lawyer France

P. RIVIERE France “Un enfant ne devrait jamais connaître la maladie tel que le cancer. Un enfant ça doit s’amuser, rire, profiter de la vie mais en aucun cas souffrir.
Pour tous ces enfants qui aujourd’hui se battent contre cette maladie ♥♥♥”

Julia Duroy Austria

ACHACHE Paul Retraité France “Children are our future.

Child, or teen, need to have a chance. ”

Christelle CIROZAT TAUVES FRANCE HOPE, no more cancer for children……
PERRIER Frédérique enseignant FRANCE Il n’y a pas d’autre richesse que l’enfant

Selena Peters Paediatric Oncology Research Nurse United Kingdom Without Research into Medications we cannot improve the survival rates for children and young people diagnosed with cancer. It takes a long time in the first instance to get a clinical trial open and recruiting and to be limited in what drugs and formulas you can use means it takes longer to improve outcomes.

Geindre cecile actress France

Blandine De cabrol Assistante sociale France Pour la reprise des recherches de traitement du cancer de l’enfant. Pour que les enfants atteints d’un cancer puisse redit “demain”.

Tison Mélanie Infirmière France “Pour Rafael qui a soufflé ses 9 bougies le 03/09/15 sur son nuage,après avoir lutté pendant 6 ans contre un neuroblastome,il a pu se battre et vivre jusqu’à ses 8 ans grâce à des médecins et équipes paramédicales formidables mais jaurais souhaiter quil vive comme un autre enfant et qu’il grandisse
Pour tous les autres enfants qui se sont envolés à cause d’un cancer
Pour tous les autres enfants qui luttent contre le cancer,pour qu’un jour, il n’y ait plus aucun enfant à s’envoler à cause d’un cancer”

Elise Mcinerney Accounts assistant England

Corinne duclay France tous les cancers doivent etre combattus, investir dans la recherche est nécessaire.

Alexandre Lombard Switzerland My son was sick…

Heike Nouguier Assistante maternelle France It’s important and urgent to develope new drugs for children with cancer. 6000 victims in europe every year its just impossible. Every kid wants to live, grow up, go to school and enjoy live. I believe in the progress of medecine.

Claude Meiers chairman of F.K.K. luxemburg It’s thé most important engagement of my life.

Carlos Jimenez employé Belgique Il est important d’aller de l’avant dans les soins pour lutter contre la maladie

hina johnstone research Nurse UK this is an increadbly important area for development.

Maureen Harrison Lecturer UK Any legislation should apply to all, regardless of age or any other special characteristics.

Brigitte Ourlin France

Djedaiet Stéphanie maman Genève

Guillaume COMTE France We must fight against any form of cancer and I’m sure that with willingness we can do it.

Emmanuelle Villot Marketing manager France I have friends who lost children to cancer

Mike Barfield Dad UK as a parent of an affected child, I know how important this is.

Benedicte Tran France

Laura Diaco Employee Italy “I am mom to an ALL survivor.
Our kids deserve better treatments.”

Pierrick Ayral Apprenti France Je suis avec vous tous.

Corinne Millot-Roulin France

Khaled Jamal Eddine Director Singapore We need it!!

Loraine Fayolle Teacher Switzerland

Alexa BRUNO FRANCE I’m a mother

Céline leclercq France

Malin Persson Business Manager HP Sweden My daughter has been battling angiosarcoma for the last 18 months and for her and everyone else we need to change this!

Catherine Rouchié france I’m the happy mom of Paul who turned 13 this year whereas he was diagnosised Neuroblastoma at 2. Too many parents are orphans. Time to change, time to act to find new protocols to let children grow beside their parents.

Hélène Oyer-Leroy Chef de Projets France

Bob Kneip Board Member Luxembourg on behalf of Fondatioun Kriibskrank Knanner

Agnes Fauduet Teacher France

Maria Chiara Verdacchi Ufficio stampa http://www.peterpanonlus.it Italia
brigitte Wunsch teacher Luxembourg

climent marine employee France we need to improve the existants treatments urgently

Desmartin Estelle Student France Children are made to play, have dreams, go to school, have a futur not to be fear, sick and live in hospital

Daniela Bottinelli Mother of three children, one of which had leukaemia Luxembourg Because my son was diagnosed with leukaemia at the age of nearly 4 years old. He is now 6 1/2 and healthy and happy

Émilie Legault Student Canada

Camille Common Librarian Canada


Marie Huet Rien pour cause de maladie France Je connais des enfants qui ont perdu contre le cancer ou qui se battent encore. Il faut faire de nouvelles recherches pour leur donné le droit à une enfance normale et que le cancer des enfants soit à jamais éradiqué..

Florence Laufman France

Elisabeth Soubelet Engineer France

Flor SALGADO Mother LUXEMBOURG My son had a cancer (leukemia) at eight years old. Now he is twelve and Thanks God he’s fine. As a mother and also a witness of this dreadful illness, I would like that biologists, scientists, doctors and more important: drug companies follow up a deepliest research about child cancer’s treatments. We all know that side effets of chemotherapy are awful for a child!!! PLEASE, HELP OUR CHILDREN GETTING A BETTER WAY TO FIGHT CANCER!!!

Kelly Jones housewife England No one should have to face their loved ones suffering. They should receive the best care possible, cancer is horrendous, and it’s even more heart breaking when children and young suffer

de La Bastide Noelle Mother at home France My daughter is dead. She was fifteen… Cancer…

Françoise Folmer Luxembourg

Mylene Lauzon Mom of a boy in remission of leukemia Canada Because my 6 years old boy is in remission of a leukemia after 4 years of treatment. And I want to know tath everything is done to help find a cure.

Pascale Volmant Sales manager in Events – Volonteer Asso Laurette Fugain. France Volonteer since 12 years acting for children with Leukeumia.

Céline Pallares-Morel Librarian France we all have been children. And for Rose, Michèle, Cassandra and Rémi

Cristelle Centanin Social worker Suisse

yurika sato Luxembourg

angela mazzariello presidente associazione chiara paradiso salerno Perché noi vogliamo tutti bambini vincitori!

Laurent Graas Owner Luxembourg because I saw many children concerned at hospital and always said to myself never complain again!

Valentina Lepoutre-Acevedo Housewive France Because is our duty to take care of childrens and to give them all the oportunities to grow up…
Merle Daphne technician France

Magalie Biolley France It is important

Céline Jacquemont France Parce que ma fille aînée, âgée de 9 et demi aujourd’hui, a déclaré une leucémie à 7 ans. Je suis extrêmement reconnaissante aux médecins, ils doivent avoir les moyens de toujours améliorer les traitements.

Cecile Besson Perrin Teacher France

Purna Kurkure Pediatric Oncologist India there is urgent need to look at our drug armamentarium which has remained almost static in last three decades.

JOUNIAUX Frédérique FRANCE Saleilles

heidi nilsson writer usa

Roger Nilsen Biologist

Chris Hassall Semi-retired UK For many of our kids there has been too little, too late. We need to push out of the dark ages & into the 21st century unhindered by bureaucracy. We need to make sure that any child’s or young person’s critical illness, however rare, gets the fullest attention.

Sarah Hassall Security Officer Ireland With so many children and teenagers suffering with cancer, new developments and research drugs and treatment should be made widely available to them.

Nikki Burgess Telecoms UK

Jule Mallett Artist UK my son has cancer but don’t we all want the best care and treatment available

Catherine Chenu France There are still so little options to fight many paediatric cancers. Catherine m/o Raphaël dx Gliomatosis Cerebri in 2007 and died in 2009.

Laetitia Argouarc’h Finance France It’s not possible in the 21st century to see children die of cancers that could be cured if we do more research to see if the medicines can be given to the children

Zoe Burnell Content manager England

Charlotte Attwood Marketing UK A close friend recently lost her younger brother to cancer.

Philippa Wheeler Uk My nephew died of osteosarcoma

Hannah Welton United Kingdom

Yvette Gungadoo Student United Kingdom

Vikki Duffy Web Editor England I don’t want to see people so young lose their life to this awful disease.

Amie Flowerdew Student United Kingdom

Chris Flack Auditor United Kingdom I lost my 16 year old cousin

Toni York Fitness instructor England

Cavan Treanor United Kingdom

Kirsty Bourn Travel and tourism England

Holly Dwight TV Resesrcher United Kingdom

Kylie Di Salvo HR Business Partner UK Far too many children and teenagers die unnecessarily from cancer

Kellie hobbs teacher England

Gevorg Tamamyan Pediatric Hematologist/Oncologist Armenia to advance the opportunities of saving kid’s lives

Cécile Fara Student France I believe that progress can never come without investigation- and that children are the most vulnerable


Monica Sarasa Rubio España “Por una legislación que favorezca la investigación del cáncer infantil y apoye los ensayos clínicos de una forma eficaz.
Por nuestros hijos,los que ya no están y los próximos niños que sufrirán esta enfermedad

Karen Gauntley Retired UK “My daughter died of brain cancer at 16 years of age In 2013.
There had been no new treatment for childrens brain cancer for 3 decades.
All barriers to research and development of new drug treatment for children and young adults must be removed.”

Amy Larkin Student England

Chelsea Walsh Sixth form United Kingdom

de monchy Arnaud ostéopathe  france Because its important for me…

Steven Guntur Pediatric Oncologist Indonesia we do need more comprehensive and integrated researches which are time-saving and cost-saving. If our adult fellows conduct it, involve us then.

Helene Boudaud TV director United Kingdom I am a mum who can’t start to imagine what parents have to go through when their child is diagnosed with cancer. You want what is best for your kids and better treatment means you will see them grow up…

Patricia Lacey Retired U.K How many more young people will die needlessly before action is taken ?

Rod Skinner Paediatric oncologist UK The current system is still creating delays and barriers to new drug development and is failing children

Jan van de Loo biologist Belgium

Hope Gauntly Long Eaton Nottingham uk

ann Roe Retired Nurse uk In Memory of Jessica Hope Gauntly Long Eaton Nottingham uk

Joe Bloor Student England I can

Karin Lallour France

Fiona Clarke Teacher England

Barry Russell Retired Canada My friend’s niece tragically died from cancer at the age of 16.

Gillian Philp Teacger UK

Amelia Jebson Student England This needs to happen!

Bill Morgan Maintenance Manager UK

Fiona Watson Support Worker United Kingdom

Hannah Lacey Bank staff United kingdom

Natalie Danks-Smith UK

Daljit Kaur Pharmacy Technician United Kingdom For my 2 years old daughter and all the other kids fighting this disease. More needs to be done. The treatment plans are very old and more research needs to be done.

Rosie Parsons Childminder England My son had cancer

Elizabeth Dudley Risk Solutions Specialist UK The niece of a good friend of mine died of cancer when she was just 16.

Elizabeth Perks learning support practitioner United Kingdom

Tom Barton Student England

Donna Fee Uk My child is undergoing treatment for cancer (Wilms) this topic us something j feel strongly about.

F Clark

Stella Downs Marketing Manager Uk Vital treatment for childhood and teenage cancers is of paramount importance.

Meredith Monroe Teacher USA My own child has been diagnosed with cancer and we need initiatives towards developing better treatment/s for children. They aren’t simply smaller adults.

Bron pitt GP uk

monica sarasa rubio España Por los que vendrán

arrese antonio mecanico

Susana Barroso Spain

rebeca navarro espana

Estefania Gascon Administrativa España

Simina Buglea Spain

Ascaso Adrián Trabajador España

Cristina Prieto Cuenca.españa

Virginia Lope Heredia Administrativo España

Francisco Vílchez Electricista España Se bebe invertir más en la investigación contra el cáncer.

Rosa Rosa

Olga Ceruelo Agente de seguros España La investigación es fundamental para la cura


jose manuel torrado bonilla conductor profesional barcelona

Roger Fawdry Environmental Consultant United Kingdom “I care about the problem! We need drug development for children with cancer to keep pace with the explosion in knowledge of the biological changes that occur in childhood cancers. Many of these are shared with changes found in adult cancers, yet children with cancer are not being offered access to these new drugs through clinical trials.

The pharmaceutical industry needs to be obliged/incentivised to work in partnership with research scientists, doctors who treat children with cancer and the children and their families who are affected by this devastating diseases. We understand the clinical need and are experienced in designing clinical trials that are acceptable to patients and families. We need a change in the legislation to ensure the new drugs are available for testing in this way so that we can make progress to improve survival rates and quality of survival for children with cancer.”

Sian Pritchard-Jones AUTHOR Uk I care about this issue and have personal and family involvement.

Phoebe Wright Doctor Uk “We need drug development for children with cancer to keep pace with the explosion in knowledge of the biological changes that occur in childhood cancers. Many of these are shared with changes found in adult cancers, yet children with cancer are not being offered access to these new drugs through clinical trials.

The pharmaceutical industry needs to be obliged/incentivised to work in partnership with research scientists, doctors who treat children with cancer and the children and their families who are affected by this devastating diseases. We understand the clinical need and are experienced in designing clinical trials that are acceptable to patients and families. We need a change in the legislation to ensure the new drugs are available for testing in this way so that we can make progress to improve survival rates and quality of survival for children with cancer. ”

Mathilde Rojo Student France

Anne Walther Grandma England

Sara gregson retired GP uk

John Pritchardjones Retired Wales I fully support the need for new drugs to be made easily available to children.

Hannah Keir Doctor UK

Brenda Greaves Retired UK I care

Janet Hunter retired SRN England

Alison Buncher Office Manager UK I’m a mother.

Elena Arnal Comercio España

Geraldine Metz project manager france because i’m Mum !

alicia acuña teacher spain My own little baby died. I just want to help other children.

Charlotte Page Student United Kingdom

Blythe Kaye Student United Kingdom

Bethany Plummer Student Uk

sean hughes retail uk

Nicola Rice Student England

Mary Clark U.k. I have lost a child,though not from Cancer, and would not wish any parent to go through this agony if it can be prevented.

Kelly Tapsell Sales assistant Northern Ireland Of a friend ❤️

Héloïse Dusautois student France

Lorna Welbelove Occupational Therapy Assistant United Kingdom I lost a dear friend to cancer at a young age, there needs to be more research into children’s cancer. Children have a future ahead of them, one that with more research could prevent that future being cut short.

Mary Kirby Accountant England I had a friend who passed away during school from cancer

Aitziber Cortijo manrique España


Drecq Sonia France

Rose Weston Retired Nurse UK

Richard Gregson Ophthalmologist UK We mustn’t let paediatric diseases to be ignored by drug companies.

Duvivier Agnès France

Charlotte gregson student uk

Harrison Sands Student UK

Ric Fawdry Uk

Miranda letizia translator france

Simone Girardeau Consultant United Kingdom “We need drug development for children with cancer to keep pace with the explosion in knowledge of the biological changes that occur in childhood cancers. Many of these are shared with changes found in adult cancers, yet children with cancer are not being offered access to these new drugs through clinical trials.

The pharmaceutical industry needs to be obliged/incentivised to work in partnership with research scientists, doctors who treat children with cancer and the children and their families who are affected by this devastating diseases. We understand the clinical need and are experienced in designing clinical trials that are acceptable to patients and families. We need a change in the legislation to ensure the new drugs are available for testing in this way so that we can make progress to improve survival rates and quality of survival for children with cancer.”

Ryan Lindsay Operations supervisor UK

Gabrielle Laycock

Ian McQueen-Mason United Kingdom

Catherine Lloyd Regail manager / mum uk

Caroline Moore Administrator UK

Max Girardeau Event and Marketing Coordinator UK

Darren Edwards University College London UK

Charlotte Baker Student UK

Boom Macleod Events Manager UK

Ryan Beal Designer UK

James Fellows Sales UK

Mark Weeks Research Scientist UK

Anthony Asfour Sales UK

Lynda Clark Editor UK

Reem Al-Saadi Senior research associate UK

Marianne Naafs-Wilstra CEO VOKK Netherlands There is an urgent need for more and safer drugs for children and adolescents with cancer in order to achieve more cure and a better quality of life during and after treatment.

Cristina Blag Pediatric Oncologist Romania

Wera Schuhmacher Mother Nederland Because it is importent that all children of the world get the same treatment!!!!

Depe Manci Student Uk

Peter Weel Netherlands Because it’s just not fair …

elles van balen projectmanager the netherlands Every Child and teen has a right for the best treatment

Jacqueline Geleijnse Secretary Nederland Because children and teens suffering of Cancer has to cure and grow old!

Lesley Edmonds Cuttings manager UK

Susanne Stroo Netherlands I wish that every child can get the best possible chance to survive cancer with less as possible side / negative effects on health in the near but also ‘far away’ future.

Yvonna Baalbergen Account Manager The Netherlands My daughter is a survivor of childhood leukemia. Children should have the best possible care and treatment for whatever type of cancer they are suffering from.

Erik Klop Oud-Beijerland Netherlands every child deserves a chance to live!

sarina postma Netherlands

José smeijers Nederland kids neef god medicins specily for kids kids are Not adults

Sophie Jamart Belgium I want more research paid by EU for children.

Mick Kuijpers Controller Netherlands All children are entiteld to receive the best possible medication!

Mohammed Twaij Consultant Paediatrician UK I am supporting the change to the European Paediatric Medicine Regulation in order to save more lives of children and teens with cancer.

Juul Coumans Manager Netherlands I had to. Being mom of a beautiful little girl that passed away because of a brain tumor.

Perla De Heer Managing expat life Netherlands I lost my first born as a result of cancer.

Olivier Hanotte Biologist United Kingdom It is more than time to wake. Children are the priority for new treatment, not a secondhand choice. Olivier

Leahu Elena medic Romania I love the childrens.

lenneke verhoef  nederland

Irina Mucenica resident doctor Romania I want this children with cancer to have a better treatement.

Rosalie Amoruso Dietetitian Belgium My son Was diagnosed with a sarcoma …

Polixenia  Stancu doctor Romania

Zahra Mohri Research Fellow UK I care for all the children and believe we must support them in every way we possibly can.

Maja Nidecker Teacher Switzerland i am the mother of a survivor…

Madalina Milliot Parent Luxembourg Because current treatments are so invasive, because our children deserve better, because they should have a future!

Mladice  Childhood cancer survivor and young adult cancer survivor group  Serbia Why do we support this?

Zato što sva deca imaju pravo da odrastu, vode ispunjen i srećan život. Zato što i među decom i tinejdžerima obolelim od raka imamo buduće istraživače, buduće lekare, buduće umetnike…, a pre svega ravnopravne članove našeg društva koji treba da imaju jednaku šansu kao i ostali da jednog dana doprinesu poboljšanju i napretku društva, sveta, očuvanju planete.

The translation:

Because all children have the right to grow up and lead a fulfilled and happy life. Because among children and teenagers with cancer we have a future researchers, future doctors, future artists, and above all, equal members of our society who need to have the same chance as the rest, and one day to contribute to the improvement and progress of the society, the improvement of the world and the preservation of the environment.

Pius  Schärli   Suisse  

Camille Hanotte Student Uk My brother was diagnosed with Cancer(sarcoma dewing) at the begining of his teenage years. Also I attended school with a girl who sadly passed away with a brain tumor.

Kristin Schreiber Coswig Germany

Derek Kyte University Lecturer UK

Dragana Radulovic Parent Serbia We (NGO Chika Boca Serbia) believe: all children have unique needs and should grow up without illness. Access to the best possible care for children with cancer is their human right. Every child deserve the best possible treatment and care. One death is too many.

Katarina Gacevic psychologist Serbia …I believe child cancer requires more attention.

JELENA SPASIC  SRBIJA Majka sam deteta koje upravo vodi bitku protiv te zle nemani – raka ,a i da nisam apsolutno se slazem sa gore navedenim cinjenicama i smatram da apsolutno treba da se ucini sve da svoj deci bude bolje u svakom kontekstu,a o ovom da ne pricamo !

Jovana Krstic Consultant Serbia we can save more lives

bojana stojkovic youth worker Serbia

Ana Markovic PR Manager Montenegro I signed this because of family experience with child cancer due to which we have been fighting for the life of our four and a half year old nephew!!! Of course, also because we want all kids of the world to have bigger chances for survival!

Dragan Mirkovic Engineer Serbia I am child cancer survivor

Antonija Curic  Croatia

Lea R. Glavan  Croatia

marija cvetkovic  hrvatska

Ines Milunovic  Croatia


Katarina Cvitanić ARCHEOLOGIST Croatia

Suzana Hodri Hrkač project manager Hrvatska

mirjana knezovic prodavac Croatia Mirjana Knezovic

Ivana Hašimović  Sale manager Croatia Kids need better medikament…

svjetlana vosten  croatia

Nevena Čovo mag.iur. Croatia Of my personal loss….

Nada Nada  Kroatie  

Ljiljana Dundek  Croatia

Branka grgic  porec

Tatjana Malnar Pocrnić graphic designer Croatia because it is sad that it is not that way allready

Marina Juha Theologian Croatia Because it is a right thing to do!


Jelena Juric  Croatia

Belma Cuk  IE

Fran Galic Student Croatia

Barbara  Birgmajer Consultant Croatia I want better treatment for our little patients.

 Ina  Croatia

Mato Bartulović  Croatia

Jela Stipić  Croatia

Ivan Stipić  Croatia

iskra žderic Biberdžic teacher croatia

Ivan Jesenović  Hrvatska I had cancer and I know how hard is for kinds and we need to help them as much as we can…

Jelena Radic Teacher Croatia I love children and care for their health

martina pejaković  croatia My child have a cancer.

Andrea  Šitum editor  Croatia

Dragan Cvitić   Croatia I am survivor. I now how hard ist.

Marija Jogun economist croatia ☺💗Children needs our support…☺💕

Filip Gregor student Croatia

Natalija Tomac Kelek Professor Croatia To help children

Maja Gelo Secretary Croatia

Darko Tomas journalist Croatia for better children health care

Magda Krzanic hairdresser Croatia

Suzana Zavila Pejovic   Every child matters!

Marta Andic Housewife Croatia

lidija sodec pekera designer croatia

Marija Ptiček student of political science croatia It is important!

Maja Curin  Croatia

Milena  Bunjan   Croatia  

Renata Banić  Hrvatska Jer i ja koristim citostatike nazalost i znam koliko unistavaju organizam

Ana Šerić Cameraman Croatia

Martina Morić Mum Croatia

Andrea marinac consultanT croatia

Firefly Association Association for helping children and families facing malignant dieseases Croatia There is a great need for research for new medicine to cure kids with cancer. At this time we can look upon chemotherapy and radiation like we used to look at curing with sulphur in the past!

Jadranka Šubašić Mandelc koordinator Croatia My son had cancer when he was 4 years old.

Valerija Cizmic Sales assistant Croatia

Mirjana Honjek Utmar Teacher Croatia

kristina Brlecic – Croatia

Sanja Sučija mother Croatia

Andrea Lutovac student Montenegro As a childhood cancer survivor I believe that children deserve the best treatment and drugs

Kristina Hržić Bank manager Croatia

Jana Jelavic Graphic designer Croatis

jelena križan domacica hrvatska

Milica Kraguljac  Hrvatska

Tena Bujan Nurse Croatia

Tihana Mesarov  Croatia A

Monika Milic language/text editor croatia

izabela fornaric prof od modern lang. croatia I want a better world for all sick children

Sunčana Majstorović Defectology Croatia Kids are special, and they have to be treat like that.

Silvija Podkrajšek  Croatia

Andrea Sabolic  Croatia

goran dragičević mehaničar hrvatska djeci treba pružiti najbolju njegu, bez obzira na trošak.


Nensi ROGAR Preschool teacher Croatia To help better the ones in need and to stop the sufering with illness

Marija Duraković defektolog Hrvatska

Tatjana Racic Zlibar  Croatia We should do everything possible to save childrens life.

MariCarmen Güerre Montserrat Administrativa España

Ana Dejanovi Student Croatia farmaceutical reforms are neccessary, for the sake of both children and adults!

Zrinka Josipović dipl.ing.građevinarstva Croatia I know what this would mean to my sick cousin..chemo is leaving very hard consecuences on her..

Suzana Žeželj  Croatia

Nikolina Štambak  Hrvatska

Tatjana Petek  Croatia

Irene Švrljuga Bolić  Hrvatska

Jovana Dodić Student Serbia I want to help children and teens with cancer

Vesna Marinkovic teacher Serbija

Suzana Matičić HR Associat CRO  

marija lazar-đurđek  varaždin

Daliborka  Todorov  Mother  Serbia  I care ❤

Marija Magaraš Vojvodić Mother Croatia

Tamara Jadric  Croatia

Maja Dimitrijević student Serbia

Suzana Antonic  Hrvatska

Sonja Cirjak Economist Croatia

Karolina Podoljnjak  Croatia

Leonora Repinac student Croatia

Gordana Delic teacher Croatia

Ana Kroflin student Croatia I signed because I too was the kid who suffered from cancer and I know how important it is to give the kids the best treatment they could get in a stage when they are most vulnerable.

Tamara Ražov  Croatia

Djurica Stankov AS Center For The Empowerment Youth Of People Who Are Living With HIV And AIDS Serbia We need to save lives of children

Marko Visekruna Student Serbia

Renata Domazet Parent Croatia

Petra Kožljan mag. psych. Croatia

Damir Šljivac University professor Croatia My son has tumor and need safe and smart treatment.

Marija Dedić  Croatia

Toni RAJKOVIĆ  teacher Croatia  Children should be protected from agressive drugs.

Martina Cvjetković djelatnik Hrvatska

Lana Vrga Teacher Croatia

nada šarić pediatrition, doctor of medicine croatia Children deserve better treatment.

Iva Vaniš dr.dent.med. croatia

Ana Lovrić ekonomist Croatia

Frédérique Degand Occupational Therapist Luxemburg

ivana jurin student croatia My son at age of 3years had leuchemy (ALL).

Vida Ungar project manager Croatia Besides questionable efficiency of inadequate medical treatment, children often experience unnecessary suffering because of it.

dalibard laetitia Bonjour  france

Kellie Vernon  Tribunal panel member Uk As a parent of a Ewings Sarcoma patient I have experienced first hand the devastating impact of this disease. I had never even heard of Ewings before diagnosis, or believed that childhood cancer could happen in our family. Let’s do everything we can to improve treatments , increase survival and eventually eradicate this disease

Dora Weiss Reljic psychologist, musitian Croatia

Ivana Vlastelica  Croatia

Irena Sokolić Laborant Croatia

Hannah Start Student  UK

Maria Teresa Barracano volunteer Italy I am the mother of a young adult that died from Ewing’s Sarcoma.
I will never stop fighting against cancer

Nives Cico Translator Croatia

Ana  Tomcik   Croatia  

paul charlton support worker UK Cancer: I am a father of four children aged 21 to 31: missing is their mother who died of a cancer when all of them were under 10. I have many, many times wondered how she would have felt had she survived and one of her children then died because a cancer treatment was not made available as research regulations had denied it to her. It’s an unbearable thought: equality of care for our children necessarily means that the different pattern of their disease demands a proportionately equal response in treatment and therefore in the treatment research gateway: this is not a complicated proposition – please get on with it

William Mifsud Paediatric Pathologist UK Modern cures for cancer were pioneered in childhood cancers, but now the treatment of children and young adults lags behind.

Sonja Civcija accountant Bosna and Herzegovina I had cancer when I was 21 and I receiving chemotherapy, and it were hard and think chemotherapy are not for kids, they need cure made for they age.

Margaret Tompsett Nursery School Teacher UK We need to do everything we can to help children with cancer

Ricky Lowes lecturer UK

Richard Stephens Patient United Kingdom Science is coming up with all sort of ways to improve treatments for people with cancer of all types, and almost all ages. It is nonsense for anyone to suggest that we are protecting children by letting them die rather than trying new interventions.
What we need is not a huge adjustment though; just the ability to be more flexible in interpreting regulations for the cases where what we have isn’t working, and a little less caution and delay in choosing interventions for testing and licensing or adopting.
This isn’t a revolution. Mostly it’s common sense. So get it sorted!

Daniela Taloni Employe Italy

Hilary  Winter retired UK Children and teenagers with cancer are human beings too! These potential drug researches should include their needs as much as adults.

Kurt Blanock Teacher United States

Romain  Herbillon   France For children !!!

Isabelle Delarue Graphic Designer France Children are the future. We have to protect them.

Laurence Baratte  France

Lemos magali  france my child Noé-10 years old- died last year . He had a DIPG and I don’t want that other child suffer or die from cancer…

Isabelle Chevallier  France

Laurie MacLeod HR Manager United Kingdom Because I want children to have access to the best treatment options

Mihael Severinac economist Croatia I have a lot of medical problems after the treatmans and I don’t want for future survivors that kind of life after treatmans

Marijana Vusić  Hrvatska

Gordana Kuterovac Jagodić Profesor of psychlogy Croatia

Ornella Zibar Student Croatia I signed this because chemotherapy is bad, especially for the kids. Pure poison.

Patricia TERKOUCHE  FRANCE Je signe la pétition pour des traitements pédiatriques moins agressifs, plus naturels et mieux adaptés aux maladies des enfants.

Maja Premuzak Draganja Civil Engineering Croatia

Dinka Nemes  Croatia

Mirka Safaric Vucko student Croatia

Lea Milutinović medical student Hrvatska I care about children with cancer!

Martina  Miletic  Nurse  Croatia  

Vesna Ribić  Croatia

Nikolina Maričić none Croatia help the children

ivana polenik đureković  croatia

Loredana Vidov  Croatia

Slavica Lerga Office Croatia

Nataša Pavičić  Hrvatska My child die…Neuroblastoma… 😇

Marija Barbaric  Croatia Children deserve best care

Manuela Vujaklija Nurse Croatia


Natalie Guignard Zoé4life association benevole Switzerland I lost my 5 year’s old daughter from neuroblastoma. She came to world with neuroblastoma and died five years later.

Lucija  Sikic Economist Croatia

Ana Budisa Student Croatia 🙂

Renata   Hrvatska   

Helena   teacher Croatia

Izabela Tot Studentica Hrvatska  

Daliborka Videc Physiotherapist Croatia

Annalisa Lucaccioni insurances Italy I want help children

Gordana Reljan komercijalist Hrvatska Za djecu

Ante Odak  Croatia

Ljiljana obornik  Hrvatska

Martina Kalle Curator Croatia I support the action.

Suncica Dalic Pavelic spec. teacher Croatia We have to help children!

davorka denacic biologist croacia For all children in word and for bether tomarow

Silva Zebic  Croatia

De fuster Christine éducateur sportif France My son was Burkit treats for lymphoma in 1996. he received 18 courses of chemotherapy adult . I want the children to be cared with targeted drugs Piur cancers.I Walt their budgets are established for pediatric research médical.

Irena Jurkovic  Croatia There are more and more children that suffer from cancer.
They should have the proper treatment, made exactly for their organism.

Ivan-Nino Kašić NGO Društvo Naša djeca Opatija Croatia

Ana Kraljevic Actress Croatia

Anita  Štefić  MD Croatia  

Misea Simona Psiholog Romania Vreau sa se imbunatateasca sistemul medical, indeosebi in oncologie pediatrica.

Laura Ramona Raducan Psychologist Romania I have signed this petition because I believe that together we can improve the quality of the lives of children, adolescents and young people with cancer across the world. I am working as a psychologist in Little People Association in Romania and I can witness the effect that our daily psychosocial program of support has on the emotional state of Pediatric Oncology patients, but I also can recognize the need for quality medical treatment.

Rusu Oana Sociologist Romania

Hilda Hajdu  Romania

Valentina Modrić Lawyer Croatia My sister was diagnosed with malignant bone and cartilage sarcoma when she was 15 years old. She was on chemotherapy with anti tumor drugs but it did not help to cure cancer, she had a stroke and other side effects from treatment. She is currently in remission, but doctors opinions are divided, because some of them thinks that chemotherapy is not the way to cure this type of cancer, especially with patients at that young age.

Vivian Nikić Medical doctor Croatia

Emanuel Schipor Psychopedagogue Romania Children and adolescents suffering from cancer need new and innovative treatments.

Julie Yates  Website owner  UK i am a parent of a child who has had cancer

Maxine  White  Australia  

Amanda Robertson Retired United Kingdom Children need new treatments for cancer.

Debbie  Brooke carer  England  my son has cancer

Emma Griffiths Receptionist UK Our son has chemo, and I want treatment options to improve.

Clair Rimmer Investment Banking United Kingdom I feel that children, teens and young adults should have as much chance in life as adults

Stuart Griffiths Research Managment UK It just makes sense!

Gill Mowat Oncology mum!  Scotland  My wee boy is fighting ALL & we need kinder treatments for our children & hopefully one day a cure!

Rebecca Russell Operations UK Because my daughter has cancer and is being treated under an adult protocol.

louise  hayes   Ireland  

Scott Wilson Registered Nurse Scotland  My so Evan was 12 hours old when diagnosed with cancer, fortunately he is in remission, but so many of his friends lost their battle with cancer. So I have signed for my boy Evan and all the kids that are battling cancer.

Helen Marshall Fulltime mum Scotland My 11 year old daughter died of epithelioid sarcoma march 2014 and i dont want any other child or family going through this xx

Darren Holt Construction Manager UK We need a cure for childhood cancers now, Clearly the funding childhood cancer research receives is not enough (aprox 4% of the cancer research budget)

Helen  Biscoe   England  my son has two brain tumours and has had two operations to remove a spinal tumour. And want the best available treatment for all the children fighting this horrific disease.

gayle Hilton Retired UK Cancer can strike anyone at any time, more research is needed, and quickly, to find a cure so that parents don’t have to watch their children go to hell and back whilst fighting cancer.

Louise Lear-Jones Circus Artiste UK My son died, aged 12, ravaged more by 7 years of treatment than the cancer. This is still happening. We need to improve.

Elspeth Banks  Scotland We owe it to our children.

Aura Matthey Teacher Ireland

Jon Parry Company Director and creator of goldseptember.com United Kingdom We lost our son to Osteosarcoma. Despite endless searching for kinder and more effective treatments, there were simply none available with too many restrictions placed on the few trials that were in progress. And yet its often the case children respond better to treatments than adults.

This petition needs everybody’s support. The kids cannot fight this battle alone and as responsible and compassionate adults – we should be fighting their battle for them as a priority. And yet most don’t. This is because the majority simple do not know about it. We are therefore addressing this area. We are planning to host a one-day national awareness and fundraising event each September starting in 2016.

Awareness > Support > Funding > Research > Cure !

Jenny  Watts  housewife  England  

 Klein  RN USA  

Lilian Brand Psychiatrist Chile Because children like my daughter deserve a cure now!

Jennifer Targhi Registered Nurse  United Kingdom Too many children are dying cancer-free from the harsh effects of adult chemo which is 40 years old. Even those who survive are left permanently disabled, unable to have children, and with a shorter lifespan. We desperately need kinder treatments for our children!

Gail Paterson mum uk

SNJEZANA NIKOLIC teacher Croatia I think that everyone who is sick need right and corect medicine care.

Ednamae Richmond Richmond Retired Scotland In the hope of a cure.

Fran Mitchell Shop Assistant Scotland Nobody should suffer from cancer let alone children

Rebecca Sutton Face Painter UK

tracy youngson  scotland

Tracey Warboys Full-Time Mother England My son like many other young children/ teens are having to fight for their lives battling cancer with very harsh and out dated drugs, we need more investigations and money spent combating Childhood Cancer.

Emma Barron Surgeon Uk My daughter has been battling a progressive brain tumour for the last 7 years. Treat ta are sparse, there is little evidence and improvement need to be made to save lives!

Alison Silver  United Kingdom

Wendy Gibson H/W Uk We all need to raise awareness …

Elizabeth  Winder Admin Scotland So little ones don’t have to suffer more than needed

Milene Munro  Scotland In memory of my son Braeden x

Christina Guarnieti Cancer mon USA My 2 y/o son is fighting the battle of his life!!!!

Alicia Dawson  Scotland

Louise Hampson Technical Author UK

Valerie Simpson Managing Director Scotland my son had adult leukaemia at age six 22yrs ago and there has been very little advancements in treatments. I run a children’s cancer charity to help alleviate the stress of having a child with cancer in the family.

Melinda Fitzpatrick  UK

Kate Michell Editor UK The harsh treatments my son has had to endure for brain cancer have left him with lifelong physical and mental disabilities.

Anne McLaughlin Midwife Australia There has been very few drugs released for use in Paediatric Oncology for years. There’s very little funding for any paediatric research! Which shocks me 😦
No funding. No research. No CURE. 😦

Jane Norie  UK

Barry  Howourth  Carer uk

Catalina Bosch Psicologa  Chile

Julie  Parker  Administrator  England  We lost our beautiful son Adam to cancer in October 2014. Such a waste of a beautiful life. Please do everything possible to save someone else our pain.

Mathilde Habert Student France I’m signing this because I had a cancer for 8 months and I wish that someday cancer would be fought by all.


Julie  Parker  Administrator  England  We lost our beautiful son Adam to cancer in October 2014. Such a waste of a beautiful life. Please do everything possible to save someone else our pain.

Loretta Haughey Oncology mom United Kingdom To help future children who will be told that they have this awful disease. My son has been through treatment and thankfully is currently in remission but at what cost? We remain terrified that cancer will return or the nasty side effects of treatment will affect him at some point. My son and every child for that matter deserves the best possible treatment with the least amount of side effects as possible.

heather lindsay none peterhead my grand daughter has to go to America for treatment

Loretta Haughey Oncology mom United Kingdom To help future children who will be told that they have this awful disease. My son has been through treatment and thankfully is currently in remission but at what cost? We remain terrified that cancer will return or the nasty side effects of treatment will affect him at some point. My son and every child for that matter deserves the best possible treatment with the least amount of side effects as possible.

Ingrid Hendel Accountant  Switzerland

Anne Casey Retired Uk We lost our beautiful granddaughter to this cruel decease and met so many families who have suffered the loss of a child. Others are still fighting and we need to unite and fight childhood Cancer together x

Jane Morrison Mum/Housewife UK

agnes steel retired britain we need more help with getting a cure for cancer

chase giford nurse uk My brother has it

Samantha Brignell Youth Worker UK I want fair treatments specifically for children. “Let’s wing it” should not be an option, particularly in paediatric cancer which my 8 year old son is currently in remission from.

Kath Scott Personal Banker Scotland It is very important to help our young children.

Dawn Cuthbertson Self Employed United Kingdom Kids are dying who need a chance – and any chance is better than none.

Joan Cowdell Retired UK I lost my beatiful grandson to cancer. Enough said.

sharon flannery kirchen assistant england Not enough is being done for the younger generation in this day and age

Anita Harrison Management accountant United Kingdom I lost my nephew to cancer and too many children and teenagers are losing their battle against this disease. There needs to be more funding available to find cures. Children are our future

rachael Howourth post office counter clerk United Kingdom Kids need it too

Tracey Daly Support worker Scotland  

Laura Currie  Support worker  Scotland Someone I know was diagnosed with neuroblastoma and there needs to be better protocol for relapse treatment

Laura Butroid  Medicines manager England  

Martin Torekov Air traffic controller Switzerland Because of all the kids that could have been cured with better funding and more research… But didn’t!

Paula Foster Civil Servant UK I’ve seen the devastating effects of treatment on children first hand, and the long term effects. More research is needed for more effect and less harmful treatment for children

Jessica  Mitchell  Uk My 3 year old son is battling cancer of the brain and spine.

Naomi Beaumont Mum U.k

Vicky Smith Artist England Our children should always come first 💛

zena OHanlon mother England  Nobody should have to suffer harsh treatments if there is an alternative when they are already suffering enougn.

Judith Robinson Office Manager UK My son had recently finished chemotherapy for Ewings sarcoma. This is a very aggressive form of treatment for a child. We need kinder treatments for our children.

pat drew retired wales We need to help these poor children and teenagers help to cure them we get the drugs but they say they are all too expensive to give it to them

BARBARA  Spears RETIRED United Kingdom I have seen firsthand what effect the harsh treatment for children with cancer can cause

louise  Roote  civil servant England  My friends daughter has suffered some horrible side effects due to her treatment which she will suffer from probably for the rest of her life

Nicola Mansell home maker United Kingdom All children deserve the right to the best treatment and right to a future. I have a friend whose son is fighting a brain tumour and secondary tumours in his spine. He is three years old and is going through traumatic treatments to try and cure him of this evil disease. He, and every other child and teenager fighting this disease are our future – lets give them the very best chance at life so they actually have that fully deserved chance to live a long and full life!

scott smith armed forces England I watched my niece have to go through the current treatments and wouldn’t wish it on anyone

Susan Evans Catering assistant  UK

Emma  Hill Finance Analyst UK

Deborsh Lord Police Officer England A friend’s son is battling cancer

Vicky Richardson Homemaker United Kingdom My daughter has cancer & more needs to be done to help kids & teens with cancer.

Mary Strutt Law Northern Ireland My child died from Ewings Sarcoma and the protocol is 45 years old

Lynne Stables Retired Scotland

Jenny  Lee  England  

Agnes Kyle Retired  United Kingdom

Natalie Halliwell Dancing teacher UK My son was diagnosed with a brain tumour when he was just 10 weeks old and I had to watch him endure 18 months of harsh chemo treatment which destroyed tge cancer bur also caused him a great deal of suffering whilst it worked its magic. I wish for a world where children could have access to less harsh cancer drugs so they could get better without all the unnessary suffering and no other parent would have to watch their child going through the same pain as mine did. Please support this petition

Angela Hewitt Civil Servant UK

Janet Sutton Coffee shop owner England Children should not suffer

LORI  Gibson Support worker  Scotland It’s personal my beautiful neice had cancer and I know a little bit about.this abd more research is definitely needed asap

Nichola Blaylock Housewife England My son is currently on treatment for leukaemia and the side effects are awful!! Something needs to change to make them easier

Shelley  major  England  

Rick Socarras IT engineer USA It’s simply the right thing to do.

Carolina del Castillo Neurologist Chile children cannot wait any longer

maureen ayre homemaker scotland I signed because my niece has battled cancer and there is not enough money being invested into children cancer

Kirsty Sutton Waitress England

Elaine Edgington Purchasing Assistant USA I care

Samantha  Aitken  Administration  England

Sassy-Alyssa Belunza Customer Service USA Our Kids are The Future and We Need Better Treatment Drugs To Help Them Fight and When The War on Childhood Cancer!!! In Honor of My Son Santino Fighting Stage 4 Neuroblastoma!

Malu  young   USA of my nephew #teamsantino for all the children fighting and for all the angels that have gained their wings way to soon!

margaret welsh nurse uk

Joyce Campbell Retired UK I know a young lady who has gone through hell to beat this decease.

Gayle Howard Communications Officer Scotland

Julie Beetlestone Secretary nhs England

Janice Kohler retired doctor UK

Duska Flego Budiselic mag.pharm Croatia

Karla Colman Nursing assistant Britain

Maureen  Brown Carer  Scotland My grandaughter had cancer and we should be trying to save our firer generations and look after our children

sherina o’sullivan  house wife and mother England  

Dawn  Rebair  Staff Nurse /Reflexologist  United kingdom I care about all children with illness xx

Amanda Robson Accounts Administrator Uk

Mark Burow  USA Children in my family, circle of friends, and church have had cancer, and it is important to develop new treatments to help them survive and have improved quality of life.

Sally Rice Housewife UK One of my daughters friends died of cancer.

Audrey Ross Retired Scotland I signed this because my grand-daughter Eileidh Rose aged 3 has Neuroblastoma and feel there is not enough done in this country as she is meantime attending a clinical trial in America.

Tamara Kudelić Sales Croatia Friend tell me about this petition.

Lyn Mowle Mum Uk My beautiful grandaughter lost her cancer battle age 9 after a 5yr fight and there was no treatment protocol for her here in the UK when she relapsed. We tried our hardest to raise £500000 for treatment abroad

Bruce Morland Paediatirc Oncologist UK This initiative is key to allowing greater access to new medicines for children with cancer. Professionals like me working in this field are committed to continuing to push boundaries and improving the outlook for our patients. Working in partnership with parents and patients is a powerful force and we all have the same goal in sight………..together we CAN make it happen!

Helen Smith House wife Uk

Joanne  Iredale  Housewife  England  

Donna F Support worker Uk

Jennifer Zielinski  USA

Lucy Pye Primary teacher Australia

Katharina Häusler-Gross Professor USA I signed this for my niece, Abigail Joy Gross, who loved life and her family; school and people and animals (literally: any animal!). Abby loved water and campfires and rainbows, and the wind in her face! Abby will always be remembered!

Pascale Hansen Lawyer Luxemburg

Romain Gutenkauf Landscaper Luxembourg Children and young people are our hope for the future

Marie-Paule Cocard med.vet. Luxembourg Children are our future

Nicoletta Schweikle-Hilgner Civil Servant Luxembourg We adults have the means and obligation to act, children not.

Everybody can be affected!

I hope and wish that this petition helps saving life and eases the treatment.

Paulo Dias amorim chauffeur de bus Luxembourg Mon petit champion est en cours de traitement contre la leucemie

Carol Kayser  Luxemburg

Mario Wern engineer Luxembourg

Lisy Dockendorf teacher Luxembourg I care for kids!

Stephanie Wolff Employée Privée Luxembourg

sandra wern mother Luxemburg

Dias Sofia vendeuse luxembourg Dias Sofia

Vanessa Gomes amorim Grevenmacher Luxemburg

Maria  Goncalves   Luxemburg

Jamie Fox Mom USA

Fernande Lima NA Luxembourg

Scott Harris Commercial Banking United States

De Sousa  Jose   

de jesus susana  Luxembourg

aleksandra mihelj administrator hrvatska

danielle  guill  luxembourg

Lidia GIAMPELLEGRINI COMPTABLE LUXEMBOURG Rien de plus important que de progresser dans la recherche , afin de pouvoir guérir le plus d’enfants possible.

Laurence Kohl-Reding  Luxembourg

Marques  Lucie   Luxembourg  

Marc Petry Sales Assistant Luxembourg I have a 4 years old son and we need to care more about our children.

Ionut Ignat Social worker Romania I would like to see smiles again on children and teenagers’ faces again.

Vanessa Gomes Student Luxemburg For better treatment and to help childs with cancer

Beata Szekely Psychologist Romania Because it’s important!

Wim Baur  Belgium

Genevieve Schons Retired Luxembourg this will help to save more lives of children and teens with cancer.

Jacqui White  United Kingdom

Melanie Miles Sales Management U.K.  Things need to improve for our next generations.

René Schwind employee Luxembourg all i can do right now to help to correct the present situation

Ana Vračević  Croatia podrška malim borcima! :* ❤

Marie -Claire Von Graes  Luxembourg


Nicole Martins  Luxembourg  

Guizzetti Angélique Secretary Switzerland

Rui Ferraz  Luxemburg

Costantini Sophie Dessinatrice Suisse it’s logic…

Sandrine Weber Corsier sur vevey  Suisse Pour faire avancer la recherche

Serge Haag Nursing Director Luxemburg

Nathalie Varoqueaux Physician France There is a urgent medical need in children with cancers . We need to do more clinical research

Gonin Laura Maman au foyer Suisse Je signe cette pétition car les enfants méritent d avoir des traitements qui évoluent toujours plus! Et que les gens se rendent compte que ça peut aussi arriver aux enfants! Je souhaite de tout mon cœur que les traitements puissent encore évoluer et sauver + de vie!

Jeanrenaud Melinda Mère au foyer Suisse Mon fils a vaincu son cancer et je voudrais que les autres enfants puissent le faire aussi !

Simone Hentzen  Luxembourg

Gilles Kutten teacher Luxembourg Children are our future, nothing is more valuable!

Gilbert Frisch Early Childhood Intervention Luxembourg Children are our Future and they deserve the best possible medical care

Sandrine Jara teacher swiss

Jeannette Scobie Teacher Canada My grandson, living in Switzerland, has had nephroblastoma.

Ballerini Valentina Nurse Switzerland

Sylvie Fay  Swistzerland … pour Marilou, 8 ans, qui se réjouissait tant de faire sa rentrée des classes cette année dans la même école que mon fils, mais qui a appris quelques jours avant que la leucémie était revenue.
… et pout tous les autres qui se battent comme des lions.

Clio Gerussi  Swizerland I hope it will force the pharmaceutical lobby to invest more in the research on children’s cancer, so that there will be more life saved.

Karin Elisabeth Torekov Retired nurse Denmark I believe in research! My little grandson got cancer and survived, but not all children do!

Annette Arter Mam Switzerland All children should have the possibility to discover the world and live a happy life!

Sofija Pavlovic Student Serbia

Karine Schlaefli Nurse Switzerland

Diane Wunsch  Luxembourg I signed this because we can never do enough to defeat cancer

Reneaume Alexandra  France

Martin Mccabe Paediatric oncologist Uk

Frode Homb Managing director Norway I was diagnosed with Ewings Sarcoma in 1997 and was treated with chemotherapy, surgery and radiation.
The treatment hurts also healthy cells and reduce Quality of Life afterwards. Fatigue and risks for organ failure occurs as long term effects among youth and young adults treated with chemo.
Best regards,
Frode Homb, Sarkomer Norway

Bernadette Brennan Consultant Paediatric Oncologist UK Just heard about this petition at a the 3rd European Bone network Meeting. The power of people, patients and their advocates is the way forward to change this law and get access to new drugs for children/TYA with cancer, especially for my work with Ewings Sarcoma. I hope I have set up a train of emails in my department for all my colleagues to do the same

Françoise REDINI research director in bone sarcoma France because we could go ahead only if we are together, something must be done to facilitate access for children with cancer to clinical trials, and to new drugs; it must be as “easy” as adults.
a better interaction and communication between scientists, clinicians and patients should take place in the bone sarcoma field

Hilde Anette  Pedersen   Norway  

Laurence Brugieres Paediatric oncologist France Access to new drugs for children and adolescents with cancer has to be facilitated

Tomislav Pavlović univ. bacc. psych. Croatia step by step, the world can be changed to truly become a better place. Let’s make this one of those steps. 🙂

Anne Merethe Skogland Architect Norway I care

Alfred Bortne Retired Norway I spent 7 months in a cancer ward. Sarcoma,

Hans Gelderblom Professor of medical oncology at Leiden University. Chair of European osteosarcoma intergroup The Netherlands Because there should be no additional barriera for under 18s to get promising investigational drugs

Stefan Bielack Pediatric Oncologist Germany Children and Adolescents with cancer should not be denied access to innovation.

Øystein  Fidjestøl   Norway

Craig Gerrand Orthopaedic Surgeon UK We have to change our approach if we are to develop more treatment options for children with cancer, particularly those with bone or soft tissue sarcoma.

Mariell  Hansen   norway sarcoma cancer survivor! Im lucky to be alive.. I didnt know it was possible to have cancer in the soft tissue before i was sick myself.. More research and awareness about rare teen cancers..

sophie lecole  france

Mirco D’Aversa Employee Italy Volunteer AGBALT onlus Pisa “We need new drugs to treat children and young people with cancer, and to improve the quality of life using drugs more effective and less toxic to treat children with cancer.

Annick Allee retired teacher Canada Children are important

Andrea Biondi Prof.MD President AIEOP Italy Our children and adolescents with cancer deserve better CURE!

Kathryn Wheeler Clinical trial coordinator United kingdom It’s so important to improve paediatric oncology care

aubineau patrick fonctionnaire france Courage pour les enfants

Ophélie Cornée  Londres Improve medecine and dreaming

Rosemary Hottinger Clinical research Switzerland

Luisa Basset   Federación española de padres de niños con cáncer

Célia Araújo Pediatric Nurse Luxembourg  Seeing everyday children suffering from cancer breaks my heart

David Barnes Sarcoma Genomics Research Associate UK Pharmaceutical companies must not abandon anti-cancer treatments that show promise in children and young adults. Mechanism of action is all important in determining a drug’s efficacy and this needs to be given due weight in a reformed European Paediatric Medicine Regulation.

Alexandra Sager  Switzerland

Joanna Thompson secretary UK I work on a TYA cancer unit in Manchester and would love to see more lives saved by new medications

Frank Dato Engineer USA

 Anne Littley UK

Marie Reeves CTC UK

Ged Lalor Medical social worker UK Having worked for 17 years with children affected by cancer, I am aware of its devastating effects but heartened by the immense efforts of my medical, nursing and research colleagues. Investment in the search for better treatments will bring immediate benefits to children and families as well as longer term benefits for the whole community as our patients grow into healthy adults.

loreta di fronzo  biotecnologo Italia  for hope

Ivana Oprandi Impiegata Italy

Maria Letizia  Tartari Educatore  Italy  Perché voglio che i bambini vengano curati nei migliori dei modi!

Emmy Fleuren Cancer Researcher the Netherlands I truly hope we can make a difference!

elvy zappetti farmacista italia Credo che la petizione abbia fondamenti validi

Patrizia Visigalli  Italia

Antonella De Battisti Impegata Italia

Leonarda Malagò Impiegata Italia

Massimiliano du Ban Pharmacist Italy Children shall come first!

giuseppe maria milano doctor italy We need!!!

Massimo Sartirana Retired Italy I sutain ARTUCEBA

Phil Taylor General Manager  England I strongly believe that thorough investigations into all possible treatments should be suppported by sustainable investment within the pharmacuetical and associated industries.

Johanna Lisa Ronco Consultant Italia

Susan Wakinshaw DC Manager England I lost my 10 year old son to Neuroblastoma.

elena gianelli psicologa italia


Alberto Asquini Pharmacist Italia It’s crucial to offer children the best therapies

ESTELLA LODOLO // Italia Un accesso più rapido a farmaci innovativi renderebbe possibile la cura ad un maggior numero di pazienti pediatrici e garantirebbe che bambini e adolescenti non vengano trascurati dal progresso terapeutico.

Ricci patrizia Patrizia ricci Casalinga Italy Favorevole!
Mio figlio non c’ e’ piu’ perche’ non c’ erano piu’ cure….non deve piu’ accadere a nessun bambino.

Elisabetta Tinacci  Italia To save more lives children and teens,..

susanna goi mom italy

Caterina  Mancin    

Alexandra Hollingworth Physiotherapist UK I work with children with cancer and want the best available for them

Susan Head Retired USA I think it is a good idea.

Philippa  Ramsumair  Teacher United Kingdom  

Kareen kidd taxi controller scotland  children need to be helped more to recover from more cancers

Rebecca  Pountney  Nursery assistant  England  For laura! Forever 16 ❤

Lucia Verdacchi Farmer Italy I want to support this for better treatment for children!

Elizabeth Green Admin United kingdom My daughter has a brain tumour called medullblastoma and the funding for research is appalling. Too many children due from cancer.

Monica Gaspparinetti  Italy I support Unite2cure!!!

chiara comotti employee Italy I work with children and teens with cancer

Tiziana Debernardi employee Italy it must be a priority for everyone to help and tackle childhood and teen cancer.

umberta maria sircana retired Italy

Leda santagata insegnante  

Carlo Longo  Italy

Krystal Jones Mother USA Our children need a fighting chance! They need treatments that will work but without paying the cost of their lives from it. No parent should ever have to bury their child. There has to be a better way!

Carolyn Sherman retired occupational therapist USA in honor of Stephanie Bader & Logan DeAngelis who lost their battle to this inciduous disease…R.I.P.

Laura Bassignana Designer Italy

Sumi Edina Special education teacher Romania

Piazza Alessandro Marco Employee Italy

Sara Casiraghi Student Italy

nicola williams dietitian uk this is so obviously massively important for the future of the children I work with in haem/onc

Todea Diana psychologist Romania

Delia Coldea  Romania I signed this petition because I believe that there is a whole lot more that can be done better in treating this illness and every child deserves the best treatment.

Winette Van der Graaf Medical Oncologist The Netherlands and UK I believe that inappropriate access to new drug trials- just because of age-should no longer be the case.

Cinzia D’aversa Casalinga  D’aversa Cinzia  

Miroslava Liskova  Italy

gurpreet sagoo paediatric dietitian england Children with cancer deserve a fighting chance!

francesca armezzani impiegata Italia  

Lynette Parag Paediatric Dietitian England

Alex Gillick Paediatric Dietitian United Kingdom

hina johnstone research nurse paediatric oncology uk i am commited in my work to provide the best possibe treatment options for childtren and young people.

Ruth Johnston Data Manager Uk I agree, every time a drug company develops a new treatment for adults, the drug’s potential for combating childhood and teen illnesses should be investigated.

Zoe Walters Scientist UK It is vital that we test more targeted drugs for children’s cancers as these are much more likely to have less severe side effects than current therapies and may well lead to improvements in long-term survival.

Ewa Aladowicz Scientist United Kingdom I work on paediatric tumours and I am well aware of difficulties in implementing new therapeutic strategies for children with cancer. We need a change.

Joanne Fleming Project manager Italy


Michele Capone I.S.F. Italy

maura massimino Pediatric Oncologist Italy Because they have the right right to be treated!!!

giulia armezzani none italy

Stephen Baker Clinical Trial Coordinator UK

Joanna Selfe Research Scientist UK

emma whiteley research nurse England I belive children should have the best evidence based treatments.

Valeria  Benedetto  Student Italy

Marketa Iannelli employee Embassy Italy that could help small patiets.

Marcela Pinedo Translator Italy I am volunteering at Peter Pan Onlus Association, going twice a month to Bambin Gesu Hospital for activities with children and adolescents in oncology treatement.

Bob Phillips Paediatrician and Researcher United Kingdom We’ve made massive strides in curing cancer and improving the quality of life after and during treatment. We need sensible regulation to make the work continue.

Mark Rodgers Research Fellow United Kingdom

Alexis Llewellyn Academic UK

Edoardo Lanino Pediatric Hematologist Italy I would like to increse the chance of cure of children with cancer

Sian Thomas Health Researcher UK

Jenny Limond Consultant Clinical Neuropsychologist UK

Lina Assunta Bruno Retired Italy

Sabrina Fabiano statistician Italy it’s time to CHANGE! too many interests of power but the patients?

Paolo Scanagatta Thoracic Surgeon Italy access to new drugs should speed up for children and teenagers affected by cancer.

Gianfranco Scaperrotta Medica Doctor Italy It’s true!!!

antonio fiorino reasearch associate italy To speed up progress toward evaluation of novel therapies with significant clinical activity against childhhod aggressive cancers is the hope of our community. Please make important efforts to join this aim

Michele Torresani ICT Professional Italy

Michele Dotti Employee Italia

Ilaria Rima Student Italy

Campiglio Manuela Researcher Italy

mario santinami  surgeon italy I think that children must have all the options as adults

Paolo Radice Molecular geneticist Italy I an a reseracher working at a cancer centre and I am concerned that the little patients may have the best treartments. The need them and deserve them.

Anna De Filippo researcher Italy

Barbara Diletto Radiation Oncologist Italy

Maria Grazia Daidone Researcher  Italy I believe it addresses a very important topic, that needs all the possible support, and since I know very well these points due to my occupation as a preclinical researcher, head of research Unit and director of the Department of Experimental Oncology at the Istituto Nazionale Tumori in Milan

Vittorio Montefusco Medical Doctor Italy

noemi arrighetti scinetist researcher Italy

Paola Perego Researcher Italy I believe that new therapies should be made available to children quicker than usual

letizia depalma nurse Italy

Salvatore Provenzano Resident Physician in Medical Oncology Italy

Michela Libertini medical oncologist Italy

Alice Runnacles Dietitian UK

Alessandro Tani Anesthesiologist Italy

elisabetta schiavello physician Italy Because I think that is important

Svetlana Di Carlo  Italy

Vikki Thomson Call Handler United Kingdom I’ve known people with cancer.


Ruggeri  Roberta Doctor Italy I want a better future

Louise  Anderson  Mum Uk Too many kids are suffering including my son.

Elisabeth Debiasi Manager Italy

Alessandra D’Elia insegnante Italy

Serena Togni Nurse Italy When we save a Child we save the World

Sabina Sangaletti Scientist Italy

Anne Snow Lawyer UK

 Armonti Anna Luigia Giuliana Nurse Italy It’s right!!!!

Carole Sims Credit Controller UK I had cancer and was cured every child should have the same possibility and a chance to live a long and happy life

Simona Capellini  Italy

Francesca Colombo Researcher Italy

nicoletta minervini impiegata italia Bambini e adolescenti devono avere accesso a cure, farmaci innovativi in modo rapido per poterne assicurare sempre più una guarigione immediata….



Paolo Bossi Medical oncologist Italy

Ivana Bo madre italia

simona fracchioni impegata italy

gaetano annunziata tecnico di radiologia italia

felicetta giardino nurse italy

Ros Wade Research Fellow England Important research should not be hindered by regulations that allow pharmaceutical companies to ignore this patient group and restrict access to potentially effective treatments for children and young people.

Roberta Pavesi Clinical Engineer Italy

Michele Dotti Employee Italy

Julie Jones-Diette Research Fellow United Kingdom Identifying treatments for childhood cancer needs more attention and support

Mara Bertozzo Quality Manager Italy Because my son has leukemia

Pezzini paola impiegata Italia

CHIARA FASANELLI  director’s assistant in national tv company Italy  I want research to find a cure for the sarcoma that took away my brother 20 years ago.

giulia giovannelli employed italy

Francesca Rini laboratory technician ITALY

anna donda tourism man. italy I bambini sono la nostra unica speranza e fonte di vita!

Tiziana Negri Biologist Italy

Luna Boschetti data manager Italy

Azzurra Brusco Student Italy

Mariacristina Scannicchio impiegata Italy i hope this petition could change the rules of European Paediatric Medicine Regulation.

Monica Inoue Housewife Italy

Cesarina Russo Teacher Italy

gianfrancesco gallino medical doctor italy

paolo malgieri imprenditore italia crerdo che i bambini abbiano diritto alle migliori cure

Francesco Pallocca Consultant Italia

fabrizio falasconi bank italy is necessary!

Erzelinda Ceramponi retired Italy Tutti hanno diritto alla cura specialmente i bimbi

roberto Patuzzo medical doctor Italy

Claudia  Rossoni  Fitness trainer  Italy Because is right

Patrizia Franco Educatrici Italia

Rossana  Pozzi Educatrice Italia

Francesca Caravello Employer Italy

Marianna Gabzdilova Translator Czech Republic I want to help these children and this is the least I can do.


carla d’addio clerk  I am a volunteer of the Association Peter Pan in Rome (Italy), our association has a house that welmomes families with children with cancer or leukemia. We know this problem!!!

Fiamma Crisciotti Impiegata Italia

Matteo Carri Impiegato Italia

Stefano Vidoli Professor Italy we need it

sisti fernando pensionato italy Volontario Peter Pan Onlus

Giulio  Senni  Retired from work Italy I believe that child and teenage cancer can and must be cured, and this campaign will definitely help to reach this goal.

Giulia mariotti shop assistant italy


paola quattrociocchi administrative Italy  We need to find better drugs to cure ever more children

Gianna Leo Pensionata Roma

Santina D’Elia  Italy

Gian Paolo Montini No profit organizarion general director Italy Many people speak about children, few people work to goodness of children

Marian Limido Designer Italy È molto importante la ricerca!

Gaia Peruzzi  Italia

Daniela Zatti Biologist Italy

Sonia  Lippiello lawyer Italy  

maria antonietta potenza  italy

Isabella Leone Exhibitioon and tours organizer Italy To help the research to develop new treatments for children with cancer.

Anastasia Maria Sforza Employee  Italy  

Daniela  Stefanini  Trainer Italy  To give hope to People

Angelino Giuliana Operatore olistico….ex farmacista Varese CredO nell’unicità dell’ uomo del corpo fisico ed energetico e che vadano curate le cause emotive mentali o altro delle malattie, le paure ecc e che sopprimere i sintomi sia dannoso e controproducente.

Antonina Mansueto teacher Italy

barbara di vito   

antonella natali tecnico rx Genova  

Monica Galantino businesswoman Italy

rosalba di marco pensionata italia

Maria Drago Teacher Italy

Giulia Cima Architetto Italia

Maurizio Franzot impiegato Medea save the children !!! alwais

Alessandra  Venturini  tour guide Italy

Fabrizio Verga Manager Italy Children are Angels

barbara modugno  Italia

filomena cicco  Italia

domenico modugno  Italia

franco colucci  italia

raffaele modugno  Italia

Grazia Iaia Impiegata Italia

Carla Brotto housewife Italy We need to find a cure for child and teen cancer, and we need to find it SOON!

mara buratti dogs breeder italy In Loving memore of My son Edoardo

Harula Economopoulos tourist guide Italy Children are our future

Annalisa Pollice architect Italia

Villa Daniela employed italy

Andreina Bono disoccupata italia Per aggiungere giorni alla vita dei bambini.

Marta Michetti Market Analyst Italy

Elisa Torricelli  Italy

Giuliana Serafini Teacher Italy It is absolutely necessary!

Martin McCabe Paediatric oncologist UK Children and young people should not be denied the chance of trying effective treatments simply because they are young. The ethical issues are straightforward. Cancer is a fatal disease. It is unethical not to include children in trials of potentially life-saving treatment.

Giorgia Morini Oss Italia

Maria chiara Bolla Student  Italy  

Borna Assodi  Croatia I personaly survived cancer and saw those children fighting it at hospital section beside the one I was… And experienced chemo myself and how hard it is…

Ginetta Pozzoli Ermacora insegnante Udine -Italia

Willy Ermacora tecnico Udine -Italia

Chiara Medeot Employee Italia I signed beccasse i have a child cured of leukemia

Lavigne  sandie  auxiliaire   Mon fils de 5 ans est parti au paradis des anges à cause de cette maladie

Allegra Bartalucci Dipendent Italy

Anna Maria Robino Physician Italy Children should be cured at the best

ivana ardizzone free italy

tomasella mauro impiegato italia

Fabio Rizzo  Italia

Irina  Drigo  Italia  

sandra gibin impiegata este italia Perché anch’io sono stata ammalata di cancro e non vorrei mai che mio figlio passasse quello che ho passato io.

Gabriella  Maiorano Insegnante Italia

Giorgia Zamboni educator italy

Barbara  Medioli  Imployee  Italy To be Stronger!

Giovanna merighi impiegata italy

Valeria Bolla Student Italy I care

Micheli Anna  Italia  

Andrea Mascetti Engineer Italy

Laura Fazzari  Italia

Rizzo Giuseppe  Italia

De Paolis  Vittoria  Italia

Rizzo  Pierluigi  Italia

Mengoli  Anna  Italia

Martina Rizzo   Italia

Rizzo  Gabriele  Italia

Monica Pastori Assistente di Direzione Italy

Daniele Negro Banker Italy

Nadia Pelle Nonna e volontaria Italy

laura lauricella impiegata italia

Alessia Canfora Employ Italy

Patrizia Bertolini Pediatric Oncologist Italy

Marica Shaw Paediatric Dietitian UK

Alison Booth Researcher United Kingdom Because children are not little adults.

Francesco  Santoro  Impiegato  Roma  

luisella marchesi impiegata milano

lina aprigliano impiegata milano

Antonio Aglione Advocacy Organization Leader Italia It the right thing to do!

Matteo Duca Oncologist Italy

Patrizia Casalini reearcher Italy

REBECCHI CESARE PRIVATE BANKER ITALY La ricerca per i bambini e’ fondamentale

maurizio bertini architect italy

Eliana  Viara   

Louisa Wright Clinical Nurse Specialist United Kingdom To bring hope to the child, with a cancer diagnosis and their family when faced with no further curative options or who could benefit from more platible drug options if needle phobic. e.g pegilated GCSF given as one dose rather than 10 consequtive daily doses (one needle rather than 10)

Lydia Moglia Housewife Italy

Federica Novati Employee Italia

Elisabetta  colabove impiegata italia per velocizzare le cure ai bambini malati di tumore.

Marina Schietroma Libero professionista Italia Credo nella ricerca e nella possibilita’ di dare una vita migliore a chi e’ ammalato

Donatella Taddei architetto Italia i bambini non devono morire

luca zevi architect italy

Kelly Houghton Fundraiser UK I have seen the pain losing a child to cancer caused to a very special friend of mine and I would like to hope that we could stop that pain for other children and families in the future.

Maria Cristina  Martini Publisher (MMC Edizioni) Italy Children are important, are our future.

elena ferron nurse italy it’s a really BIG problem!

Rossella Ladaga Psicologa Italia

Gerarda Sinno  Italia

mauro contangelo  italy

vanessa cousyn   france

Serena Vella Research biologist Italy I believe in this battle!

Øystein  Fidjestøl  Norway  

Petra Kloetzner teacher (german language) italy I want to contribute to save more lives of children and teens with cancer (like my son)

maria zanoni housewife italy

Isobel Phillips Student UK The lives of those under 18 are just as important as adult lives.

Leyla  Hepsaydir Student England My cousin had cancer (brain tumour) at the age of 6.

remigio piccioni employee italy I sign the petition because the hope of a cure can not remove anyone

Liam Langley  UK

Kate Dicker  England

Liam Langley Trainee Auditor UK

Alégria D’ALBOY  FRANCE The whole world is concerned….le monde entier est concerné

Roberto Ciccoli Researcher Italy It is necessary to move quicker. Our children deserve the best treatments

Anna Pace Volontaria Italia Dobbiamo fare tutti qualcosa per aiutare a debellare il cancro.

Marco Diaco Broker Italy Because it’s necessary!

Paolo Cavallini  Italy

Fabio Galvani Industrial Manager Italy Because it is right

Davide Carfi IT Italy


CARLO scarpellini pensionato ITALIA

Valter Di Gioia tecnico Italy

Marialuisa Mongelli Researcher Italy

Fabrizio Allavena  Italy A child’s life is a piece of our future

alessandra brugiolo  pediatrician Italy

andrea archer domestic england I signed because my mum is one of the lucky ones , I want each and every person to be “the lucky one”” xxxxx


letizia bianchi  italy ….. the love for our children!!!!


alberto tocci m.d. rome

Delia Mezzanzanica Scientist Italy

Joshua Savage Senior Clinical Trial Coordinator United Kingdom It is vital we all support global initiatives to develop new paediatric oncology treatments, especially for new drugs licensed for use in adult cancer indications.

Associazione Bianca Garavaglia Onlus  italy

Bonutti Annamaria Pediatrician Vicenza

Eloisa De Luca casalinga italia Ho firmato perchè tutti i bambini hanno diritto alla VITA!!!

novella bruno Medical doctor italy

giulia minuti psychologist italy

Anna Panzironi Teacher Italy

Tessa Vosselman  Nederland

Francesco Tomicich  Insurance broker Italy  

Marco Bruno Dentist Italy

Luca Trentin Physiotherapist Italy

Vogelsang Cathy Nurse Suisse

Anna TYLMAN  Belgium

Pellissier Ludovic  Switzerland

Emilie laurens  horeca bruxelles

Fontaine Sonis  Suisse Il faut que ça change.

roberta zugaro ingegnere italia

Anna Paola Lancia  Italia

Domenico Lancia  Italia

Alberto Lancia Ingegnere Italia

Pisaturo  Christina Médical assistant Switzerland Because every child in this world is a precious gift and must be healthy, growing up and one day live his life and be happy! Childood cancer is the most bigger injustice in this world and thé médical research have to find fast the right cure… Because i have 3 children And every day i try to protect them better

Alice Manser Chenaux infirmière suisse tout le monde est concerné!

Stéphanie  cuérel maried suisse

Thomas Déborah  France

Mélanie Meylan  switzerland

Migy Cosette  CH Seleute

Joelle Kouessan  Switzerland

Nathalie Velasco Assistant Admin Switzerland for all the good reasons mentioned in this petition and to save more children and teens with cancer

Michel Loonen Retreated Belgium very important for our kids health and future, and theirs families …

Marina Schietroma Libero professionista Italia Credo nella ricerca e nella possibilita’ di dare una vita migliore a chi e’ ammalato

Donatella Taddei architetto Italia i bambini non devono morire

luca zevi architect italy

Kelly Houghton Fundraiser UK I have seen the pain losing a child to cancer caused to a very special friend of mine and I would like to hope that we could stop that pain for other children and families in the future.

Maria Cristina  Martini Publisher (MMC Edizioni) Italy Children are important, are our future.

elena ferron nurse italy it’s a really BIG problem!

Rossella Ladaga Psicologa Italia

Gerarda Sinno  Italia

mauro contangelo  italy

vanessa cousyn   france

Serena Vella Research biologist Italy I believe in this battle!

Øystein  Fidjestøl  Norway  

Petra Kloetzner teacher (german language) italy I want to contribute to save more lives of children and teens with cancer (like my son)

maria zanoni housewife italy

Isobel Phillips Student UK The lives of those under 18 are just as important as adult lives.

Leyla  Hepsaydir Student England My cousin had cancer (brain tumour) at the age of 6.

remigio piccioni employee italy I sign the petition because the hope of a cure can not remove anyone

Liam Langley  UK

Kate Dicker  England

Liam Langley Trainee Auditor UK

Alégria D’ALBOY  FRANCE The whole world is concerned….le monde entier est concerné

Roberto Ciccoli Researcher Italy It is necessary to move quicker. Our children deserve the best treatments

Anna Pace Volontaria Italia Dobbiamo fare tutti qualcosa per aiutare a debellare il cancro.

Marco Diaco Broker Italy Because it’s necessary!

Paolo Cavallini  Italy

Fabio Galvani Industrial Manager Italy Because it is right

Davide Carfi IT Italy


CARLO scarpellini pensionato ITALIA

Valter Di Gioia tecnico Italy

Marialuisa Mongelli Researcher Italy

Fabrizio Allavena  Italy A child’s life is a piece of our future

alessandra brugiolo  pediatrician Italy

andrea archer domestic england I signed because my mum is one of the lucky ones , I want each and every person to be “the lucky one”” xxxxx


letizia bianchi  italy ….. the love for our children!!!!


alberto tocci m.d. rome

Delia Mezzanzanica Scientist Italy

Joshua Savage Senior Clinical Trial Coordinator United Kingdom It is vital we all support global initiatives to develop new paediatric oncology treatments, especially for new drugs licensed for use in adult cancer indications.

Associazione Bianca Garavaglia Onlus  italy

Bonutti Annamaria Pediatrician Vicenza

Eloisa De Luca casalinga italia Ho firmato perchè tutti i bambini hanno diritto alla VITA!!!

novella bruno Medical doctor italy

giulia minuti psychologist italy

Tessa Vosselman  Nederland

Francesco Tomicich  Insurance broker Italy  

Marco Bruno Dentist Italy

Luca Trentin Physiotherapist Italy

Vogelsang Cathy Nurse Suisse

Anna TYLMAN  Belgium

Pellissier Ludovic  Switzerland

Emilie laurens  horeca bruxelles

Fontaine Sonis  Suisse Il faut que ça change.

roberta zugaro ingegnere italia

Anna Paola Lancia  Italia

Domenico Lancia  Italia

Alberto Lancia Ingegnere Italia

Pisaturo  Christina Médical assistant Switzerland Because every child in this world is a precious gift and must be healthy, growing up and one day live his life and be happy! Childood cancer is the most bigger injustice in this world and thé médical research have to find fast the right cure… Because i have 3 children And every day i try to protect them better

Alice Manser Chenaux infirmière suisse tout le monde est concerné!

Stéphanie  cuérel maried suisse

Thomas Déborah  France

Mélanie Meylan  switzerland

Migy Cosette  CH Seleute

Joelle Kouessan  Switzerland

Nathalie Velasco Assistant Admin Switzerland for all the good reasons mentioned in this petition and to save more children and teens with cancer

Michel Loonen Retreated Belgium very important for our kids health and future, and theirs families …

Hélène Dennebouy  Suisse I feel concerned.

Annick Gaudin  Switzerland I feel concerned about paediatric cancer following the death of little angel Zoe Guignard in Switzerland. Her mother explained that actual treatments given to kids and teens are the same as the ones gave by doctors 20 years ago. New and better treatments need to be found and well investigated every time a drug company develops one.

Massimo Cersosimo  ITALY

Jennifer Brown Research Fellow UK

Virginie Dénervaud Lutry Suisse Le cancer n est bon pour personne encore moins pour les enfants qui ont le droit à la magie de l innocence !

Fischer Marie-Laure   Switzerland

sara morlino radiation oncologist italy

Belinda McEwan Graphic Designer South Africa

pascale corneloup infirmière sage-femme Suisse it’s very important and it will be a real progress

Curchod  Patricia  Nurse Swizerland Parce qu’il n’est pas normal que pour certains cancers de l’enfant certains traitements n’ont pas changé depuis des années. ..parce que j’ai trop accompagné d’enfants atteint du cancer en soins paliatifs….parce qu’un enfant ne devrait pas mourir

Cavin  Nathalie  Suisse

rosario barone imprenditore italia perchè è ridicolo precludersi qualsiasi possibilità per seguire il nostro folle iter burocratico

Susanna Coccioli Pediatrician Italy  

Maria Pia Lucidi Pensionata Italia

Myriam Salzmann Benvegnin  assistante médicale suisse

Mélanie  Mottet Teacher Switzerland  

Leah Burns Retired teacher USA Our children deserve better treatments for cancer,NOW!

Jennifer Helfer Nonprofit Advocate USA

antonella d’amico  italia

angela maria rao pensionata italia
I signed this with the hope that children, teenagers, but also elderly people, will be considered, because of their fragility, privileged categories, a priority rather than an issue for the health system.

Miljenko Nikolić Naval Architect Croatia …it’s simple,It’s right.

Michela Casanova Doctor Italy Every time you lose a patient, you think that there is a lot to do!

Audrey  Courcelle   France  

Johanna Oberli  Suisse We need to do more for all these children.

elena grossi impiegata italia

Martine Habisreutinger Piano teacher Switzerland Together, we’ ll win;-)

Giulio Senni Retired Italia We need to find appropriate cures and therapies in order to fight and eventually defeat child and teen cancer. Unite2Cure is a strong initiative in that respect.

Michela Maldera Impiegata Italia

Morena Garimberti Impiegata Italia

Nicoletta Fontana Geometra Italia 💖

Roberta lorincz self usa it has to change!!! We talk about our kids, our future!!

Michele Bedini  Italia

Massimo Serra Researcher Italy I signed this petition because I am working as Researcher in the bone tumors field since 1987 and I know very well how much important is the possibility to get access to new drugs and treatments for these patients, many of which are children or young adolescents.

Janet Shipley Cancer Research Professor at The Institute of Cancer Research, London UK I signed up because I believe that we collectively need to do more mechanistic based research that can realistically be taken forward to improve the lives of young patients with cancer.

Tatiana Innocentin Grafica pubblicitaria Italia

Matteo Stefanuto Impiegato Italia

Gabriella Carion casalinga Italia

Giampiero Innocentin Geometra Italia

Alice Innocentin Impiegata Italia

emilie caresmel  france

caresmel Guillaume   france

anne milleville  france

Saki audrey mother france I only feel concerned by children suffering


Antonio Cafarella  Italia

MARLIN  Vincent  GRAND CHAMP  FRANCE  ..for the children.

Nicole Martin retraitée Canada I beleive in cancer-free children

Francois Bonin Pilates and Yoga teacher France I care, I share the concern expressed in the testimonies, as well as the purpose of the call.

Fortunata Carachino  Italy

Clauss  Anne human ressources  France  

Andrea Devecchi  I

Estelle Rousseau Private sector France I am the mother of a child who has been fighting his cancer for 10 months now. Existing treatments do not work and we desperately need new innovative treatments.
Thank you for your support!

Gianpaolo Miglietta  Assicuratore  Trepuzzi  

Roberto Bianchi MD, Otolaryngology Italy

SCHNEIDER Laure  France

schneider eric  France

Association Gueriduncancer Marseille France

anna pinciroli pensionata  

Erwan Simon computer scientist France


Ester Rossi Airline ground staff Italy We MUST give children a hope for the future

Tiziana Pinciroli veterinario e web developer Italia

Vittoria Allegri Employee Italy

Gregotti Aurelio Pensionato Italia

Luciana Machado Pedrosa Summo Secretary  Switzerland  My daughter has Ewing’s Sarcom

Valentina Villa  Italy

annie masset forestoannie@hotmail.com france

Antonella  Barina Giornalista Italia

Deborah Clivet Graphist France My son has a brain tumor. Children shouldn’t die because it’s not “profitable” to make treatments for them. Existing treatments are very hard to go through and have longterm side effects. Healthcare shouldn’t be ruled by profit due to big pharmaceutical companies. There are so many great people working very hard to find cures for horrible diseases. Let’s give them the possibility to find ways to make the life of these children easier and save lives.

Bobette Huzovic Teacher Austria My 8 year old is 6 months out of treatment for Pre-B cell ALL

Jean-Christophe CORDIEZ father of my sick son, Antoine FRANCE I fully support Patricia BLANC, and this new merging foundation, that definitely make HUGE EFFORTS to change laws in Europe relating to Paediatric Medicine Regulation.

I am quite sure you’ll succeed in speeding up access to better molecules for our children affected with cancer.

Jean-Pierre Cordiez Doctor France My grandson is ill ( DIPG)

Steve Kempen Manager USA Our daughter was diagnosed with Osteosarcoma in 2011. She battled the disease, but is now faced with potential side effects for the remainder of her life.

The treatments are difficult, and have long term consequences. We need to find a way to maximize our efforts in battling cancer, especially in children/young adults.

Together, we can make a difference…and give our clinicians/surgeons the best resources possible to heal our children.

Miria Bianchi  Italy

lagalle Cécile  france

mariella casagrande retired italy

barbara baldetti employer italy

Vladimir Filipovic Economist Serbia Every child deserve to live!

Srdjana Raskovic Economist Serbia Little angels must win!

Dominique Salomon Journalist France

Paola Fazi medical doctor italy

Faye Daniels Resourcing manager Uk

T M Byrne Research Fellow UK

sonia masala  italy

garau  paola  italy

Helle Bakke teacher Italia  My daughter has got leukaemia, and I’m really worried about the future consequences curing her with chemotherapy!

Natacha Tawil Employee Luxembourg I care

Francesca D’Antona retired Italia I had a grandson fighting leukemia for 6 years. FIght lost 11 months ago, but the experimental cure he had one year before dying gave him a very good year of relapse. Possibly, a few years from now, he could have survived. I wish this for the children who are fighting now

Gorana Markovic hairdresser Srbija My doeghter is surviver from Hodkins limfomas last year.

Jelena Milovanovic Classical philologist Belgium Children deserve right treatment.

Vladimir Ivanishevich professor of history – archivist Serbia my 3 and half boy Konstantin died of acute lymphoblastic leucemia after 18 mounts of ilness. I wish that no one more children diy because of leucemia.

Ana Perez  spain

maria barrio  España

Virginia  Lope Administrativo  España  

Susi Puga Empleada de banca España Porque los niños son el futuro….

francesca Micelotta  insegnante  italia

Joost van de laar orthopedist Holland My son 2 jears old diagnosed leukemia. Deserves the best medicine there is.

Margo Marciniw   The Netherlands  

Martine Kleinpenning Secretary Netherlands Illness son

fabio montani  italia

Roberto Tirelli office worker Italy

Gareth Brennan Insurance broker Northern Ireland  Cures need to be found sooner.

AGAL Boubaker Président Association Maram Solidarité Tunisia I lived the treatment of my daughter who had cancer and I know how it was heavy.
My daughter died, the other children have to survive.
Things must change, we must find new lighter and more effective treatments.
Our association, Solidarity Association Maram sharing your struggle and pleased to join you.
facebook maram agel (www.facebook.com/MaramSolidarite/)

Michael Maguire Compliance officer england Children get cancer too. Avenues of research that could help and prevent all cancers in all people should be pursued appropriately.

michela mirani porfido  Italy Children have right to survive to their parents
Life is holy for every being on earth

Sonia Castelnuovo Housewife Italy

Berith Holte  Norway My daughter has cancer.

Caroline Sheppard  Retired UK Children should not have to suffer so badly

Alan coles Retired Architect UK

Eilema Delan  France

Brenda Farley  USA

Rebecca  Ridge bank svc United States  For my 11yr old niece Rachel Ann Marie Ridge! And all the lil warriors!!

Janice Halash Retired Nurse USA A cure and treatments with less damaging effects need to be found for the kids!

Jennifer Radivo Office Administrator USA Our children deserve more then what they are getting. They are the future and they should receive the most up to date treatment, which means they need to make better treatments!

Amy Shepherd Teacher UK I’m so saddened by stories of kids dying from cancer. It needs to stop

Lauren cutajar teacher United states Children are more than 4 percent

Britany Morin Mom United States

Deborah Bach Radiologic Technologist USA I have a family member who had Childhood Cancer, never want to have to see her or any other child go though that again. If we can find new and improved treatment for adults, we certainly can do the same for children.

Poppy F  England

Johanna Cordes Student/Scholar  Germany There can not be any more children suffering through this disease

Stacey  Naffah Mom and VP/Sales & Marketing USA  My daughter is currently fighting….
We are committed to winning her battle and to helping others both now and in the future. The disease (and its many forms) is bad enough, the treatments need to get better…less toxic for the benefit of kids and families now and in the years to come.

Maureen Perez  United States

Mark  Askins Business owner Redwood City California Our kids desrve so much more than what we have been giving them

Lena Chow  Usa In Memory of our dear son Jesse, 15 years old. He died of a secondary brain cancer caused by the late effect of treatment he had received ten years earlier, for acute lymphoblastic leukemia. Jesse was brave, kind, and wanted to make the world a better place, just like all these children, who deserve better treatments and cures, now!

Roesan  Leonard Disabled  Usa Because of all the children going through this horrible illness. And only 4% of all donations go towards childhood cancers. So sad

Marlene Gerbsman  U.S.  Because the antiquated toxic treatments are killing our children.

Penny Pace retired USA These children are too precious to have to submit to this horrible disease..

Deb Suta retired U.S.A. There HAS to be a better route for children…they do not need adult medications!

J Yakos Account manager AMERIXA My daughter has cancer and the children deserve more than this….

Joann Verderosa  COTA USA I signed this in hopes that the children of our world get updated and safer treatments to fight these diseases. More money should be going to help our children.

Linda Verdine grandmom USA our children need treatments developed for their smaller, growing bodies. They should not have to suffer vicious side effects, and, in many cases, develop another Cancer from the adult drugs pumped into them.

Jasmin C Student and Dancer United States of America ALL CHILDREN MATTER

Bonnie Salzberg SAHM U.S.A.

Virginia Freeman  usa

Amy Hinshaw RN USA My 19 y/o son who has been in treatment for stage 3 T cell lymphoblastic lymphoma for the past 21 months with 7 months to go.

Lauren Hansen Student New Zealand

Muiride Keithley Teacher  USA We need better medicines for our kids throughout the world.

Kathryn MacLellan Student USA In memory of Shannon Crowley, a 5+ year cancer survivor who died at the age of 8 due to side effects from her cancer treatments she received when she was 2.

Frances Garland Stay at home… USA Because we should all be part of caring for our kids.

Steve Wriborg Coin Dealer United States

Ana  Mucharraz Student Mexico  Kids deserve to have a childhood and cancer is not a childhood!
Kids are the future and if kids die of cancer who will be our future what if one of them had the formula to
Cure cancer ! #gogold !

Ann Morgan Operating room America My entire family has gone through my Little Granddaughter fighting Cancer. Changed our lives forever.

Janet Plevniak Hairstylist USA Childhood cancer STOLE my 7 year old grand daughter, Hayley, from her family that loved her and wanted to watch her grow into a beautiful young woman!

Sandra Gomez Childcare  USA I watched my Niece battle cancer when she was 4, she’s now 6 and in remission. God Bless My Niece and All the Children Batteling this horrible Monster! 🙏

KATHLEEN WALTERS  United States Kids need more!

Kelly Marshall  Australia

Katherine  LoCasale  USA

Sunday Coton stay at home mom United States

Susanne Colucci Retail Merchandiser USA My son diagnosed with Medulloblastoma at age 14. His treatment has left him with double vision, hearing loss, muscle weakness and neuropathy. Chris is now 16 and still suffering from these side effects. No child should have to go through such harsh treatment. There are no new drugs/treatment in the pipeline for this disease.

Barbara  Uditsky  Mother United States  Childhood cancer statistics are frightening. We can do better, and should.

Heather Eck Special education teacher  USA I hate that kids’ treatments are so harmful and that only 4% of the money for research is for children.

Lori Wecht Registered Nurse USA As the mom of a childhood brain cancer survivor and as a pediatric oncology nurse, I’ve seen first hand that our kids deserve newer, better, more kind treatments💕💛💕

Cyndi Koetter Cancer mom USA

Julie Hunt software engineer USA  Children deserve MoreThan4 % !

Katrina williams svp USA my daughter Ava was diagnosed with Medulloblastoma on 11/3/14, a day I will never forget. We are a little over a year in treatments from Chemo, Stem Cell transplant and currently Proton Radiation.

 Maritza.G  Greece My son is undergoing treatment…

Kim Stolte Registered nurse United States My son Owen died at age 14 of Osteosarcoma

Sophia Kaimaklioti Psychotherapist UK

Erin Edelman Nurse USA

Virginia Nicolaou artist usa It is the right thing to do.

Ursula Klee MT USA  

Sharon Armstrong School Teacher Australia My 9 year old daughter has ALL. We need to find a cure and one that is not so brutal.

Sylvia Arredondo  USA There’s a gap in providing medical care & treatment for children battling this horrible disease called cancer.

karine Innocenti Teacher Sweden

Jill  Martin RN USA Kids need access to the right treatments!

Cheri Lopez Registered Nurse  USA Children are the future ~ and deserve a life that isn’t afflicted with health issues, especially after they have battled cancer. Life itself is challenging enough.

Ashley Michalski Social Media Manager USA childhood cancer needs to end.

Marc Rehlinger  Luxembourg

Eleni Maravelia  Spain My daughter has neuroblastoma. More research ia needed so our kids can overcome cancer and live a long healthy life.

Ema Zupancic Student Slovenia

Barbara Limer Homemaker USA Innocent little children should not suffer. We need to do MORE!

Carol Harkness Retired certified rehab coundelir USA I want to support the testing of more drugs and trials for children and adults to help find a CURE for this horrible disease!

Fsy Christie Manager Uk We need to tackle rare cancers and cancers that affect children and young people. For Leanna and everyone affected.

Alyson Dickson University academic UK

Deanne Jackson Bursar Uk The children are our future. They need every opportunity possible for a better life.

Zulaika  Beckford  unemployed  uk My cousin has a rare and aggressive. Form of cancer and no one should have to go through the pain she is going through

Leyan Ham-Ying GP UK More can be done if only we have the will and co-operation.
Let’s keep pushing forward!…..for our patients, for our loved ones, for ourselves.

Raimonda Gervatauskaite Mum United Kingdom I have a friend whose daughter has a rare form of cancer. Wish we saw it coming earlier to be able to prevent it!

Cecilia Fontelles – Rodríguez  Teacher United Kingdom I hope outcomes for children with cancer can be improved.

simone james-henry markering manager canada More should be done to treat rare cancer typea

Conroy Trenchfield TU organiser/ student U.K.  It’s important to get children and young people treatment as soon as possible and with the best possible outcomes as cancer is stealing children’s futures.

Mary Twombly Reg nurse Usa

Marlene Silva Junior Charge Nurse England We should be able to always give the best to our children, a younger generation.

Marybeth Stafford-Jones Lecturer United Kingdom  Children are our future. Those who have experienced tough times are usually stronger and wiser for it. We need these stronger, wiser and compassionate human beings to help our world return to some form of understanding and implementation of compassion and understanding! It is NOT all about money. So we need to be the first to show compassion and help these children and young people, with their families, to give them a fighting chance to put their most precious mark into and on the world.

Patricia Edwards RN USA My niece has a rare cancer and she is under 30 years old

Martin Bauer Musician United States Children in the US only get 4 % of the federal funding for research,and it seems that they are shorted like that everywhere -which makes no sense at all-to cure adults that may have 20 or 30 years left while they let children die without ever having a chance to become an adult-when curing them will give a much longer life span than the adults-if a way is found to cure them without the terrible effects of the cure-all of the organ damage is intolerable

Charlene Christie  Childminder  Uk

Mairead MacKenzie Patient Advocate United Kingdom It’s common sense!

Rosanna S  UK

Elliot Christie student United Kingdom i signed this because of my sister

Jennifee Long  Operational manager England  Fiona’s niece will never be forgotten

Louise Ryan Library Clerk Canada For my friend’s niece “Bethan” who was sadly robbed of the chance to become an adult.

Sarah Beck Admin assistant Italy …it is only right and just and I hope I can make a difference and save lives.

Jennifer Rector   United States  All the kids fighting cancer

amanda walker Trustee United Kingdom I wholeheartedly support the Unite2Cure initiative…’Abbie’s Army’ was formed in 2012 after the loss of my 6 year old daughter to DIPG – the most deadly paediatric brain cancer – with a 0% survival rate.
It made absolutely no sense to me also that globally there was no treatment to help my child curatively…in fact Abbie did not receive ONE drug only 6 weeks of palliative radiotherapy….for the most FATAL cancer! This is not acceptable.
Now as four years ago there are no open UK trials or effective treatment for this cancer. There is absolutely no provision for trials for small cohorts of patients, options that may be available are reliant on charity for accelerated opening , these charities and foundations are also funding research for this disease!
All we can do is bridge the gap in pre-clinical research waiting for recognition and focus that the disease really needs…we need help and no one can do this alone.
It’s saddening that economics and profits and regulatory process are the prime consideration, rather than saving these young lives.
Speed is of the essence the average survival of a DIPG child is just 9 months, for every delay in change, lives are being lost and families are in despair.

Andrew Uzilov bioinformatics scientist USA This is a very real issue in Europe and the USA. I was alerted to this by Patricia Blanc of the Imagine for Margo (http://imagineformargo.org/en) foundation, as well as others who signed here, at the recent pediatric oncology meeting sponsored by the Mia Neri Foundation (http://www.mianerifoundation.com/index.php?lan=en). These meetings are happening because there is an unmet need for precision oncology in pediatric cancers worldwide.

Habisreutinger Martine Piano teacher Switzerland Every child and teen with cancer wait my signature!

Claudia Dato Senior Project Manager USA My 11 year old niece who was born and raised in Germany died of leukemia. More needs to be done to treat and cure children with cancer. It seems like most efforts are focused on adults.

val nisbet parent uk The treatments are barbaric and our children deserve treatments that are NOT worse than the disease!

Amanda Lindsay  Student  UK

pascal chastagner pediatric oncologist france

Settimio Scanga Employee Netherlands

James Calvert  UK

Solving Kids’ Cancer  Europe Childhood Cancer Charity United Kingdom Solving Kids’ Cancer Europe supports families affected by high-risk childhood cancers in the areas of neuroblastoma, brain tumours and sarcomas. We fund the next generation of innovative research in these challenging areas. We truly believe in collaboration and uniting to cure cancers in children and teens.

Pascal LASSELIN Retraité France Le cancer des enfants a été trop longtemps ignoré par ceux qui n’étaient pas touchés directement. Comment expliquer à un enfant qui place en vous toute sa confiance que vous êtes impuissant à traiter son mal qui vient subitement d’on ne sait où et qui le détruit pour disparaître avec lui ? Une absurdité totale qui frappe l’innocent dans une société qui s’enorgueillit plus facilement de ses succès économiques que du développement de son humanité

Claire  Dambre  student France For my cousin, Clément, 10 yo Who is dead because of the cancer..

Carla Beauzetie Secondary school Francr

Didier Hauguel Bank executive France Save the children !
Everyday in the world, hundreds are dying…

Leo Kager Pediatric Oncologist Austria

Anne  O’Connor FD New Zealand I have had too much experience of kids not being cured of cancer. This has to change. For all the Eddies out therexx

Adele Glover Mother New Zealand  Because I lost my beautiful daughter to cancer 21,9,15

Paddy Toman car Detailer Ireland I’m sick of seeing kids suffer from no age what have they done to deserve this nasty disease, I’ve seen my own cousin 3 yrs old die Y.

simone weaver mother new zealand My son was born with stage 4s neuroblastoma and going through his battle was the hardest thing I’ve ever done. I hope one day soon the treatments available will be more effective and less toxic, so no child will have to go through the horrors of the current treatments.

Micheal  Moore  welder/fabricator  New Zealand  I signed this because on October 2nd 2015 I lost my 6yr old son to rhabdomyosicoma

Leonie O’Garro  Netherlands we love pour children!!

Karen Koster retail New Zealand Know to many children that have been diagnosied with cancer, more and more research will hope find better way to treat/eradicate this desease.

Adrienne  Slattery Fire engineer  New Zealand  For all the children and families in my thoughts

Anne Hayes Admin UK

Nicole Parry Croupier New Zealand

Holly Brown  Finance New Zealand  This should be a given.

Caroline  Walton Teacher NZ I lost my son to cancer when he was 17 months old, if there is anyway to stop young children losing their cancer battle then it should be investigated. Giving hope to the children and parents alike is so very important. Child loss is the worst pain imaginable and it never ever stops!

Jessica Mallard Account Manager New Zealand  

Margaret  Garden  Barmaid New zealand I have a grandaughter with ALL

Nicola Bradley mother NZ I have a son who is a survivor of ALL

Clemens Van Druenen Engineer New zealand We need to urge and implement more and better ways to treat and beat cancer


Aikaterini Panzari Teacher / visual developer Greece More research has to be done to save or give a chance to thousands of kids and babies to a better life! Invest more! They might have no “voices” but they deserve a future as much as anyone else!

Yiorgos Zach photograper Greece

Pam Stark Medical receptionist  New Zealand Childhood cancer research very important not just for the children now but for the future diagnosis of any childhood cancer reduce the number of families being told no more treatment available for a child. Keep up the great work.

Imparato Magali Human ressources France  

Marie NOVEL none France pressure is necessary to increase research on cures specific for children treatment. They are all our children and our future.
Many thanks in advance,

Anabela  De Moura   France Castro

Estelle Chatelier  France

Carpentier  Maryse Chargée d’affaires  France  

Berangere Denizeau  France Pour Clément et tous les autres enfants malades…

Sandrine  Akkor  France

Nathalie Kipgen psychooncologist Luxembourg

Sonia Fontaine Technicienne bio-medicale Suisse Pour que les choses bougent pour ces enfants et adolescent qui sont notre avenir. On doit les aider à guérir, c’est notre devoir d’adulte de les soutenir au mieux.

Sarah Gerin Vendeuse Belgique  Je signe parce que mon fils de 5 ans est atteint d’un cancer du sang

Rouiller Estelle Collaboratricce Suisse La recherche pour le cancer de l’enfant doit absolument être intensifiée. Il y a trop d’enfants qui meurent du cancer ou qui ont des séquelles importantes.

Angélique Renda Nurse France

Roullet Emilie Nurse France

REBEYROL INGRID CONSULTANT FRANCE I feel concerned about the treatment advance for children with cancer.

Adeline SRAKA   France My daughter have leukemia

Christiane Favre Retraitee France pour

    Pour que les labos s.interessent à sortir de nouveaux medicaments pour les enfants


Prianne  Te Moananui  Mother  Dunedin  We need a cure!

Taylor Te Ahuru  New Zealand

Mikara Bradshaw   New Zealand  

Rebecca Finn Mum New Zealand My son had cancer 2015, he was one of the lucky kids, but the chemo was horrible to his body. Please find a chemo that shots children. Some time one fits all doesn’t mean that.

Logan Baas Quality Manager New Zealand

melissa girdler Support worker New Zealand

Terri Te Ahuru  New zealand I have signed this because my niece,my brothers youngest daughter has cancer!because more help needs to be done and because we love her and want her to come through this!Destiny in only two years old!the more people who sign this the better!hel save lives!!!

Kara Maitland Sales assistant  New Zealand

Hinemoa Wilson Factory ccontractor New zealand Everyone deserves to live a full and happy life, weather your rich or poor, black or white, male or female.

Charles  Kimmins Student  United Kingdom  My best friend is a sufferer

feride sergil  United Kingdom There is not enough research done around bone cancer, and we are losing a child every day!!! There sould be a cure!!

Sarah Savage Student Paediatric Nurse England

Paul Hannant Manager  Uk My beutiful niece, is fighting the same type of cancer as Tanyel. These kids need more weapons to fight this awful disease. ..

india radford student england

Vivien Brouwer Admin Manager United Kingdom

Luke Boobbyer Student UK  My friend has been suffering from cancer over the past year and I want the best treatment possible for her.

Davina Holland Student Scotland

Ann Hindle Retired U.K.  This horrible disease is affecting to many wonderful
youngsters and their families

Tahli Upchurch  Customer advisor  London Because I lost a friend of mine who passed away at such a young age to cancer may she rest in peace xxx

Renana Lev Student England

George  Lawson Student UK This could affect a very close friend, or me.

Rachel Bilsland Student United Kingdom

Evie Lamble Marketing England  For one of my best friends India Radford, I love you! This is such an important cause, let’s help save lives!


Sherry Footer Mother United Kingdom Because I had Breast Cancer last year and it can only you change you. Let’s put an end to this awful disease.

natalie marshall mum england my daughter is suffering from ALL and its the 3rd time she has had it

Hannah Armitage Student UK

Andrea Whyte  Sales  UK

Roshni  Patel  Carer/ homemaker UK Need to save more lives!

Peter  Whyte  Retired  Uk

Jason Keehn Intern England Knowledge is key

Alice Da Costa Student  United Kingdom  

Amy Crawford Student England

Lia Chiarin Student United Kingdom For India Radford

Charlotte Ubhi Student  UK

Hannah Larwood Student UK

Mathieu Kremeth Student Switzerland

Serena steptoe student  UK incredible cause

George  Jameson Student UK

sabine forsyth student scotland Cancer is just killing far too many people i love. Friend fighting ewing sarcoma – this is for her !

Jem Tekkanat Shop owner Uk We need the best treatment for cancer in the uk as we all pay into the NHS and we deserve it. We have so many young lives dying from cancer thank you

Charlie Smith Student  England  

Millie Gambold Student UK

Amelia Mayhew Student United Kingdom

Alastair  Bath Student UK  

Katherind Bramall Student England

Sophie Marcuccilli  Student Italy

Shirley Radford Retired United Kingdom SHIRLEY RADFORD

Sevine Kina Proprietor  Uk My beautiful 20 year cousin died of Ewing sarcoma and we need a better cure.

Claudia Marquis Student Uk

Sarah Crossman Exercise tutor Uk Children are the future

Megan Gordon Student U.K.  

Zoe Jackson  Student  UK I know young children dying from cancer and its so devastating

Julie Auletta Housewife Uk It is necessary

Kidist Hailemichael  Student   

Anna Jackson Student UK

Ned  Wainwright Student  U.K.  

Beverley Bostock Head of Netball UK

Rosie Allen Student  UK

charlotte santin self employed UK

Rahme Selmani Teacher United Kingdom  Too many young lives are lost to cancer and more needs to be done so more young lives can be saved! Children should be our future and they should have the right to grow old instead of suffering and dying before their time. More research needs to be done now before more innocent lives are lost. Cancer affects children just as much as adults so the research and funding should reflect this.

hicran alaz hairdresser United Kingdom i dont want to see people die without a fighting chance and with better treatment patients could have a better chance for survival .

Megan Mclean Student United Kingdom

Alison Gillison Programme Manager UK It’s time to start changing the narrative from survival stories to stories of how these kinds of cancers are a thing of the past.

Kate  Atkinson  Product Manager UK  I lost my sister to spindle cell sarcoma, she was diagnosed when she was only 23. Nobody seems to know anything about this form of cancer.

Nora Eastwood  UK  I needed to

Mine Uzum Midwife Uk

Ann Slater Self employed UK

Nicky Dunford Lettings Negotiator UK My dear friend’s 20 year old daughter is battling Soft Tissue Sarcoma, and we need ALL the help we can with research of this rare condition.

Ceylan  Mustafa Carera Uk For Tanyel & Many other people suffering or lost there fight to cancer

Grace Winham Student  England  

cynthia jordan legal secretary Great Britain things have to change.
Childhood and teen cancers have to be recognised just as much as other cancers…for all our children and children to follow.

Deniz  Adil Social  

Gail Pearce Nail technician  UK

julie hannant full time carer northern Ireland  

Flora Beverley Student UK I am 20 and have known far too many people and friends who have died from childhood cancers. I cannot imagine told I cannot live out my days to their full extent. The terror would be crippling, and I have huge respect for all those who manage to live fulfilled lives as long as they can. It would just be better if that was longer.

Liam Kelleher Student UK

Elaine  Butler Administrator Uk I feel helpless. Anything that can be done, should be done. There must be a cure for this evil disease.

Katherin Schultz Student United States of America  

Deborah Kavanagh Director England The more research undertaken, the better the understanding, the quicker the cure. I don’t want to witness any more suffering from this terrible disease in its many guises.

Grace  Hanson  Actor United Kingdom  

Rosemarie Wang LSA UK

Faye Newman Marketing United kingdom Children deserve to fight cancer too

Sarah Tebbutt Front of house England

Laura Bullimore Student United Kingsom

marjorie loftus manageress england Children often dont have a voice. And everyone should be equal in what medical care and treatment they receive

Jack Olsen  Student U.K.  

Thomas Schafranek Student Österreich

Emma MacNeill Housewife Uk This is close to my heart

Aurelija Jurkoityte Supply chain analyst Uk

Elio Auletta Director Uk Too many people I Love are suffering or passed because of Cancer.

Jane O’Brien Mental Health Nurse UK I want a future where cancer is history.

Sophie Wedlock Nutritionist Uk

Louise Southall  London  

Karen Mallardo Air stewardess  Uj It’s just so important

Nikita Uttamsingh  Student United Kingdom  I believe in killing cancer!

gabriella soares student england

Daisy  Cox Student  U.K.  ❤️

Alexandra campbell student england  

Kate Berridge Aged care worker Australia My friends daughter is going through treatment, one of her friends she became close with in hospital just passed away from Cancer she was only 21. More research needs to be done to conquer this insidious disease that takes so many people too early

Georgie Mackie Nurse Uk It’s important

Tracey-Anne Green Operations manager  Uk

Annabel Large Student England One of my closest friends at uni is fighting at the moment. With more research, we can prevent this happening and ultimately, save lives.

Zuhre Omer Education  Uk

Lucy Potter Student England

Laura McGarry student United Kingdom

Lucy S Student UK

Marco Linton Student U.K.  

Jane Roberts Swim teacher Englad Our young people are our future, it’s our children we need to protect & save x

Julie Wheatley Accounts Administrator England

Tomas Mchugh freelance  Uk I believe in the cause

star range laundry assistant England Now is the time for change

Helen Barlow Account Manager UK

Lara Towner Administrator  England  I knew a young lady that would have fought for this had she had been given the chance.
This is for you Tanyel x. 9.1.16

Michael Faulkner  UK

Isabella Purvis student  scotland I couldn’t express it better myself. ❤

Jasmine Morrish Medical student Uk

Zamira Khamidova Analyst United Kingdom

Elaine Sisko sales  England

Hacer Karababa Language services Uk

Heather Price Legal Secretary England

Ingrid Øra Consultant/ researcher Sweden We have no time to lose

Stuart Dunford Director  England It needs to be done – NOW – stop your euro political posturing and actually do something useful

Maria Galarza-Sevilla Self employee  UK

Lara Mutafyan Student UK

sophie brabant benevole Roseau france for immediate change to European Paediatric Medicine Regulation to save more lives of children and teens with cancer.

Fabien R Lawyer France

Marian Mesure Administrator England

Leonie O’Garro  Netherlands every child deserves a future!

Joshua Towers Student United Kingdom

Francesca  Savan Waitress U.K.  It’s the right thing to do.

MERSCH Isabelle lawyer, mediator Luxembourg motivated at Fondation Kriibskrank Kanner

victoria gilbert Charity United Kingdom

Jenny Peach Dispensing assistant England  

Tessa Bullimore Accountant Uk Because young lives need as much support as possible to save

Marta Alonso Roldan Researcher Spain It is time to stop so much suffering and lost lives!!
It is time to do something

becky dukes sales assistant england My daughter has wilms tumult was diagnosed August 2015

Ushira Singh Solicitor United Kingdom

Katey McElroy Student Irrland

Vivien Brouwer Admin Manager United Kingdom

gabriella soares student england things must change

Kirsty Turner Student England

Vicky Reino Student  Uk

Kosiwa Lokosu Student United Kingdom  My 18 year old friend past away after battling cancer and she should still be here today.

Daniela Amey Nurse manager England We should fight together to find a cure for cancer!

Maria Finn  United Kingdom

Phyllis Rooney Police Officer UK

GEORGE BRUNTON Student United States More should be done for teenage cancer!

Clare Coleman Housewife Uk

Beth Rose Student  UK  A friend’s treatment was affected by the lack of new drugs and treatment for childhood and teenage cancer

Hannah Stevens Student England

Deborah Stevens Solicitor UK

Tina Curl Housewife UK To bring awareness to this little known disease.

Joke Emmerechts Freelance Photographer Belgium

Victoria  Scullion  Retail Ireland Children are our future. We cannot allow them to suffer pain and death.

Lynsey  Lauder   Northern Ireland

Barbara  Niblock Teacher N.Ireland We have to do everything in our power for our children!

Helen Anderson Writer United Kingdom

Seana C Manager NI

Gareth Brennan Insurance account executive  Uk Currently have a son fighting neuroblastoma and we need more drugs and more knowledge

Claire Scott Receptionist N Ireland I feel that our treatments available to cancer patients need improved!!

terrie mackin carer n.ireland

Laura Greer  Antrim  

Kelly Towe Nurse Northern Ireland Save kids

John  Carruthers Sales manager Ireland #teamoscar

Leeanne Brennan Insurance clerk  United Kingdom  My 3 year old son, Zak Brennan is battling neuroblastoma. Him & the rest of the sufferers of this horrid disease deserve everything there is possible to help their battle xxx

M Scott  United Kingdom

Maria McMahon Hairdresser N Ireland  

Kellie Bradley Sales Belfast  Every Child deserves a full life

Janice Bamford   

Rachel Campbell mother Ireland EVERY CHILD DESERVES TO LIVE.

Wendy Corkin Accountant N.Ireland

Charlene Hall Admin Northern Ireland  

Christina mcmenamin civil servant ireland

Tracey  Keenan Programme Manager England #teamoscarknox

Patrice McCann  Computer analyst Northern ireland  

Margaret  Harding   United Kingdom  

Emma O’Neill Medical Student UK

Norma Anderson Book-keeper  N ireland Anything that helps to make a difference to cancer patients

Michelle H Zoo keeper  Ireland

majella barr  uk

Rachel  Bell Care assistant Northern ireland

Ryan Monaghan  Scotland In memory of Oscar Knox and the need for more to be done to help children with cancer.

Suzanne Walsh Manager Northern Ireland To remember the life to beautiful Oscar Knox and to support his inspirational parents ❤️

Brenda Nixon   Ireland  

Emma Taylor Child care Derry

Lindsay Peel Accountant N Ireland

Marian Lavery  Northern Ireland  

kerry walker  Ni

Ciara Marner Staff Nurse N.I No child should have to settle for second best x

Alan Bailey Tiler Liverpool #TeamOscar

emma black teacher n ireland People working together to help others can only ever be a positive!

Orla O’Neill  Recruitment consultant  Northern Ireland  

Nicole Gillen  Purchase Ledger Clerk Ireland Every Child deserves to have a fighting chance to beat this horrible disease.

Patricia  Mckinless  Banking advisor  Northern Ireland  

Paula Magee mother ireland I kno the pain of losing a child and its just unbearable x

Maura  Toner Administrator Ireland

Patricia Gorman Bank Officia Ireland I am a parent who cares xx

Helena  Mcilfatrick Cake decorator  Ireland

Patricia Gorman Bank Officia Ireland I am a parent who cares xx

Eimear  Duggan  Social worker  Northern Ireland  Let’s help fight cancer.

Mary Burke Teacher UK I want to save children like Oscar Knox.

Kara Keenan Housewife Ireland All children should be give the chance to grow up. Families going through this ordeal shouldn’t face brick walls, and money should not be an obstacle.

Ann Marie  Lilleker  Teacher  Uk

Angela Paton  Foster cater  Scotland  I care and things need to change

Claire Marsh  Community care worker Northern ireland (lisburn)


Gail  Paterson  Mum Scotland  My daughter has stage 4 high risk neuroblastoma

christine hardy Stay at home mum northern Ireland  

Niamh Martin Retail Ireland

Joan Fegan Civil servant UK I want to see a cure for children’s cancers

Tori Greer Housewife Northern ireland

Aine Patton Mother Ireland  

Martine Nesbitt Unemployed Unitedkingdom  

Stephen Knox Engineer Northern Ireland For my son Oscar xxx

Theresa McLaughlin Office Manager Scotland Everything possible should be done to stop children suffering

Aileen Mcknight Homemaker Northern Ireland  More treatments need to be offered

Jacqueline Russell Domestic N. Ireland Oscar Knox

John Matthewson Sales Ireland

Eileen Jack Student Belfast, N. Ireland For wee Oscar

paula McGoldrick Bank official UK Team Oscar is an inspiration to us all and we are 100% behind their fight to develop treatments for children

Steven  Smyth  Engineer Northern Ireland

edna cullen waitress belfast n.ireland my 17mrh old grandson is terminaly ill with a choriod plexus carcinoma a cancerous brain tumor an alot more to try help kids with cancer

Sarah  Lennon Petrol station proprietor  United Kingdom  Team oscar

Shauna Johnston Sign maker Northern ireland Everything possible should be done to give more options

mary monaghan retired Ireland Facebook

Ciara Moore Housewife/mum Ireland

Alison Saunders student nurse uk We need to use every available option to us. Please lets put an end to cancer!

Faye  Grassick   Scotland

James  Haggan  Machine operator  Northern Ireland  I agree with the petition

carmel  Conwell  mother  northern Ireland  

Beverley Lewis Home Northern Ireland

Kiera McVicker Photographer Northern Ireland I’ll never forget a beautiful little boy called Oscar and his mum & dad who want to change the lives of other sick children in his name #TeamOscarForever

Nuala McGonigal  Civil servant Ireland I am inspired by Oscar Knox,his family and their continuing fight for others who are suffering x

Tracey Dolan Teacher Ireland

LAURA Mcmurran  Accountant  Northern ireland  #teamoscar

Aileen Sittlington Student N Ireland We need to help all children suffering beat this horrible disease.

Shauna McCoy Full time mum N.ireland

Catherine Breen Civil Servant Ireland

Aisling Hughes Mother Uk

Elizabeth Bradley  UK

Laura Winters Sales Northern ireland  

Natalie Mcgoldrick Bank official Northern Ireland If there is a cure- it must be found. Signing this for little Oscar and his lovely family!

Kim McCormick   Northern Ireland  

CATHERINE MEGAW Customer service  United Kingdom

Mairead  Rodgers  Solicitor Northern Ireland

Kerry Durrand  Stay at home mum Caithness  

Chloe Robinson  Northern Ireland  There needs to be a change.

Louise Downey office clerk Northern Ireland No child should lose its life to cancer, and no parent should lose their child….#teamoscarforever….💙💙💙

Andrew Duff Retail Northern Ireland  I belive that everyone who can possibly recieve treatment, should recieve it. Every child deserves the chance to give life their best shot! No parent should ever have to go through the pain of losing a child.

Louise Millar Executive Officer N.Ireland No child should ever die from cancer

sarah sproule speech and language therapist  northern ireland  For Oscar

Kathleen Doherty Child minder Northern Ireland I cannot imagine the indescribable heartache it must be for parents watching their child suffer when there may be even a slight opportunity of a drug helping

Tanya Branchflower  England

Margaret Mary  Sheridan  Mum  Ireland  I believe more should be done and researched for children with illness. My little girl is almost 3 and God forbid if she ever took sick I would like to think that every single option was explored to help her. Terrible to think that political red tape could prevent a child from getting help or even getting cured from an illness. Xx

Cheryl Beggs Self employed  Northern ireland  I’m a mother and like most other mothers want the best care possible for my children

Mary Maynes Accounts Manager UK

Maria Linton  UK

Shauna McAlary Housewife Northern Ireland  As a mother to two children the worst thing I could ever imagine is losing one of them to this terrible disease

Catherine McPeake  Northern Ireland

Andrew Duff Retail Northern Ireland  I belive that everyone who can possibly recieve treatment, should recieve it. Every child deserves the chance to give life their best shot! No parent should ever have to go through the pain of losing a child.

Joanne Brown Accounts assistant NI It’s a truly worthy cause

Sinead McMahon  Teacher Ireland  It is time something more was done to help beat childhood cancers!

Chantelle Woods Floor manager Northern Ireland  No parents should face this, we need the cure !

Paula Gowdy  HR advisor  Northern Ireland #teamoscar We need to give these brave fighters more options and chances for survival.

Roisin Brooks Accountant Northern ireland

Seainin Brennan   Ireland For Oscar #oscarknox #alwaysremembered HH

Estelle Reynolds programmer uk For oscar knox xo

Deirdre Cassidy Reg nurse N Ireland  Every child deserves the chance to a fulfilling life

Louise Long Accountant Northern Ireland For Oscar Knox

Patricia Millar Admin Officrr Northern Ireland I support team Oscar to have treatment for kids with cancer

Cora Fox Web Designer Northern Ireland No child should suffer if we can possibly cure or help them

Cora Okane  Healthcare worker  N Ireland  

Angela Young Cafe assistant Northern ireland Every Child deserves the right to live….without pain and without cancer.💖💙

Cora Okane  Healthcare worker  N Ireland  

Sinead O kane Housekeeper  N.ireland For all the children & teenagers suffering with cancer

Lorraine Strawbridge Childminder Northern ireland I have followed the Oscar Knox appeal way back to when he was a very poorly little boy and fighting with every ounce of life that he had, his and his parents bravery inspired me and they are still being very brave by fighting for this cause, also having two children of my own it doesn’t bare thinking about losing one of them 💕

Danielle Geraghty Business Support Manager Ireland

Leanne Ward Nursery asisstant Northern ireland My heart breaks for tge knox family RIP oscar heavens gained an angel 💓

Jenny Morrison  Teacher Norther Ireland  

Claire Staple Solicitor Northern Ireland

Gwen Mckeon Designer Ireland  

Stephanie McDowell Bank manager Northern Irelabd It is a huge cause,,, Oscar Knox’s story touched the hearts of the whole of this country and if simple changes can stop this horrible disease taking anymore children then it is worth fighting for!!

Pauline Cleary Preschool assistant Northern Ireland

Noeleen Lynch Housewife Co Tyrone NI Strabane

Gemma Kelpie administrator ireland For wee Oscar x

Bernadine Nixon Teacher N.i The world should not have to lose another amazing little Hero! In honour of Oscar Knox. X

Ra he    

Helen  McBride  Receptionist  Northern Ireland  

Carrie Halliday  Shop Manager Northern Ireland  No child should have to ever go through this

roisin henry sales belfast My child died with AML in 2002

Anthony Doyle Admin N. Ireland Our son was diagnosed with ALL and if there are treatments available which can minimise the suffering children have to go through it would be a huge development.

Stephen McKenna  Northern Ireland

Shauna Wilson Carer N.Ireland #TeamOscarForever

Caroline Sheils Personal assistant United kingdom There has been no new drugs to treat childs cancer for many years and more research is desperately needed

Christine  Russell  Merchandiser Northern Ireland  

Rachael Corrigan Classroom assistant Ireland

Colm Johnston Solicitor United Kingdom

Kathey Mallon Medical receptionist  Northern Ireland  I believe together these people and others can make a difference to children with cancer. Little
Oscar Knox was an inspiration and a little
Legend in his own right. Keep up the good work.

Gail Bagnall  Northern ireland

Sarahjane Mckenna Care worker Belfast

Geraldine  Thorpe Sales director  Ireland

Jane Fleming Teacher Northern Ireland We should be trying to do everything possible to protect our children

Maoliosa O’Callaghan Solicitor  Northern Ireland  Something needs to be done to stop children suffering from this cruel disease.

Nichola Towers Medical secretary England Oscar Knox was an inspiration to many and there are too many barriers in the way that don’t allow parents, carers, medics and young people to make choices about using experimental treatments and alternative treatments only available to adults.

Wendy Conwell Civil servant N. Ireland

Noeleen Lynch Housewife Co Tyrone NI Signed Strabane,

maria moran insurance technician northern Ireland  #TeamOscar

Elsbeth Hallam Charity founder Uk My child has cancer and more needs to be done!

Paula Scott Clerical Officer Northern Ireland

Olivia McKenna Accountant N

Becky  Mother Northern Ireland  

Charlene Curley Admin clerk Northern ireland

Linda  Cochrane  Nursing auxiliary  Northern Ireland  Time to act for children and young people enough lives lost

Joeleen Doak Director U.K.  

maeve Kerrigan full time mummy northern ireland

Nick Anderson Payroll Consultant  N. Ireland We should do all we can here to give these young people a chance. Imagine if it was your kid. The change will be worth it.

Sarahjane Mckenna Care worker Belfast

Andrew Litter Garage Owner U.K.  

Cathy Bell Civil servant Northern Ireland  In memory of MR O (Wee Oscar) and all the other brave little innocent soldiers who are fighting and have fought to battle this disease!

Mairead Duffy Sales Assistant Ireland In memory of all who have lost their fight against this horrible disease and hopefully future with a cure.

Olivia Farnan CEO Northern ireland As a mum of 3 my heart breaks for leona every day. …stopping childhood cancer is so important x

Bernadine Nixon Teacher N.i The world should not have to lose another amazing little Hero! In honour of Oscar Knox. X

Roisin Mc manus Waitress Ireland I signed this for children who are battling cancer and in memory of those who have passed .

Denise Morgan Student Northern Ireland

Anne Marie Whinnery Childminder United Kingdom I feel more has to be done to fight this awful disease. There is nothing worse in this entire world than losing your child.

Jennifer Crozier Sales rep Uk We should do everything in our power to save a child’s life! There is only one choice… Sign sign sign

patrick  boyle support worker United Kingdom

Tanya McNally Civil servant  Northern Ireland  Seeing so many people with this horrible disease is heartbreaking and it seems to be getting worse rather than better, action needs to be taken

Susan Mackey General assistant Northern Ireland  I totally support this motion and in memory of Oscar Knox x

Fiona  Mccafferty  Manager Ireland  #weeoscarforlife

Laura O’Hara Catering Manager N Ireland No-one should ever have to lose a child

Michelle Bradley Mum Ireland  My son fought high risk neuroblastoma aged 18 months

Joanne Hayes Team leader Northern Ireland  

Shauna Oneill Accounts assistant  Northern Ireland  

Anna Donnelly Social work team leader Scotland

Edel Barrett programme manager ireland

Sinead McGurn Student N. Ireland

Teresa  mc coach   Ireland  I was a school friend of Leona Knox and support her in all the work she has and is continuing to carry out. A true inspiration.

Michael  McAdoo  Facilities Manager Northern Ireland  

Lilian Walker   

Brian McDermott computer technician Northern Ireland

Kellie Mccaughan Manager N.ireland Let’s make this world a better, fairer place.

Martina Jobey Housewife N.ireland We need change

Gillian McCullough Civil Servant  United Kingdom

Annie Wilson Administrator United Kingdom

Christina  Dowling   Ireland  

Lisa McNellis Sales Administrator  

Roisin Duggan Retail Northern ireland

Leanne Hunter Sales ledger clerk Northern ireland

Clare McKitterick  Business manager Northern Ireland #teamoscar we need to do all we can to beat childhood cancer

Seamus Mccann Nurse  Ireland  It’s the completely sensible thing to do!

Pamela McGahey Childcare Northern Ireland  No more families should have to suffer the loss of a child like Oscar Knox. Truly heartbreaking. More needs to be done to cure these diseases.

Grainne  O’Neill  Secretary  Northern Ireland  

Carol Mcewan  Scotland

Claire Hill Teacher Ireland  

gemma mckinney Teaching assistant N. Ireland  

Leanne Hunter Sales ledger clerk Northern ireland

Natalie Beggs Sales assistant  N.ireland ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

deborah donnelly  United Kingdom Im 100% behind this x

Lauren Hinds Youth Worker N.Ireland For Oscar. #TeamOscarForever

richard farrell engineer england it is the right thing to do, more awareness and more funds needed into children’s cancer.

Caitriona Donnelly Teacher N. Ireland Oscar Knox appeal

Tracy Hardie Mummy Scotland Because I am a Mummy and I would hate for my son to ever need this. x

Orla Major  Northern Ireland As a mother my heart breaks for every family that has a child with cancer.

Tiarna O Neill Hairdresse Ireland I believe in the right to life especially our children.

Julie mcburney it manager northern ireland

stephanie moore mum ireland

patricia thornton housewife United Kingdom Have a better life for sick kids

Bracken Brown Student England So much more needs to be done to research and care for people with cancer, and at the moment far too little money goes into this for children and teens

Heather Cook Nurse Uk Everyone needs to sign this !

Sheran  Carson  Nurse N Ireland  

karen hull  n ireland

Laura Currie Support worker  UK  I have seen a young girl go through horrific treatment then have to travel half way around the world to access more treatment in the hope of prolonging her life.

Emma  Staff nurse Northern ireland

Orla Mullen  Teacher Ireland In memory or Oscars Knox RIP

Roisin Quigley Childminder  Northern ireland Little Oscar knox touched me and I have a little boy of my own and would want all the help to be there if I was to be in the position that so many families have been placed in x

Anne Mckerr Housewife Scotland Oscar Fought so hard to beat this and was an inspiration to all of us thanks x

Bernadette  Donnelly  Civil servant  Northern Ireland  No one, especially children should die from this!

Mhairi Hartley  HR Analyst  Scotland  

Martina Miskelly IT Consultant Northern Ireland Wee Oscar touched the hearts of so many people. Rest In Peace.x

berni savage  United Kingdom

Karin Lilly Teacher U.K. Too many children are suffering.

Elaine Dempster  Northern Ireland  I sadly lost my young daughter to cancer 8 weeks ago more needs to be done to find cures for everyone to beat this horrible disease. RIP Cariss xxxx

Ashleighh Martin Banker Northern Ireland  

Sarah  Mullan Dental Nurse Northern Ireland  

Orla Mullen  Teacher Ireland In memory or Oscars Knox RIP

Pam Lafferty IT Consultant United Kingdom There are far too many children suffering childhood cancer with very few options to them. Personally I knew Oscar Knox & his family from Belfast. Oscar had neuroblastoma & sadly didn’t win his fight. This needs to change!

Roisin Carlile  Ireland Team Oscar!

Mairead Wilkinson Nurse N.Ireland I met Oscar and his family and they are truly inspirational

Sarah  Mullan Dental Nurse Northern Ireland  

Jenny  Wilson Sales advisor N.ireland

Rachel  Mathews  Events Manager Northern Ireland  

Karen Linnig Economist Northern ireland

Carla Campbell  Carer UK

Sinead Doyle Teacher Ireland  

laura  Johnston student Ireland  for wee oscar and all the other children who have been affected by this disease, hoping that no more families have to suffer.

Kirsty Paterson Home support  Scotland  

Paula McCann Customer services Ireland Nobody should have to suffer

Kerri Telford Mortgage Adviser Northern Ireland  

Lorraine  Mc laughlin  Secretary  Ireland  All ages deserve the right to the best possible treatment & no one should have to go threw what Oscars family have been threw xx

Vicky Auld Admin Northern Ireland  

Kayleigh Dickson Student Scotland #TeamOscarForever

Elizabeth McCune Retired N Ireland I have 2 grandchildren and if they were sick I would want the best treatment to be available.

Stephen  Livingstone Chef Northern Ireland  

Colleen McErlean Manager Ireland For all our childrens well being

Catherine Scullion  Civil servant Northern Ireland No child should have to suffer this dreaded disease.. With modern day technology and medicine, no more lives should be lost..

Mark Joesbury Director UK Oscar Knox

Sinead Meighan Admin N.ireland Of #team oscar xx

Charlene  Roberts QA Engineer Northern Ireland I signed this in memory of weeks Oscars Knock x

Laura Mcdaid Mother Ireland #teamoscar

Gillian McKeown  student Northern Ireland I can’t imagine how terrible it is to lose a child. Anything that can lessen the chances of this is the least we can do to help other families who will face this.

Loretta Duncan House wife Ireland  

Paula Ramguth Social Worker Northern Ireland Signed for Oscar and all the little angels before and after him. Sacred heart of Jesus wrap them in your mantle. St Gerard Majella bless them all and their families. AMEN

laura mcelroy marketer Ireland  for wee Oscar xx

Laura Stewart Medical receptionist Northern Ireland  

Kathleen  McGrath Secretary Northern Ireland

michelle bailey  northern ireland

Anna Dunlop Compliance Officer Northern Ireland  

Edel Mairs Communications Manager Northern Ireland It matters. Drug companies should have patient focused priorities – all patients, regardless of age.

Anna Dunlop Compliance Officer Northern Ireland  

Amy Doherty  Nursery assistant  Uk

Ursula  Neill  Hr manager   

Ethán  MC Daid   Uk

Fionnuala Moore School Ireland  💗💗💗💗

Elizabeth Stewart  Scotland

jolene Flanagan    our children deserve the right treatment ASAP and their parents need to be informed of all possible treaments without delay

Brian  Mc Daid  Butcher   

Elaine Mcardle  Ireland

jolene Flanagan    our children deserve the right treatment ASAP and their parents need to be informed of all possible treaments without delay

Natalie  Buchanan Admin Northern Ireland  

Kelly Kidd Yard hand  Northern Ireland  We need to save more children with more treatment options

Emma Begley General manager Northern ireland For Oscar Knox

Aine  O’Neill  Mum Northern Ireland  It is a very important cause and no child should lose they’re life because there’s no more options, we should do as much as possible to make sure that it doesn’t happen. Also in memory of Oscar Knox.

Lorraine Russell Teacher Scotland My son, and our children, need and deserve kinder and better treatments when diagnosed with cancer.

Louise McGee IT Support Ireland

Orla Devlin Teacher Northern Ireland I would never want to go through what Oscar’s parents went through.x

Emma Canning   NI

Dominica Dolan  Teacher  Ireland  Children with cancer and their families need hope

Clare Ferguson  HR Assistant United kingdom

Michele Smith retired UK

Caroline  craven mother  ireland

Sara Baker  United Kingdom

Laura Adams Teacher N. Ireland All children and young people have the right to the best treatment available.

Brenda  Buchanan    

Charlene  Roberts QA Engineer Northern Ireland I signed this in memory of weeks Oscars Knock x

Kirsten Keys Veterinary Surgeon Northern Ireland

Bernarde Rooney Homemaker Northern Ireland

Oana Papaconstantinou  Teacher UK I lost my four and a half month baby to leukaemia in 2014. No baby should die of cancer, ever!

Claire Christir Managing director Northern Ireland  

Jennifer Best Carer Northern Ireland

Shauna Oneill Accounts assistant  Northern Ireland  

Laura McMullan Office manager Irekand My heart goes out to Oscar Knox’ family and to help in the fight against cancer.

Margo Carron Buyer Ireland  For the health of all children.

Oana Papaconstantinou  Teacher UK I lost my baby boy to leukaemia in 2014. He was only five and a half months. No baby should die of cancer, ever!

pauline ilhatton  United Kingdom

aisling McCallion GP northern Ireland Heartbreaking for any parent. All obstacles to progress need to be removed.

Grainne  Whiting  U.K.  So many more children to survive cancer and be treated with the best possible medication and care

Ursula McCaffrey  Veterinary Surgeon  Northern Ireland  In memory of Oscar Knox

Mairead Doran full time mother North Ireland  We all need too do are bit to save these children’s life’s. The sad thing is everyone knows someone who has lost their live to cancer .We cannot let cancer win.I am doing this for team Oscar x

Emma Kerr Teacher Scotland

Louise McManus  Marketing Executive  Northern Ireland  I follow the stories of those people whose lives have been devastated by these illnesses and feel the need to add my voice to the calls for change.

Kristine Green Compliance administrator N Ireland Oscar x

Anthony Scullion EMT United Kingdom In memory of Wee Oscar Knox,one of the bravest children I have ever heard of. You Will Never Walk Alone Oscar.

Miriam Mc Ginn Mother Ireland My Daughter suffered from this horrible disease

Susanne Doggart Daabase Administrator UK

Catherine  Hyland  Teacher  Northern Ireland  For Oscar Knox and all children who are suffering.

Jaclyn Rogers Social worker N. Ireland  For Oscar

tracey patterson clerk antrim For all children who deserve the best available treatment

Bernadette  McCaffrey Technologist USA In memory of Wee Oscar Knox who taught me so much and for his parents and sister and all those families devastated by childhood cancers.

Diane  Morgan Pa Northern ireland

AILISH  Mc atamney  House wife  Northetn Ireland  Too many children have this disease and are dying

Jennifer Harkin Sales assistant Ireland  

A S  Scotland  For eileidh and others like her

Clare Mcgale Fitness instructor Ireland

Natalie Ferguson Sales  Glasgow

Anita Gormley House wife Ireland Don’t want kids to suffer like Oscar and parents

Ellen Heaney Classroom assistant  Down

Caroline Lyttle  Receptionist Ireland  

Philip Devanney Carer Ireland

Carmel  Meenagh Full time Mum/ Self employed  United Kingdom


Gary Lodge  Engineer United kingdom I read about and see far to many children suffering and dying from cancer,it has to stop.

Tasha McIlmoyle Full time mum N. Ireland

Dayna Mccreadie Project manager Northern Ireland UK

Fiona Laird Teachers  Ireland This must change!

Louise Moran Food Technologist Northern Ireland #TeamOscar

Kelly Fegan Teacher Ireland

Lucy Donnelly Teacher Northern Ireland

Fiona Brown Mum United Kingdom My daughter was 3 years 3 months old when she was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukaemia.

Teresa Mcstravog Mother United Kingdom  Every child deserves the very best chance to beat this cruel disease x

Majella Mcaleer Student Ireland

Audrey  McClements   Northern Ireland  

Ann Mccabe  Ireland  

Barry  Mccann  Courier  Ireland  #teamoscar

Maureen Mc cullagh   

Julie McCandless  Team leader  NI Things need to change and it starts today x

Sandra  Cushnan Pharmaceutical Validation Ireland Mother of a 6 year old boy fighting the long, hard and very brave battle against relapsed ALL. Someone who knows first hand that time is of the essence and that something must be done now. We must fight for our children with the same vigor as they show throughout their daily struggle against all odds!

Dianne Smith Receptionist  N. Ireland I care.

Donna Laverty Childminder  N.ireland

Jaynr Wylie Carer Ireland

Gerri  Hunter  Day care worker Northern Ireland  I know the pain Oscars family went through and how hard they fought to keep him alive.Children can’t speak for themselves we have to do it for them…no child or family should have to suffer such pain.Every avenue should be explored

una mc roberts manager ireland No child should have to die..

Christina Mullan Sales Assistant  Northern Ireland Oscar Knox & his family are true inspirations & them wanting to help others with their battle is commendable, #TeamOscar

Tania Armstrong Senior customer advisor Northern ireland To save more children’s lives against this horrible illness

Bronagh Lavery Teacher Northern Ireland  There’s not enough research into childhood cancers. I signed this for George & Oscar

Victoria  Cairns  Music teacher  Northern Ireland  Help save more children lives

Alicia Liebenberg Carer  Ireland

Bronagh Lavery Teacher Northern Ireland  There’s not enough research into childhood cancers. I signed this for George & Oscar

Claire  McMahon   Northern Ireland  

Tracy Oneill   Ireland It’s so important

Julianne Mullin Administration N irelanf Heart breaking to see these babies suffer at the hand of this horrible disease.

Shona Mcloughlin Nurse N.Ireland Relates to a family experience

Sarah-Jane McFadden Health care assistant  Northern Ireland  

Kathleen  Lyness  Care attendant  Northern Ireland  

Lorraine McQuade  Northern Ireland

Adrian Brennan Assistant day services manager  Ni I believe legislation need to work and support such causes

Lynne Harrison Pharmacy technician  Scotland  There are too many children suffering badly , more needs to be done to help cure childhood cancer

Joanne Mcbride  N ireland

grainne smith civil servant northern ireland

Aisling Mulholland Beauty Ireland

Nicola Newberry   Uk Wee Oscar was an inspiration and a beautiful boy his parents continue to try to find a cure for this terrible disease and I support them in their fight and admire their courage and strength! There has to be more that can be done to find a cure for childhood cancer

Liam Fleming Physiotherapist Northern ireland This is essential to ending preventable pain for children and their loved ones alike.

Murray Leith Taxi driver Scotland Wee Oscar was an inspiration and I would hate to see this awful disease not given full attention

Christine  Brien  Chartered town planner Scotland Developing medicines for children is even more important than those for adults. It’s crazy not to use every opportunity to it’s maximum to progress treatments, and hopefully cures. And, children deserve to be given special care.

Andrew Fisher Director Scotland Let’s reduce the number of our children who suffer and die from aggressive childhood cancers

Margaret Moody retired or therm Irelabd everything that can be done should be done to save the lives of children

Eimear McCooey Fundraiser Northern Ireland

T Coventry Retired Uk It’s our responsibility to care for these children.

Kathleen C Stay at home Mother Ireland To help save the lives of young children and teenagers. Xxx

Andrew Fisher Director Scotland Let’s reduce the number of our children who suffer and die from aggressive childhood cancers

Claire Keogh Teacher N.Ireland I want to help make a difference

Mary Cooke Retired Civil Servant United Kingdom I believe anything that can be done must be done to save childrens’ lives NOW

Cara Devaney stay at home mum  Scotland  

Grainne George IT Support Northern Ireland

JOANNE MC CONVILLE  Mother  N.Ireland (co.down)

JOANNE MC CONVILLE  Mother  N.Ireland (co.down)

Angela paterson admunistrator scotland

Rebecca Harper Administrator Northern Ireland

Blínne  Grimlry  Ireland  

Margaret Lunn PA Northern Ireland  

JOANNE MC CONVILLE  Mother  N.Ireland (co.down)

Eugenia Mccartan Hairdresser Northern ireland My nephew was stole from us because of lack of treatment options. we need change!!!!

Ciara Pollard Nurse N I

Patricia Connolly Nurse N Ireland Because of wee Oscar & his families brave fight & even more so because they selflessly continue to fight on in Oscar’s name for other parent’s children who have not even been diagnosed so that they will have more treatment options & a greater chance of survival.

Aine  McErlean Student NI

Barry Pollard Joiner Northern Ireland

Kevin  McErlean  Northern Ireland

Margaret Wylie retired N Ireland Little children diagnosed with cancer deserve all the help they can get. No need for them to die young xx

Kathleen McErlean Retired Northern Ireland

Ann marie McErlean  Northern Ireland

debbie hamill civil servant n.ireland As a mother and grandmother all children and adolesents should be given a chance to survive an lead a full life

Nikki Kelly Manager Northern Ireland  Children are the future of tomorrow’s society. Enforcing these rules may not only save precious lives but serve as an example of equal rights for children, a listening ear to those unable to speak for themselves and a sign of compassion that adults are not put first simply because they make the decision. In memory of Oscar.

Edward Mccamphill Retired Northern Ireland

Viona Crothers Admin manager Northern ireland To help save lives ❤️

Cailin  Mcconville Teacher Northern ireland As a mother I want to see more being done to protect our most precious gifts

Edward Mccamphill Retired Northern Ireland

Fiona Hamill Housewife Ireland No child should have to die because of this horrible disease .

Ann marie McErlean  Northern Ireland

Kathleen McErlean Retired Northern Ireland

Kevin  McErlean  Northern Ireland

Charlotte B Retail Mgr Northern Ireland My friends family & every other little precious child who needs help & prayers and for the families affected. I pray they all find the courage through difficult times xxx

Patricia Connolly Nurse N Ireland Because of wee Oscar & his families brave fight & even more so because they selflessly continue to fight on in Oscar’s name for other parent’s children who have not even been diagnosed so that they will have more treatment options & a greater chance of survival.

Orla Casey Accounts Clerk Ireland

Helen Moore Occupational Therapist  Ireland

Noelle  Fitzpatrick  Retired teacher  Co Down N Ireland  There but for the grace of God go every one of us -we all learned a lesson as we watched Wee Oscar fight for his wee life- we saw love in its purest form in his interactions with his mammy and daddy and we hugged our own babes and grand babes a little tighter

Shona MacIver Management Scotland I have known 2 young people who have battled cancer, Eileidh was only 2 when diagnosed. Our community raised money to send her to America for treatment which she is still receiving. Michael battled from12 until 18. So far he is free from cancer.

Paula Scott Clerical Officer Northern Ireland

Edel Rafferty Teacher Ireland  I want to see an end to cancer!!!! Anything that can make it easier for kids or adults has to be a good thing

J Doig   It is likely to improve the lives of children who are suffering, and their families. I think that’s a good reason!

Marilyn Hill Full time carer  Northern ireland

Sara Jordan EHO Northern Ireland  

Maxwell Crowther Student England It is a good cause.

Leon  McShane  Day care support worker  Ireland Children should be given a chance.

Stacey Crilly  Northern Ireland  Children deserve the best chance in life and the best care.

Orla Mc Hugh Student Northern Ireland  

Pauline Farmer Health worker Northern Ireland Time to save these children.

Dale Hardie Teacher Scotland My wife has just battled cancer. The thought of a child with cancer is unthinkable. We need to do everything we can to help children with this terrible disease.

Gary Adam President International Sales USA It’s important that something is done about fighting Kids Cancer and in memory of my friend Wee Oscar Knox

Sharon  Thompson  Teacher  Ireland  I am a EUPATI fellow an have studied meds research and development in memory of my daughter who died from a rare condition. More needs to be done in PIP Dev etc

Ciara Magill-lavery Director Northern ireland

Tracey Blackmore  UK My son had a Wilms tumour when he was 18 months old. Happy to say that he is now two months away from his 16th birthday! X

Maria Coburn Qs Ireland … of Oscar Knox and his family who are an inspiration.Children and teenagers with cancer should be afforded every opportunity and treatment possible.

Ryan Deegan Civil Engineer  Ireland  

Sinead Lorimer Unemployed  Ireland Children’s lives need to be saved.

Eileen Maguire Depute Head Teacher Scotland Wee Oscar and his parent Leona and Stephen inspire me. For a wee boy with a big heart inspired and motivated so many!

Claudia Trainor Student  Northern Ireland  I signed this for Ronan Thompson and Oscar Knox.

Nerida McManus Mother Australia

Sharon Bel Staff nurse UK No mother or father should have to bear the emptiness and frustration of loosing a child to a disease that has a potential cure

Louise  Mcfall Hairdresser Northern Ireland  It would be great to see a cure for the younger generation

Orla Deazley Administrator  N. Ireland  

Denise Friel Supervisory assistant Ireland We need new drugs to treat children and young people with cancer.

Tony McKay Pharmacist Ireland Our children deserve better and Wee Oscar showed us why

Michele Smith NHS Staff Nurse – Mental Health Scotland My teenage nephew has been through chemotherapy and radiotherapy for cancer over the last year or so. He, and other youngsters like him, should have just as much opportunity as any adult for treatment with new, more effective medications which may have less side effects and better outcomes. These youngsters deserve the BEST care and treatments and their age should NEVER cause them to receive a lesser service than that on offer to an adult.

Peter Jones Doctor UK For the children

Megan Patterson  Ni

Peter Jones Doctor UK For the children

Maria Elena  Student UK

Emma Mullin   Tyrone Ireland  #Teamoscar RIP

Mary Devanney    

Kate  Crossan Chartered accountant  United Kingdom

Julies Smith Administrator Northern Ireland #TeamOscar

Josie Syer Unemployed England I believe in this.

Geraldine Mc ginn cook northern Ireland I believe if there is medication available it should be given no matter the cost a child’s life is precious

Clare Seeley Mum NI armagh I followed Oscar, he was and still is my hero, such a brave boy, my daughter fund raised for him and he was so loved in our home, anything that can help other children and anyone with cancer should get support

adel mcmenamin carer tyrone northern ireland

Stephanie McDowell Bank manager Northern Irelabd It is a huge cause,,, Oscar Knox’s story touched the hearts of the whole of this country and if simple changes can stop this horrible disease taking anymore children then it is worth fighting for!!

Suzanne Keenan  Northern Ireland No child should have to suffer and everything should be done to save them, and their families, from the heartache and pain of cancer! I sign this especially in memory of Oscar Knox. xxx

Suzi Crossey House wife Miami

Laurie McGarrity  USA Something needs to change and these kids need a better chance at surviving!

Eimear Connell Doctor Scotland

Sadie Harrigan retired N.Ireland There are too many suffering children.

Trudy Walker Social worker  Northern Ireland  

Grainne Freen Homemaker Ireland I followed little Oscar Knoxs’ illness and no mum and dad should have to go through such heartache and pain nor should that wee man have had such an untimely death. Xx still in our thoughts Wee Oscar.xxxx

Margaret Mc manus  Northern ireland

Shauna Ellison  Support worker Northern Ireland  I want better cancer treatments for everyone

Karen  Grafton  photography   

Michelle  beck Post office assistant  Northern Ireland  if it can help one child survive then it should be done now before anyone else has to suffer the loss of their baby

Laura Mackay Parent UK Our children deserve it!

Lynne Herbison Communications  Northern Ireland  For Oscar Knox and family xo

Liam McKillop  Ireland This is where money should be invested. Our futures!! Not to bail out greedy bankers and capitalists.

Alana Smith Bar maid  Scotland  

Lorraine Magee  Catering assistant  Ireland  I’d like to support this group

Noeleen Smith Manager Ireland In memory of Oscar Knox who should still be here

allyson kinnaird housewife United Kingdom Think all children should have whatever means possible to save their lives

Janice Davison HCA Northern Ireland

kera mc sorley stay at home mom  usa

paul mc sorley   

Sharon Duffy  Northern ireland

Sharon Duffy  Northern ireland

Alana Graham  USA (irish native) lets keeping fighting #teamoscarforever xx

Sarah Mac Crossan Designer UK

Viola Stewart Administration  United kingdom

Leona Monaghan-McKernan History Teacher Northern Ireland Our children deserve a fighting chance, but it’s up to us to provide them with the opportunity to survive!

carolyn hepburn disabled scotland

Suzanne Russell Barrister at Law Northern Ireland

Danielle Ferguson Mother Northern ireland Because every child and young pearson is prious and deserve all the help that medicine can give them and more the are our furture and deserve all the means nesery to make them healthy and we’ll to live a full life so change the law now so are kids of today can be are furture xxx keep up the good work to you all use are doing a wonderful job thanks very much x

Siobhan Sweeney  Uk My child is fighting cancer and a year of her childhood has been taken from her through chemotherapy , surgery and now lung radiation and proton . Where we have have learned to be strong but live in fear of relapse or long term effects of the harsh treatment effecting the rest of her life . No 5 year old should have to go through this or any child

Liz Kelly Midwife Ireland Change needs to come. Signed in memory of Oscar Knox and all sufferers of childhood cancer

Julie Lennon Nursery assistant Ireland

Gerard Kelly Scaffolder Ireland To make a change

Aisling Bremner Marketing N.ireland

Orla Carbery Occupational therapist Dubai To speed up access to more drugs for children suffering from cancer .. These are our children .. Our future .. They deserve every fight to live! We need everyone to fight for this 💕

Lisa Davidson Childminder United Kingdom

Katherine  Dartnell Quantity surveyor  Uk

Sakina  Brennan  Tutor  Ireland  I believe all children have a right to a full life and help from our professionals medication needs to be offered no matter what it costs. Please help the children of our future

Martina Mccarney Civil servant Northern irelNd

Ashleigh McMurtry Food production Northern Ireland #teamoscar

Agnes Diran Bank analyst  Co Tyrone My heart goes out to any family who has lost someone or who are suffering from this or any type of disease x

Caomhan  McElhinney  Civil servant Northern Ireland  

Kathleen McConkey Retired USA

Denise Hamill Office Manager Northern Ireland My nephews young son died from this terrible disease when he was just 9.

Geraldine  Carey Nurse UK  This could happen to any of us and our children

Laura Gore Clerical officer Northern Ireland  

Karen  Hunniford   U.K.  

Siobhan  Kane Analyst Ireland Because every possible action should be taken to improve the odds for cancer sufferers.

Shauna Ellison  Support worker Northern Ireland  I want better cancer treatments for everyone

Sinead Collins Teacher N Ireland  In memory of Oscar Knox. X

Carrie Bowers Office Manager NI My wee nephew is fighting with Neuroblastoma and if there new treatments available they should be given here in the UK

Lynsey Cuthbert  Counsellor Northern Ireland  

Marianne Cushley Marketing and PR Ireland  

Lisa  Floyd  Sales executive  Northern Ireland  

Samantha McCartney Manager Northern Ireland

Sean Mclaughlin   Ireland  

Nicolette Campbelk Quantity surveyor Ireland  

Shaunagh Mcelroy  Hairdresser  Northern Ireland  Its very important to s friends heart

Catherine  Brotherston  SCW Northern Ireland  I don’t want children to die 😦

Samantha Mullan Homemaker Tyrone

Kalysta Brotherston  School Northern Ireland  To make children better

Charlotte  King  NI  

Karen McCartney Sales Ireland

Elio Auletta Director UK …of India Radford

Sandra Mccormick Project Manager Northern ire

Emma Abernethy  care assistant  northern ireland I have lost a loved one to cancer and now have two young boys. I don’t think I could be as strong as Oscar Knows parents are being and would like my son’s to have every chance for life should they become ill.

Nicola  Thompson  Beautician  Northern Ireland  I followed Oscars story from the start and still am, sadly we are also now following my cousins little boys journey as he was diagnosed with neuroplastoma late last year. Signed with hope for a cure for all these beautiful children xxx

Ann  O’Hanlon Activities Therapist Ireland

Claire Darragh  Northern Ireland Nobody should have to go through pain of watching their child suffer and then losing them too soon to such a horrible disease

Angela Cairns  Stay at home Mum Northern Ireland  My friend’s son aged 3 is currently going through treatment and surgery for neuroblastoma and I want to make sure there are enough treatments for him to be well again – thank you

Zara Gordon Teacher N Ireland  I can’t believe it isn’t already being done

louise gilligan  shop assistant northern Ireland  

Stephen  Fallon Welfare Rights officer Scotland  Oscar Knox touched our hearts and there are many more like him who deserve a better chance
God bless Oscar
God help the sick kids

Sara-Kate Wilson Pharmacist England

Teresa Lennon Head of EU research development Northern ireland I have followed the Oscar Knox appeal and it’s heartbreaking. The drugs should be made available to all who need them. Keep up the lobby and well done on taking your fight to brussels.

Michelle Smith  Finance Officer UK  

Leanne Murray-mctasney Homemaker N.Ireland As a mother

ciara mcstay   

Eilish Horn Pharmacy Technician  Northern irelanf No child should suffer unnecessarily ❤

susan gilmore  care assistant  northern ireland  Because I have children and I believe in it.

liz marner retired northern Ireland People have to have accesses to all medicine

Lyndsay  McQuoid Administrator Northern Ireland It is the right thing to do!

sarah creighton Mother N.Ireland We need to do everything we possibly can to stop these horrible diseases stealing our children.

Kirsty Paterson Home support  Scotland  

Susie Mcgeown Staff nurse N.ireland There will be so many benefits for improving and developing treatment for children who have cancer.

Danielle  Mcdonnell   N.Ireland  

Helena  McGarry  Sales manager N.ireland None of us know who’s child will be next. #oscarknox

Roisin Magee Counter staff Northern Ireland  

Christina  Wray  Stay at home mum N Ireland I want to give all children the best chance at survival xo

Julie Ann  Donnelly Self emoyed N Iteland  In memory of Oscar Knox #teamoscar

Breanda O’connor  Housewife N Ireland I have 3 young children and I care about their health

Mary Ann  Daugela  Finance assistant  United Kingdom  

elaine butler cook northern Ireland  

Lindsay Ohara  Northern Ireland  To help children with cancer get the help they need #unite2cure

Angela Fegan clerk northern ireland I pray that in the near future cancer will be curable for all victims. Until then, more effective medicine should be available to all.

Suzanne Mccartney  Family support worker  Northern Ireland  I signed this because I lost my beatufutl 2 year old nephew Ethan to leukemia AML just one year ago.

Ann Campbell  Shop Assistant  Londonderry  

Christina  Murphy Receptionist  Northern Ireland  

anne mc neilly  United Kingdom Children deserve a chance

Danielle  McCullough  Unemployed Northern ireland For better care of children with cancer

Alison Bailey  Northern Ireland  

susanne bradley nurse n. ireland

Pauline English Retail Advisor N Ireland I lost my only son to Neuroblastoma and wouldn’t wish the pain and heartache on anyone. Anything to help is a bonus.

Anne McHugh Housewife Ireland For Oscar

Helen Coyle Government  Uk

patricia  Martin  mother  We too lost a child to cancer. It’s coming up to her 10away from home she was just 4yrs old when she gained her wings miss her so much

Claire Martin Journalist Northern Ireland Because of Oscar Knox

Davina Holland Student Uk Sending love and hoping for change. X

Aggie Daher Ward clerk Austral  

Aggie Daher Ward clerk Australia

Elaine Evans  Scotland

louise roberts customer assistant  Northern Ireland  Better resources and more research into childhood cancers.

Milene Munro  Scotland  sadly my son Braeden had no treatments available after his sPNET recurred and passed away aged 7. Anything that helps speed up new drugs or treatments should be done NOW.

Tony Martin Structural Engineer United Kingdom Oscar Knox left a deep impression on not just myself, but on the whole population in Northern Ireland. His death cannot be in vain. Any changes to the regulation of European paediatric medicine which will expedite the treatment and care of children like Oscar can only be a positive step.

Marie  Henry   

Nicola Greeves Pharmacy technician  N.irelnad we need to beat childhood cancers!!!

Margaret Gill Retired Scotland

Alana Mccullough Social worker Northern ireland

Amy Ohare  Student Ireland

Michael  Mclevey  postman  scotland  

Tania henry Hairdresser Northern Ireland I am a Mother and Grandmother who adores her Familynand the thought of what some families have to go through because there has not been a cure found for many forms of cancers especially ones that attack children and young Adults.We have to find a cure as these children deserve a chance to live there lives for themselves and their loved ones

Noreen McWilliams  Civil servant Northern Ireland  I’m a mother!

Andy Cochrane Retail Manager United Kingdom We should be doing everything humanly possible to combat this disease – particularly for children who have their whole lives in front of them

Damien McCurry  Engineer Ireland Everyone’s family has been damaged by this horrible disease. It has to stop…..


Nicola Hare Medical secretary Northern Ireland  

Ryan  Grady Shift manager at McDonald’s  England I have signed because it’s the worst feeling in the world when you lose someone close to you. But a child ? It’s horrible to think that we don’t do enough for them. #MollysAngels16 is behind you.

sarah ling nursery nurse England Every child and teenager deserves every chance there is.

Mark Mc Cauley Painter N.IRELAND So kids can outlive their parents.
The way it should be

Tara Morgan Sales manager Northern ireland We need to keep fighting this awful illness

Sinéad  Gilliland  Support worker  Antrim  

Angela Morelli  Northern ireland

Johanna  Mc Veigh  Kitchen assistance  North of Ireland  

Adrienne  Mcnally  Classroom assistant  UK  

Isabel  Hannigan  Nurse Northern Ireland  I believe in the cause and the need to find a cure

Marie McDonald SMS Administrao Scotland All children with cancer should get the best possible care there is no matter the cost

Carla  Riley-Wood  Full time mum and founder of Bring On The Smiles, Childhood Cancer awareness  UK  I’m a long time survivor of childhood cancer and I complex medical problems due to chemotherapy. The worse part for me is the PTSD, flash backs and believing that I was crazy for years. I’m lucky as I’m part of a long care oncologist and he stopped and listened to me and with support from his team I’ve be able to access counselling in the last couple of years. There is huge importance in making sure that kids not only get better safer treatments but, also become part of a long-term care team.

Margaret Tyrrell Careworker Northern Ireland  Children should not be suffering and everything in a doctors power should be possible without barriers……if there are new treatments they should be investagated to treat these childhood illnesses ♡♡♡

Babs McMahon Care Assistant Ireland  Other parents don’t deserve to go through what Stephen and Leona Knox did when they lost wee Oscar.. Things need to change… And now! 💚

Kevin  Dorricott  Scotland  

Martin O’Neill carer Scotland

Julie Tonge Disability Advisor Ireland #TeamOscar

Carolyn  Clarke  Unemployed  Scotland  

Douglas  Hardie  Builder  Scotland  It’s the right thing to do

Kathleen Docherty retired ScotlandRaise Raise Awareness

Margaret Healy Retired Scotland A dear friend lost her little boy aged 5 and it could be anyones child next time

john mcgilvray retired Scotland I don’t want to see beautiful young people suffer with cancer,give them the help they so badly need

Thomas South Retired Scotland Cancer is a terrible disease that affects all ages but it is a tragedy when it affects a child or young person

dylan mccann removal porter scotland

Paul Ledsham  England My son died from osteosarcoma in May 2015. We found out through his illness that no new peadeatric drugs had been found to treat this and othe childhood cancers. It’s about time that this changed and quickly.

Alastair Finn HP monitor  Scotland  

audrey McDonald full time mum Scotland

Paul Adamson Factory Manager Northern Ireland Children are our future.

Jacqueline  McCormack Learning Disability Team Leader United Kingdom No child or family should have to endure the torment of this illness if there’s the slightest possible chance of cure we should be striving to achieve it.

joe kerr driver scotland

Helen  Mccallum Carer  Scotland  

Graeme  Elliot  Retired plumber Scotland  

Jacqueline  Carlin  Medical Secretary  Scotland  

Winifred Machon Retired K

katrice  Morgan  carer Northern Ireland  

Margaret Muldoon Parent Scotland  

Jackie  Macinnes  Disabled Scotland My sister died aged 4 with cancer, and have friends whose kids could have had better chance of servival

Carole  Shoukri Careworker  Northern ireland

Winifred Machon Retired  U.K

Valerie  Casey  Bar person  Scotland

Pauline Jones  Mum Scotland

Edel Boyd  Clerical officer Northern Ireland  I have 2 kids and if they ever got cancer I’d want every option explored. I can’t imagine the nightmare these parents face. Everything that can possibly be done to fight cancer should be done for kids with cancer

maxine lamb production worker n ireland Wee Oscar was an inspiration to us all xx

ann mclaughlin home maker Spain

Gemma Hartigan Dr N Ireland I believe in this good cause

James Mackie  Technical  Scotland  

Jackelyne Weeks  Hr England

Dermot Mc Fadden Social worker Ireland As a parent who lost a child to a genetic condition, I would do anything to ensure no other parent should have to endure the pain that comes with that loss.

Grainne  McCormack  Radiographer  Ireland  As a parent, I can only imagine the heartache of seeing your child suffer. Thinking of all the families out there who are affected by childhood and teenage cancer x

Daniel Gregory Publican N Ireland  

kathleen McCabe Retired N.Ireland I loved Oscar Knox and had always hoped that he would get better. His family continues to inspire.

Ann Marie Maguire Engagement Officer UK

Grainne Stacey Sports therapist  Northern Ireland  

Stacey McDowell Medical secretary United kingdom

Elaine  Ferris Teacher Northern Ireland  

Linda Jamison At home mum Northern Ireland In memory of Oscar Knox..

Angela McCann Manager Ireland

Karen Kane-Burkes Retired nurse Northern Ireland

Serena Burns Care Assistant Ireland My young son was diagnosed with lymphoma in 2009 he will be 5 years post treatment this October please god I hope there are new drugs developed with less harmful side affects for kids diagnosed in the future and better survival rates x

Stephen Olver Solicitor Ireland

Bridgeen Oneill HR assistant N Ireland Our children should not be dying from this awful disease & not forgetting those who have.

Ann marie ewing nurse Ireland  

Des Tinney Scottish government Scotland  Oscar Knox. RIP

Jane Shreenan Housewife Scotland My only son died of a brain tumour at the age of 18

Clare Seeley Mother North of Ireland Off wee oscar

Carol O’Brien Membership manager Northern Ireland


gillian richardson home maker scotland

Angela Cornell Homemaker Usa

Isabelle Reuter-Mainz  Luxembourg

Donna Busby Stay at home mum United Kingdom

Julie Downie Accountant Scotland

Françoise THOLL  Belgium

Machtelinckx j-marie retired Luxemburg My kid is dead from cancer but could live a longer time with the benefits from pediatrics medicine (7years !)

Philippe Andrianne Sales Belgigium

Jaap  den Hartogh Patient advocate the Netherlands Being a survivor myself, I really see the need for better treatments. Still children are dying from cancer. The children who survive have to face many severe problems after the treatment, which has a negative impact on their quality of life. Awareness is not enough, we need action!


Lynn McLaughlin  Business Administrator IRELAND Because something needs to be done to try and stop this curse in its tracks.

archie mcdonald retired (bus driver) scotland  I believe we should be trying to find a cure for Cancer, also why how you get cancer

Ligot Bertrand Employer Luxembourg Les enfants sont notre espoir, notre devenir, notre amour.
Ce que l’on fait pour nous, adulte, doit leur bénéficier en priorité, sans compter, sans retard.

gillet sonia employé Belgium

sinead porter nurse Northern Ireland  Needs to be better outcomes for children with cancer. #fearless oscar knox

Sian  Mathias  Education officer Uk It is the right thing to do.

Lorraine Doyne Bookseller UK I lost my beautiful brave daughter Bronte age 19 to fibrolamellar carcinoma a very rare cancer, which most often occurs in young adults. Bronte’s journey from diagnosis to death was tragic. Information and support on this cancer was so vague, treatment protocols so old with no investment into research. My baby suffered tragic consequences through a catastrophe of hospital care.

We must stand and unite together as parents, brothers, sisters all family and humanity to shout up or the forgotten cancer groups, who haven’t got the luxury of time to wait.
A cry to pharmaceutical companies and for investment into research, Please help our children, please give hope

Nicky  Henriksen  Teacher Denmark In memory of Oscars Knox and all other children and families hit by thus cruel disease

Jayne Bressington Mother to a Cancer sufferer, Vice Chair GIST Support UK & Patient Director PAWS-GIST United Kingdom

Spiros Vlahopoulos biologist Greece Profit as a driver is fine. However, there needs to be also life after profit. Therefore there need to be incentives for patient-driven research, be it basic or clinical. Nowdays profits are privatized and losses are socialized. There needs to be a balance for this problem, which causes the most trouble to funding for pediatric research. Research for pediatric oncology is largely underfunded because childhood cancer is less frequent than cancer in the other ages. Research currently is generally underfunded. Thank you for readind this.

Tixier-Malicorne Angéline  France

Matthieu Belliard Journaliste France

atila piter nourse france Clldren are future of mankeind.

Marlène CHARPAIL Salariée FRANCE

maze magali  france Pour les enfants !!!

sethian nicolas manager farnce

Mohamed Rekima Engineer France Children are hope for humanity future.

Cecile Pascaud Pouzauges FRANCE

Mickaël Ricard  France Pour les enfants

clemente angelique  france

Gicquere  Sophie  Employee France

Pellissier  Aurélien  College France  

Mickaël Trodoux actor France

Arnaud Cellier  France Cause we should smashup this fuck* cancer !

Cécile SAEZ mobility consultant in hospital France For hope !

Sekou DIADHIOU  France

Danielle Paris None France I feel concerned by the problem.

patrick tilliole  fonctionnaire France  

xancho sandrine  france

Claudine Tulli  France

catherine verger professeur france

odile bidaud  france Il faut avancer la recherche et sauver les enfants et les adolescents. Yes,we can!

CILLIERES Catherine cathcilli@gmail.com FRANCE

tursis benjamin x france

Cecile Pascaud Pouzauges FRANCE

Stephan Nicolas Etudiant France Afin de soutenir la lutte contre le cancer

Vilaplana   sete france suite a émission télé

AZAIS ALBAN Radio Realisator France Because a life is strong

decaillon karine  france

Frédéric POUPET merchant FRANCE La santé de nos enfants est ce qu’il y a de plus important !!

leury jean jacques  france

patricia lequet Director France Fight for children

maximum tartare  hélène  france

Bruno DUCHON-DORIS Meteo Ingenior France

Poinloup  Fabien Physiotherapist  France

meriaux caroline  france Meriaux caroline

Schwing  Marc Dentist  France  

Pierre TRANCHARD Employee FRANCE I think that this petition is very important.

Patrice  BALIKIAN  Marseille  France

Pierre  Guillo  Retraité  France Les enfants ont aussi deoit à la guérison

Joelle Ospital Assistant manager  France

POMMIER SYLVIE 13 chemin de la provotière 44700 ORVAULT Bravo à cette Association

Corinne Ledig  France  To save our children !!

Corentin Harran Account Manager France

Couillard  david  France  

MURACA gerard entrepreneur France

laetitia cholot  assistante maternelle  France  Il faut faire bouger les choses. Les enfants sont notre avenir. Nous devons les protéger.!!!!

Combettes Cathy Veterinary France

Patricia coppis fonctionnaire France

gisele delabre  france sensible au discours de médecin à l’émission de M.BOURDIN sur RMC ce jour.

boutin mathylde studier france J’adore les enfants, et si plus tard je suis maman je serai bien contente que mes enfants guérissent sil sont atteints du cancer.

errera John    

million raymond commercial France

Cecile Pascaud Pouzauges FRANCE


Char  Francis  ARMY  France  Is great action To help children.


Labatut Cecile  France

Sylvain PERY Ingenieur France Child need to have a better life

annie salati retraitee france

Gabriel Myriam Educatrice de jeunes enfants France Je veux défendre la cause des enfants

Mohamed CHERFI  Teacher scool  France I signed because I have my son who died in 2015 holds a concer brain

Anne Delrieu Courbevoie France It’s a shame, children just have to be saved and cure as adults.

Marie Paquot Retired Belgium

Pouget Jean-Paul Chairman France To Hell médical progresse for children

Benazet  Benoit Ambulancier France  

stephane henry  france

Christian Griveau Élu local France Il est indispensable de penser davantage aux thérapies concernant les enfants. Et les maladies rares qui les concernent

bernard Géraud  france

Nelly Harran Medical Assistant France

Carole JACQUEMONT unemployed France Because with his voluntee And his innovation Human is able of a lot of things actually. It is anormal to have to argue about this type of topic now. Political are too much unskilled

Jerome Anfossi Affreteur France I have to ! We have to react now !

Gozlan Dearly Enseignant France Je soutiens l’appel

BOURIEZ Michèle  France Childrens are our tomorrow, why do we let them die like this, we lack humanity to prioritize the money to life ??

Philippe  Martinez  Pezenas  France Continuez votre formidable travail de recherche

Corine Ladegaillerie  Teacher France

gasse j baptiste educateur france

veronique bastide professeur France J’ai connu personnellement cette sale maladie et je sais l importance des traitements pour la guérison. J’espère que les enfants pourront bénéficier de ces avancés au même titre que les adultes

canovas solange retraitée france la vie pour tous

SABER  Nordine  Team leader France  Our futures are children… Every Kids should have opportunity to enjoy, live and change the world.
The worst thing to parents is to see his/her child dying before them !

virginie Briki  France C’est important de se mobiliser pour soutenir la recherche pour le développement des médicaments pour soigner les enfants. C’est intolérable que les laboratoires pour des questions de rentabilité ne développe pas ce volet de recherche.

Aizman  Karine   Seysses  Se battre pour la cause des enfants

cyril oddoz employe france We have to give our children a life without cancer !!

Char  Francis  ARMY  France  Is great action To help children.

Martine Quevilly  France I do not find it normal that there was not enough research for cancer children compared to adults cancer

Liogier Élisabeth   France  

LIGER Annie financial director France To Hell médical progrès for children

philippe LEGENDRE retraité France par solidarité

Rousseau Alain Retraite France Je suis suivi par l’Institut Gustave Roussy. Notre avenir sont les enfants.


Lopes David ? France

yvette ROCHE retraitee france

Christian Griveau Elu local France Indispensable de s’occuper plus des enfants et de leurs cancers spécifiques

Myriam CANCELLIER  France  

Muriel Baptiste   66600

antoine bernard retraite france

Lloret Christian   66600

Fany Deluca Student  France cancer is one of the main causes of death in children. It must help them to overcome this disease. The life of a child has no price!

sol dany assistante maternelle france afin que les pouvoirs publics imposent aux laboratoires de se mobiliser pour la recherche de traitements pour nos enfants.

Solenn Gol  66600

Benjamin Lannic  France Plus d’investissements de la part des industriels et laboratoires pharmaceutiques pour la recherche et le développement de médicaments pour les enfants!
Une pensée pour tous ces enfants malades.

Gregory Masse Without France I am suffering from sclerosis plate and whatever illness I support this type of initiative, together we are stronger

nathalie buch  france Je signe cette pétition car aucun parent ne devrait regarder mourir son enfant.

REBOUL Franck  FRANCE Je soutien la lutte pour le cancer des enfants. Ils ont le droits d’avoir les mêmes soins que les adultes.

Qoli Chadia   Bruxelles

Adriao Da Cruz Student France I want.

BOURIEZ Michèle  France Childrens are our tomorrow, why do we let them die like this, we lack humanity to prioritize the money to life ??

Elisabeth de Saint Affrique strategic consulting France  

DUROCHAT Lionel  France

Vincent LOUP Designer FRANCE

Jean François Bire Informatic France

Andrée  poma avs france

Isabelle LAURENCE Assistante Maternelle FRANCE Nos enfants sont notre avenir, ils devraient être prioritaires dans la recherche.

Dominique DEBERT Engineer France

Elisabeth Bridel  France

Lemblin Patrick Augne France Mon frère est mort du cancer a 2 ans

MESSAUSSIER  insurance  FRANCE  I’m a mom…

Valérie  fouquemberg   France  I want the drug’company to find new traitments to help our children.they are our future,we must protect them.without children,the future is doomed.thank you for them

sibille sebastien  france

Emilie DUPONT demandeur d’emploi France Je signe la petition car c’est scandaleux que l’argent est plus de valeur que la vie d’enfants et d’adolescents atteints de cancers.
Y a t- il une hiérarchisation dans la maladie?

Oriane Tulli Student France

Laurent Sindali   France

Driss Kadmiry None  France I urge those who make décisions to take the necessary steps and have medical laboratories invest massively in elaborating new drugs to heal youth cancer.

CAPDEVILLE CHRISTINE BIBLIOTHECAIRE J ai perdu un jeune il y a un an faute de dépistage suite à un cancer trés peu courant.

greco nadine employee france

Ferrier Nathalie house woman France For egality between children and adult, adult must secure children all his life and childrens are the future, so do our best for children and don’t think money in this case.(please, excuse me for my bad english)

GUERIN Thierry Responsable logistique France Je signe la pétition car il n’est pas concevable aujourd’hui qu’il y ai des freins à la prise en charge, à l’accès au soins et à l’avancée médicale pour la guérison de nos enfants de quelques façon que se soit.
N’ajoutons pas à la cruauté de la maladie, les lourdeurs administratives des lois européennes. mettons tout en œuvre pour que nos enfants gagne se combat contre les cancers. De tous cœur avec eux pour un véritable “Avenir”. Thierry

laurent TRENTE Receptionniste FRANCE Je souhaite que la lutte contre les cancers qui touchent nos enfants soit une priorité.

Pierre M. BOURGUIGNON Osteopath DO. France Equal chances of treatments for all patients.

marie josé    

patrice Sevré  FRANCE

Sandra Agnello Cafe owner France so intensive research becomes a priority .

Laure LAGOUY Accountant France I want to suport thé mouvment

Mathieu  Pichoff 20 rue Edmond dore 33260 cazaux France La mort d enfants , quelqu en soit la cause, reste inacceptable

Barthélémy Christophe  France

Leblanc Séverine agent  FRANCE les enfants avant tout

Guillaume Arvis Etudiant France Pour que le cancer ne tue plus aucun enfant

Piel Frédy  france just for the children

Tony Delettrez State employee France

ouzali abdou responsabke de rayon france Soutiens aux malades.


Roux Alexandre  France

Yann Lewden Police France J ai ma niece de 3 ans qui a une leucémie. Meme si le milieu hospitalier fait leur maximum pour les enfants, la recherche et la medicamentation doit continuer de s ameliorer pour sauver ces enfants malades qui nous donne tant de leçon de courage et si dur a vivre.

magendie marie retraitée france toute personne a droit au soins,quelque soit le nombre de malades

fabien arnaud artisan plâtrier France Because i’m in association Who with sports events we collect money and make some project for childs who are suffering fromage cancer.

beauvert cathy  france Hope

beauvert cathy  france Hope

LASADE Christophe Informaticien France Je pense que nous devons nous occuper en priorité de la recherche des cancers de nos enfants qui sont notre avenir et non pas le cancer des personnes âgés en priorité qui on déjà eu la chance de vivre vieux ! contrairement au enfants qui n’auront pas cette chance car l’industrie pharmaceutique (industrie/business) cela ne rapporterais pas car le cancer des enfants est plus rare que que ceux des adultes injustice face a l’argent des grosses industrie pharmaceutique !

Picard Guy Cardiologue  

gisele prunaret retraite france it’ s necessary for children

g prunaret

Gicqueaux Yolande Retraitee France Après avoir perdue la fille en mars 2009 d’un cancer du sein
Je viens de perdre sa fille , ma petite fille d’un sarcome osseux . Elle s’est battue pendant 4 ans ,opération ,greffe,
Multiples chimiothérapies sans résultats .
Cependant je voudrais signaler le dévouement et la gentillesse de l’équipe du Professeur Bui à l’institut
Bergonié de Bordeaux .( le Medecin Mikael )
Je voudrais exprimer toute ma gratitude envers ces personnels soignants .
Mille merci d’avoir aimé et aide Joséphine

Pierre Depotter  France

sorgniard  antoine   France

Marie DEJEAN Marketing France

Cros Christine Saleswoman France

nathalie dupre assistante maternelle france je garde une enfant malade

Andrieu Christine mère au foyer France


thierry ploncard electricien france one must absolutely help all these children

Yamadou MBAYE Engineer France

Perrenot Helene  France Hp

lhotellier Sandrine aide soignante france Lhotellier

Male Gerard Library France For all childrens, They are the best for world.
Sorry for my bad english.

marie leboeuf teatcher france Children must be saved

 MAJCHRZAK Gaétan Rayonniste FRANCE

Jean-Claude Untereiner retraité France

Filipe Christine  Assistante maternelle France Filipe

Alex Gigetto Student Italy Thanks

vialonga serge retraité france aider les enfants à vaincre le cancer

villa thomas nimes france it s a importante think. Everybody would sign this. Sorry my inglish is so bad…

Micheline Mongioj  France

Simone Schino Retraitée France Children are the future and we have to help them anyway

Jeff BADAROUX Commercial Manager France Bien au delà des autres causes, celle-ci est prioritaire. Il n’est pas pensable que les laboratoires n’accentuent pas leurs recherches.

Micheline Mongioj  France

Castillo Aurore  France

Poupon  Martine   France  

Kalina Ivanova Export Manager France Because kinds are life, kids are the future!

Marcon Alain Conducteur pl France

Revidat Pauline  France J’espère que si mon enfant tombe malade il y aura des traitments efficaces.

Jacques Rul  France


davy pelliccio agent de maitrise  france mon fils de 8 ans est atteint d un cancer tumeur (ATRT)
j ai confiance en la recherche mais faite vite si je peux vous aidez contacter moi .
mail : pellicciodavy@hotmail.fr

Danielle BES sans FRANCE Il est important de sauver le plus grand nombre d’enfants atteints du cancer et pour que les laboratoires pharmaceutiques développent les traitements pour soigner ces enfants.

Victorien  Boutteau  France It’s important !!!

Geneviève CAVALIN Executive Assistant France Instead of dedicating money to anti-age medication, pharmaceutical laboratories would rather invest in children cancer research

boutin mathylde studier france J’adore les enfants, et si plus tard je suis maman je serai bien contente que mes enfants guérissent sil sont atteints du cancer.

Benoit Billiet  France It’s a very important cause. Children must have the better chance to survive and have the better treatment when they are ill.

Marilyne DUCLOS  France La vie d’un enfant n’a pas de prix ! Honte aux lobys qui ne pensent qu’à leur profit. Je signe cette pétition même si je ne crois pas vraiment que ça changera grand chose. Mais sait-on jamais…..!!!

gerard buisson je ne sais pas France

marcel GUIDERDONI Retraité FRANCE Il faut réussir pour sauver des vies jeunes !




Paul Dorion  France

Martine Pooters Retraitée France

sorgniard  antoine   France

DELAFORGE  Edouard Construction economist France  

LOIC HERVE  FRANCE For the future of our children.

Florine RODRIGUES teacher France

Vanachter Alice  France I agree

Deparis David VRP France

ELHADI Benjamin  France Je vous soutiens

Jane DESPLANQUES  FRANCE it’s normal to unit for this cause.
it’s not normal at all, that company only make research when there are only profit motive.
We have to save children who are sick.
I have compassion for parents who are concerned by this.

and i wish you the best in the process


Jacques BEZ retraité France

Nadine Raynal retirement france

LATAPIE JEAN-LOUIS  France je me sent concerné, car j’ai des petits-enfants (2 ans et 1an ). et j’ai beaucoup travaillé dans l’humanitaire quand j’étais en Afrique.

josette Bourgeois pensioned France It’s the less we can do for the children who are nothing to do about our way of life so permissive against the nature,and if it is worthless for lthe laboratories, it’s a shame for them and for all the money they have with the other medecines for the adults

Isabelle LAURENCE Assistante Maternelle FRANCE Nos enfants sont notre avenir, ils devraient être prioritaires dans la recherche.

DEBROISE  Geraldine   France

Gisela Cornillon  France

Nathalie Poitevin Contrôleur de gestion France Pour combattre l’injustice du cancer chez l’enfant et que chacun puisse guérir et avoir une belle vie.

patricia lequet Director France Fight for children

Jean louis Canon  Consultant France

Karine Jamet Web developper France

Anne-Lise Monnet  France Have 2childrens. If my boys was seek I hope they would je treat. Childrens are pour futur de shlould help there to je healthy

sorgniard  antoine   France

Jerome Eliot Ouvrier  France

Roch Lewden   France

Dominique RAGU informatique France je signe la pétition pour favoriser la recherche pour soigner les cancers chez les enfants

pascal retault magasinier france to give more chances to children and teens to cure.

veronique sandoz néant france Je me suis inscrit parce que je rencontre de plus en plus d’enfant atteint du cancer et qui ne trouve pas de traitement adapter. On doit avancer sur cette maladies du siècle pour les enfants, pour pouvoir mieux les guérirs.

dominique capone parent france Les enfants sont l’avenir et on doit les aider à vaincre cette terrible maladie.

Jerome Eliot Ouvrier  France

gerard sophie parent france

Chedli  Benzaatour  Technicien  France  La fille d’amis à moi est décédée

Isabelle LAURENCE Assistante Maternelle FRANCE Nos enfants sont notre avenir, ils devraient être prioritaires dans la recherche.

Escande Lucie Librarian France

Marza Guillaume Librarian France i’ve 3 children.

Catherine  LALINDE comptable France Je signe cette pétition pour que la recherche sur le cancer s’adapte aussi aux enfants et adolescents.
Pour de meilleurs protocoles pour eux et moins de séquelles à la suite des traitements.

Pons  conseiller en insertion france Je pense que toutes humains a droit aux soins, à la recherche, aux traitement, au suivi de sa santé quelque soit les enjeux finanviers ou politiques .

régine camps femme au foyer france il faut mobiliser les politiques à contraindre les labos pharmaceutiques à investir d’avantage dans les traitements du cancer chez les enfants.

lyli Berthoulot retraitée France Je suis profondément choquée d’apprendre que les enfants passent en dernier pour l’accès à des traitements ou médicaments efficaces. Au nom de quoi, de l’argent, toujours l’argent, les enfants malades sont moins rentables !!!! Scandaleux. Il faut que les choses changent et rapidement.

Géraldine MARCHAND Accompagnant d’élèves handicapés France

Pascale Volmant  France  Volunteer for Laurette Fugain association

Pascalou Pascalou Volunteer Laurette Fugain  France  

Jerome Eliot Ouvrier  France

van der linden pascal directeur France les enfants doivent vivre, etre soignés, gueris , ils sont notre futur

Anona Rooley Housewife England  Everything that is possible and can be done, should be carried out in order to help treat and save young people suffering or dying from cancer.

Alyson Clark Full time mum United Kingdom  My daughter has a dipg tumour and more needs to be done!

Tomasina Raggett Mother England

Sarah Pullen Housewife Uk For my son who died age 11 from a brain tumour

GUGLIELMI Christine medical secretary France Nous devons penser à nos enfants et faire que la recherche puisse au maximum les sauver Courage…

Julie Stevenson Administrator England My son Ben was killed by DIPG brain cancer, he was 16. DIPG is terminal on diagnosis with no new treatments for 30 years. These statistics are appalling. As much funding should go into childhood cancer as adult cancers get. Our children deserve more!

josette Irondet  France I know how awful it is to have a child with a cancer ( eyes) and not enough chance to get out!!!

Christian Berenguer Retriaté France Ma petite-fille, âgée de 2 ans et demi, est atteinte d’un retinoblastome et a subi l’ablation de l’œil droit.
Il est très important que la recherche progresse, notamment au bénéfice des enfants.

Agnieszka Piszczatowska Self-employed UK

Eric Miller  United Kingdom If our children are our future, we must protect our childrens health.

Zoe Thomas  UK Our Son was diagnosed with DIPG in 2013, aged 5. We were shocked to learn that DIPG has a 0% survival rate and that there was no cure for our little boy. The only treatments available to Alfie was palliative. The radiotherapy only slowed down the tumour growth, the harsh steroids made him bloated and irritable and the oral chemo made him sick. Alfie passed away in 2014. Our Children deserve better.

michel irondet retire France

danielle chayrigues rodez france

dany blanc olemps france

Isabelle LAURENCE Assistante Maternelle FRANCE Nos enfants sont notre avenir, ils devraient être prioritaires dans la recherche.

Yves DE MONTLAS retraité France Je suis sensible aux souffrances des enfants, en particulier dans le cas de maladies graves. Je souhaite que des progrès soient accomplis dans le domaine de la recherche médicale.

Danielle VINCENT retraitée FRANCE Pour inciter les scientifiques à se lancer dans des recherches pouvant enfin sauver les enfants atteints par le cancer. La recherche ne doit pas concerner que les adultes.

Barthélemy  laetitia  france Donner plus de moyen aux chercheurs pour sauver nos enfants à

Jd Poussin Software engineering United Kingdom

Bethany Hicks student  UK It’s the right thing to do.

Sandra Camps  France

John Glynn Charity Worker Ireland The Gavin Glynn Foundation are united in fighting for a cure for all children with Cancer

Julie Smith Administrator England My son fought cancer from 22 months, he is now 9 and in his third complete remission from Stage 4 High Risk Neuroblastoma. He ran out of treatment options in the Uk on his 1st relapse

Carrie Stewart Accounts Northern Ireland No parent should have to bury a child if it’s humanly possible to save them. Money and bureaucracy shouldn’t even come into it.

Catherine Cooper  England Every child and young person should be given the best chance to live.

Nancy Snel teacher Luxemburg

Teresa JIMENEZ  Teacher Luxembourg

Medina Aristides ouvrier luxembourg Les enfants sont l’avenir d’un monde meilleur.

Jeannette Scobie Retired teacher Canada My grandson had cancer at the age of 4.

Julie Scobie Student Canada I love children.

Bernie Scobie Sells airplanes Canada I love children.

Martine Vaillancourt  Canada

Hannah Johnson   Uk

Sarah Critchley  Housewife  UK We need new treatments with fewer side effects and higher cute rates. More needs to be done for our children, our future.

Hazel Crawford  House wife England My 4 year old had cancer in 2013 and he had an uphill battle.

Clare Selleck Deputy manger United Kingdom  My son is fighting childhood cancer.

Gabrielle Hart Customer assistant England Its the right thing to do

Emma Spiers Manager Uk

Tracy Hobday Newborn hearing screener  England

Jodie Danks Project manager  England  For Ella

Esther Bryan  United Kingdom

Le gras Xavier Cadre RTE Clermont ferrand france

Eric L’HOTE Banker France Children and teens are our future and need to be cured

Carpentier  Maryse Chargée d’affaires  France  Sauvons nos enfants.

Boutaina Abba Auto entrepreneur France  Maman d’un petit garçon atteint de leucémie, nous avons besoin de traitements plus adaptés aux enfants. La recherche des nouveaux traitements doit prendre en considération les enfants plus que jamais!!

Nathalie Varoqueaux Medical Director France We need to accelerate the access to innovative drugs to children .

Monnot  Cathy La charme France 💚💚💚

franck bourda maitre d’oeuvre france je signe affin de faire avancer la réglementation

Philippe AYMERICH Banking France Member of Imagine for Margo / Children Without Cancer.
Go ! Fight ! Win !

Karine La Etudiante France Les enfants sont notre avenir il faut les protéger ! Ils ne devraient pas subir de telles souffrances !!

Anne Vallin Maman et DRH France Maman d’une princesse partie trop tôt…parce qu’elle avait un cancer très rare dont les traitements n’ont pas évolué depuis de très nombreuses années…J’ai entendu Anne Goeres aujourd’hui au Colloque Imagine4Margo, j’ai écouté le Pr Gilles Vassal, et j’ai compris qu’on peut tous ENSEMBLE soutenir l’action des politiques et particulièrement celle de Mme la Député Françoise Grossetête.
Je signe dès maintenant pour cette évolution du réglement européen : ça urge !!! Il faut faire bouger les lignes

Katia Ramillonp   Pour que les choses avancent en ce qui concerne les cancers pédiatriques

Armand SIMOULIN  France Go ! Fight ! Win !

nenette 27  nenette  3 rue du faubourg 97400 saint Denis  île de la reunion  

Christian Monga PRESIDENT de l’ association “Gabriella pour la Vue”  France et RD Congo Je suis parent d’enfant atteint de cancer des yeux ( rétinoblastome) et devenue aveugle suite à sa maladie
Christian Monga,
Parent d’enfant atteint de rétinoblastome (cancer des yeux), devenu aveugle, et président de l’association “Gabriella Pour la Vue”
Portable: +33628508564
92210/ St Cloud.

Pascale Volmant Volunteer Laurette FUGAIN  France  All together we are stronger

Stephanie Marlin Teacher France  It’s important

Jérôme Galais Employee France

Beaurain  Virginie  France  

patricia  simoulin  France

Biba  Messafeur  France We need to build a better world for our children

Catherine  Deroche  médecin  france

Marie-Laure Mazalon Nantes France Mieux aider et accompagner les jeunes face à la maladie.

Clémence  Haubtmann  Maman au foyer France Notre fille est atteinte d’une tumeur au cerveau. Et la voie de la guérison est compliquée. Pour elle et pour tous les autres, merci de vous battre …

Biba MESSAFEUR Consultante France Our Children deserve a better world and a future

Horon Mireille retraitée France J’ai 6 petits enfants

Assia Acloque  Paris

Philippe GREAU Physical Training Teacher FRANCE Je soutiens Unite2care pour mutualiser les moyens et les actions face à l’institution Européenne. J’ai été convaincu par Anne GOERES et Patricia BLANC au palais du Luxembourg Parisien le samedi 20/02/2016.

Anne Lewandowski Sales France

Frédérique Degand Art Therapist Luxemburg

Rémy PETITOT Political Adviser Belgium I believe more should be done to incentivize research on paediatric diseases and fight children cancers !

Pascale Bocher  France Pour agir pour les enfants malades, apporter une solution réelle à leur maladie

de-Fuster Marie  France  Pour que les enfants aient des médicaments adaptés à leur âge .👯👫👬👭

Nicole Martin mother at home Canada

Catherine Ravilly  France

Laguessh Lea  France For the good

Roger Céline  France

LAMBERT Delphine Maitre Nageur et Mère de 3 enfants Coignières France Pour que tous les enfants puissent vivre…

Marine Le Bassard  France

Séverine Daubin   France



Vicki  Kavanagh  Customer service agent United Kingdom  More needs to be done x

Bernard LEITZ  France

Benvinda Neves marketing Luxembourg All children in the world should have all the medication they need, an not to be stopped by a law…

Carola Ollivero-Sticher Mother Germany as a mom of a cancer kid, I know how real these concerns are

Isabelle Rajaonah  France J’ai la maladie de Lyme qui est aussi très difficile à soigner. Il y a aussi des enjeu politiques et financiers à la clé.

Antoinette Daubin Professeur France

Jena Xxxxxxxxxxxx Xxxxxxxxxxx Xxxxxxxxxx

Paola Consorti  Italy

Cataline Denis Student France  My little sister had a knee cancer, lung and brain.

Amanda Lindsay Student  United Kingdom  

Marielle Ruar Employee Belgium

Joelle Clerc-pouliot Nurse Switzerland Together we Caen Nice mountains!!

Amanda Griffin Founder at TheTruth365-Australia Australia Children and teenager affected by cancer should not be disadvantaged as a consequence of current regulations. Our leaders must be held accountable for decisions made which impact on children’s lives.
I fully support changes to legislation that enforces cancer drug developers to investigate potential anti-cancer affects on paediatric cancer for all new treatments.

Maxine White  Australia  

Katja Bückemeyer Student England



Natalie Danks- Smith  UK

Eugenia Mccartan Hairdresser N.Ireland My nephew died of Neuroblastoma because he run out of treatment options

Mary Mcd  Ni We need more cures

Leeanne  Brennan  insurance clerk  Northern Ireland  my 3 year old son is currently fighting neuroblastoma xxx

Marian  Knipe Housewife Ireland

Paul Mchugh Driver  No child should die young

Jennifer  KELLY Doctor Uk My daughter died of a rare form of cancer at the age of 4. Grace had malignant rhabdoid tumour with no treatmenr protocol as it has not been researched. This needs to change.

Nicola Mc Hugh Housewife Northern Ireland In memory of wee Oscar Knox.

Angela McBeath Foster carer Scotland It must be the worst thing imaginable to watch your child suffer.

Catherine Dunn Retired United Kingdom

Mairead Oneill Hairdresser N.ireland  

Caoimhe McKee Student Ireland

Jennifer Okane Accountant United kingdon Every child deserves the chance xx

kathleen kelly self employed United Kingdom no child should suffer,

Angela McBeath Housing officer Scotland  

Michelle Doherty Unemployed  Northerniteland A cure needs to be found asap!

Tommy Melly Senior Analyst Programmer  United Kingdon In memory of my wee pal Oscar and to help all other kids & their families fight to get the treatment the deserve and need

Steve Taylor Computer Analyst Scotland Childhood cancer deserves proper funding.

Graeme Bentham  Engineer UK I would like my little girl and all children who are threatened by childhood cancer to have the best possible chance to grow up and live a life free from the brutal side effects of dated treatments.

Shauna McGrath  Mother Northern Ireland  

Samantha Harold Self employed Northern ireland

clare selleck deputy manager uk my son is a cancer fighter

Anne-Marie Brennan Psychotherapist France My 6-year old son has Nephroblastoma diagnosed August 2014; relapse due to metastasis to his lungs 8 months post end-of-previous protocol (unilateral kidney cancer with nephrectomy – some metastasis to a few lymph nodes/ chemo/ radiotherapy).

Fabien Vérax  France I,m gare With That.

Julie Pirault   France Children really diserve the best

Antoine Pitton  France My friends son is sick

Melanie Rosner Secretary United States of America Children deserve the future.

Weimerskirch Denise Secretary Luxemburg It is very important to help!

Fiona McCawley Accountant Ireland

Yvonne  Mc Grath Nurse Ireland I care

declan  obrien architect ireland

Stephen Walker Senior Resource Planner United Kingdom I have seen the effects of chemotherapy on my 3 year old son and on other children, it is heart breaking. Even after treatment has ended the effects of poison can causes further problems. The governments in all countries should be driving through a structure to make a change. Hiding behind “childhood cancer is rare” is not stopping children having to go through treatments meant for adults and causing secondary cancers and ultimately sometimes death.

Andrea Nicolas  France

Giridhar Ghodkar  India
Hi All !

Nice to read about Unite2Cure ! Drug research for children with cancer should be a priority too. I stand for the support for the same.

Best regards,

Giridhar.G, M.Sc
Speech therapist
South India

David Thomas Lawyer UK I strongly support this initiative. It is vital that the regulation of medicines works for the benefit of patients, particularly children. That sounds obvious but my experience with my son Daniel, who died of Ewing’s sarcoma in 2011 just short of his 23rd birthday, told me that that is far from always being the case. The interests of large drug companies do not necessarily coincide with those of patients, and regulators can be supine in dealing with them. Debbie has kindly agreed that I can refer to my book about Daniel’s cancer journey Daniel My Son and about my blog about our unsuccessful attempts to get him onto a clinical trial which might just have saved his life: http://www.danielmyson.com/#!Is-Big-Pharma-good-for-your-health/c11l6/56e02a760cf2b5f9148f8ae3 Debbie will be adding a blog about her own experiences with her daughter Chloe

Tracey Warboys Wife and full-time Mum of 8 children. United Kingdom My 9 year old son was diagnosed with T-cell Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia in March 2014, his first year of treatment was incredibly harsh, sadly he relapsed in April 2015 and needed radiotherapy, more harsh treatment and a bone marrow transplant, fortunately he had 2 sibling matches, his 17 year old brother donated 711 mls of his bone marrow, my son is now 9 months post transplant, he has a lot of problems with his memory and mobility due to the steriods and chemotherapy treatment, we need kinder, less invasive treatment that will also be better for them long term.

Helen Anderson writer United Kingdom

zoe morgan hairdresser Antrim I signed because we really need to help children and families suffering

Patricia Millar Civil servant Northern Ireland  Save life’s of children and teenagers with cancer

Sonia McGeown Bank Clerk Northern IReland I care

Karen Baxter  Carer Tyrone  

Michelle McMenemy  Northern Ireland

Ann  Campbell  Shop Assistant  Londonderry  

Leanne  graham  civil servant uk

Karen Baxter  Carer Tyrone  

kathleen cameron midwife United Kingdom

Gemma Shaughnessy  Ireland

Niamh Martin Management  Ireland

Nichola Towers Medical Secretary UK children and teens deserve the same consideration as adults.

sibead Porter  nurse Northern Ireland  Children should not be dying because there are no treatment options

maria finnegan housewife ireland Really want to see a cure for this awful disease.

Joanna Young Journalist Scotland

patricia thornton stay at home mum United Kingdom

jon durnion builder ireland

Sinead McMahon  Teacher Ireland Childhood cancer needs to be gone!!

Karen Mcconnell Housewife Uk

Claire Kelly Carer Northern ireland Children are our future… They deserve the right to live! The right to survive! We demand live saving treatment for our children!

Margaret  Pratt  Housewife  Scotland  Because my daughter was 11 weeks old when she was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic Leukemia no one should have to watch their child battle this disease! And no parent should have to watch their child loose that battle X

Colleen  Mcdermott Hairdresser Northern ireland Enough is enough save our children

Susan Mcgeown Staff nurse United Kingdom These wee children are so precious. As a nurse working in an oncology ward,I just want every child to get every chance they can to beat this disease.

Orlagh Doherty  Hairdresser  Uk We need to save these poor angels

Judith  Boyle Housewife Northern ireland

Susan Mcgeown Staff nurse United Kingdom These wee children are so precious. As a nurse working in an oncology ward,I just want every child to get every chance they can to beat this disease.

Lorraine  Dennis Project Manager Northern Ireland We have to do all we can.

selina greene childminder northern ireland

Katrina Taggart Administrator Northern Ireland Something needs to change to hell these poor children.

Noeleen Smith Manager Ireland  In memory of Wee Oscar Knox, Belfast aged 5 when he died. Not enough is being done to help children with cancer and it’s a disgrace .

Tanya McNally  Civil servant  Northern Ireland  No parent should ever have to go through this

Leighanne Mcadorey Admin N ireland Because we need it

Avril Mangan  Accounts clerk Ireland

Clare Lowe  Ireland

Carokine Rogan Teacher Ireland My child has suffered

Joanne Mcbride  N ireland

Sinead Watt Housewife  N.I

Colm Ferguson Driving Instructor Northern Ireland As i have two children of my own i believe we should do EVERYTHING possible to save childrens lives

Anne O neill Housewife N ireland

Charlene  Mc givern Hairdresser Ireland No parents should have to watch a child die !!

Roisin  Kelly Government  N Ireland  

Dianne Mcmillan Primary teacher  N Ireland  

Lisa McAnulty Civil Servant   

Vicky  I l   

Angela Thomson Retired UK  This is a must!!!!!! These children deserve the very best in treatments. The word expensive seems to crop up everytime research is needed. Parents are crying out for our help to bring awareness to the lack of treatments & support. I am proud to support & Sign this petition.

Melissa Ramirez Manager USA

Michael Gray  Producer uk

Jimmy Mccutcheon fork truck driver England

Julie Smith Administrator  UK Too many beautiful brave children die because they run out of treatment options. There is insufficient research into new and kinder treatments and too few drugs are available for children with cancer. The UK offered my son palliative care and so we sought treatment abroad. He is now in complete remission.

Betty Charlton Support Worker United Kingdom I have four children , two of whom have serious lifelong conditions. Avoidance of the Regulation’s obligation to consider the benefit to children in adult drug development is very wrong. We have to alert our legislators and ask them to ensure positive adherence to the obligation.

tracey  Warboys  full-time mum uk My son was diagnosed with cancer and had to have a bone marrow transplant, the treatment is harsh and very unforgiving and has long term affects all the health of our children.

Jane Dolman Mum Uk My daughter was diagnosed with a wilms tumour in sept 14

Susan Fox Administrator UK Every child deserves the best treatment available.

heidy verweij  france united we’ll win !

Kenya Petherick Retired Englang

DAWN LIIV Team Leader England

D McCartan  USA  

Paul Phillips Warehouse person Wales

Anne-Matie Brennan-Verax Psychotherapist France My 6-year old son has cancer (Nephroblastoma) and I am now more aware of the crucial and critical reforms needed to enable young cancer patients to access drugs which, through research, will be more effective and less toxic.

Yvonne Craft Nanny Uk Changes need to happen

Noelle  Fitzpatrick  Retired  Northern Ireland  Every child deserves every chance to live

Tatiana Lasso Mother Italia Mia figlia e guarita della LLA e sono d’accordo che si possano fare ricerche per aiutare a guarire altri bambini è salvargli!

Charmaine  Hanson Mum Northern Ireland  As a mum I would want the best help for my children If they ever took sick

Claudia Trainor Student Northern Ireland  Every child is worth the fight.

Mary Ramsey Retied Northamptonshire  

Harriet Earley Design Assistant UK Worthy cause

Dominic Savia-Roscoe Student England  

Robert Putter Student United Kindgom Too many people are affected by unnecessarily slow cancer treatment.

Tara Fitzgerald  United Kingdom

sara radford housewife and mother UK I am the mother of a young person with cancer.
I watch my child battle every single minute of every single day.


Gloria Hannant Retired Britain Because my dearly loved Grandaughter is bravely battling Ewings Sarcoma and I realise there are many families with children and young adults going through this heartbreak every day. The fact that only 1% – 2% of money given for research goes towards helping them is outrageous and everyone should be behind this Bill as no one knows if or when this terrible disease may effect their loved ones!

Tom Trower Student UK

maria elena student UK

Charlotte Cobb Student England

Victoria Heywood Student UK

Dominic Ivison Student UK

laura wells student United Kingdom

Lara Tentori Student UK

Emmanuelle  Dahan  Student  United Kingdom  

Alison Gillison Programme Manager UK

TAMARA TYLER  UNITED KINGDOM As a cancer patient myself I strongly believe everyone should have access to any medical treatments that could save or prolong a life and I believe the system failed Chloe Drury and I sign this petition hoping for many a life will be saved. Tamara Tyler

Lyndsay Beattie Manager N. Ireland

Annabel large Student Wales One of my best friends is currently fighting cancer, a soft tissue sarcoma and I feel that there needs to be more awareness and research into teenage and young adult cancers.

Matt Swabey Student England A brave friend of mine is not getting the potential treatment that she so rightly deserves

Mark Munro Fitter Scotland I signed this petition because my 11 year old son, Robert, was diagnosed in late 2015 with a DIPG brain tumour.

Joshia Towers Student United kingdom

Rebecca  Morgan Therspist Uk  

Pleim Kelly  Luxemburg

Fay Palmer Sales Manager Uk Someone I love has a teenage cancer. X

Cormac Bohan Compliance Manager Ireland Children andvTeens with cancer deserve the same chance as adults even if its not profitable for drig companies

Graeme Bentham  Instrument engineer UK

Vicky Whyte Nurse Ireland My daughter died from the harshness of her cancer treatment.

Barbara Mccann Journalist N ireland

Karen Baxter Carer Northern Ireland  

Brónagh Smith  Ireland

Ciara Laverty Sales assistant Tyrone

Maxine Waith Retired nurse United Kingdom Because children like Harvey would possibly still be with his family and now Charlie and children who are battling cancer need this now.

Claire Mullan Student UK No child should have to suffer cancer

edna cullen waitress northern iteland

edna cullen waitress northern iteland

Eoin Davies Upholsterer England My child was diagnosed with cancer at 8 months old.

Lorna Nummy  cook N.Ireland

Janice Dalzell sick United Kingdom

Le Dily Philippe Manager Swimming pool France For the children

Tatiana PAIS DOS SANTOS  France

Didier Hauguel Banker France Saving children from cancer is a cause which goes beyond frontiers

Eric Miller Eric Miller Flooring United Kingdom If our children are our future, their future health is paramount.

Maria Candito  France  Maria Candito

Sabrina Palanza    

Audrey Saki Mother France

Grainne Whiting Retail Manager N.Ireland

Jasmine Bleakley Customer advisor Northern ireland  

Elaine Henderson Scientist UK I would like to see further treatment options being officially investigated and approved for use in those under 16.

Cathy  Bell Northern Ireland  EVERY child should have the right to access to these drugs. I want to see BIG changes

Lorraine Dennis Equality Officer NI It makes sense.

Mary Vaughan  Teacher UK I care

jaborska bernadette retraité France lille pour que la recherche avance et que les parents ne connaissent jamais cette douleur ! Bernadette ( la maman de Benjamin pour toujours )

Michelle McLaughlin Nursery Nurse Northern Ireland

Amy-Teresa McLaughlin Student Northern Ireland I think it’s only fair !

Emma  Nelson  Home maker England  My son is being treated for wilms tumour and I believe the government should be doing more to protect our children!!!

monique levaast  france Pour faire avancer la recherche, et y mettre plus de financement. Une pensée pour ces enfants partis trop vite.

PAUL McCULLOUGH RETIRED IRELAND I would like to see a cure for childhood and teenage cancers.

Evelina Dimova Translator Luxembourg Children should benefit from the latest research and development in medicine, on the same level as the adults.

Yvonna Baalbergen Account manager Netherlands Our children are our future. They deserve the same chances as adults when fighting cancer.

Pauline  Hughes Primary teacher Scotland My son Mark was diagnosed with Ewing’s Sarcoma in September 2010. He was part of the Euro Ewing’s Trial.Mark received chemotherapy, however due to the position and spread of the tumour he was considered unsuitable for surgery and had radiotherapy. Mark enjoyed a few months of good health and was clear of the disease until 2012. The cancer had returned and had rapidly spread to his lungs and other parts of his body. He died in April 2012 aged just 12. We hope that more can be done to help prevent young children and teenagers from dying from this horrible disease.

Ingrid Geijteman teacher The Netherlands My son is battling bone cancer for three years now. It’s a horrible disease! No child or young adult should suffer like this!

Claudia Westbroek Heemskerk Holland Our child of 9 Years old is fighting against cancer! I signed this because I agree That the treatment for childeren have to be better! They are our future and pleace a child with cancer we have to help to make it easyer!

Amine Bouhlel  France

Nathalie Goujon Employee France Children cannot die anymore in the 21st century of cancer!!

Denise Dunant  Suisse

Vurlod Christel Mother at home Switzerland For all thoses children fighting and for my little girl who had a brain tumor..

Linda Turner Housewife England  My daughter has Dsrct, a teenage cancer and I want to see more money and research being done to come up with life saving treatments. Love my daughter so much. Children are the future. They should be given the same chances to survive and live their lives.

Martin Turner Partially Retired UK Our 16yr old Daughter has Cancer (DSRCT).. it’s vitially important that this research is carried out.

Elizabeth Hookway Retired England E. Hookway

christopher Hookway retired United Kingdom

Dawn Adams Teacher England I want to help young people with cancer, there’s a very special young girl that I know who’s fighting this dreadful disease and I want to help in any way that I can

Kelly Turner  England I am a teenage cancer patient and I’d like to see these changes happen.

Mark Lyus Long term sick England The drug companies have a cure but are making to much money to ever admit it

Len Howell  United Kingdom

Janet Mcgrath Retired Uk

Fred Salvage Retired France Children and young people with cancer have the right to expect the State to provide them with life-saving treatment, where it exists.

Amine Bouhlel  France

Sante Lillo Medical Informer Italy I really hope to see the number of dead teens become smaller and smaller, year after year.

debora dominissini impiegata verona italia

allyson kinnaird housewife United Kingdom To many children and young adults are taken far too soon

allyson kinnaird housewife United Kingdom To many children and young adults are taken far too soon

Francesca Bertoldi Accountant Italy

Erica  Spink  Park Manager UK

Ian Morrow Chef Northern Ireland  My son has been battling cancer for 4 years

Rodney Armstrong Telecummuni  They’re are future.

herbaut marie  france Je signe parce que ma nièce âgée d’un an aujourd’hui est atteinte d’un cancer.

Georgios Zygogiannis Engineer Greece

Denny Obrien  Cart.guy United States We need a cure for cancer period for kids and adults.

antonella leo opeaia italia perche’ ho un bambino malato di leucemia

Brigitte Rousseau Head of Accounting Luxembourg I signed because I lost too many beloved ones due to cancer and follow the will of my parents…help cancer sick children…

Daniela  Bottinelli  Mother Luxembourg  Because the children are the future and they deserve to live it in full.

Brigitte Rousseau Head of Accounting Luxembourg I signed because I lost too many beloved ones due to cancer and follow the will of my parents…help cancer sick children…

Lorraine Cowan Receptionist UK My son is stage 3 with malignant melanoma with an unknown primary and all we have been offered is to wait and see. It’s just not good enough.

Linda McGhee Childminder Scotland  I am stage 3 Melanoma and couldn’t imagine, as a mother, going through the worry of just watch and wait

Jane Henderson Podiatrist  UK

Kate Ramsay Retired Scotland I believe that children must be given every opportunity to help them to survive cancer.

Angela Tough Retired England

Daniela Aney Senior nurse England Simply because nobody should suffer from this dreadful desease but it is breaking me when I see children suffering.

Ken West Telocommunications Technician (Retired) UK

Ken West Telocommunications Technician (Retired) UK

Sharleigh Stevenson Manager Australia

Patricia Rose retired United Kingdom

florence fontanive lawyer Luxembourg

sandro vidmar enterpreneur italy

Fernand Schmit  Luxemburg Important children are our future

Warren  Mowle Charity Founder Uk My daughter died of Neuroblastoma… She never had a normal life she never played in the park she never went swimming she never went on a bike.,we should never ever of lost our daughter due to financial controls over medicine, lack of available drugs and a shrug of the shoulders as to oh well !!! This country disgusts me in the lack of research , investment and criteria’s it has on Childhood Cancer … They deserve better and so do the parents

Alexandra McKee Charity worker United Kingdom My son has cancer and the late side effects concern me almost as much as treatment.

Catherine Wilson Homemaker UK My daughter has been fighting ependymoma brain cancer since 2011. Her will is strong, the science is not. More is research urgently needed.

jill prawer parent uk

Jade Giles Marketing Assistant UK

Kim Kay Painter & Decorator United Kingdom My son died from Ewing’s Sarcoma aged 18 last year August 2015.

At his diagnosis the consultant said it would be difficult to save him. Once Ewings Sarcoma has spread, as it had with David, there is very little in the way of treatment that will help and cure.

Let’s hope that we can change this in the future.

Julie Dobbs Tutor  England

Caroline Southgate Physiotherapist  UK My granddaughter was diagnosed in November 2014 and as a health professional I had no idea how little had been done in childrens drug research until then. This is an area of urgent need.

Claire Rowan Fundraiser England I want to help find a cure for childhood cancer in any way that I can.

Diane Quick Hotelier U.K.

Amine Bouhlel Medical Science Liaison  France

Nicole ANDRIEU 9 Impasse Les Boutons d’Or 63670 LA ROCHE BLANCHE FRANCE Thank you so much for children ! We need new treatments and help from Europ . Go on and on !!

BOURIEZ Michèle  France

Sonja Weidert fonctionnaire Luxembourg The well-being and health of children should be priority number one in this world.

Sally Hall Founder of Blue Skye Thinking UK I believe we can do better

Anna Wagstaff Journalist UK

Sante Zampini Finance Italy My son suffered a brain tumor medulloblastoma about 10!years ago. Although he is currently in good health he is experiencing the long term complications of the therapies that include short stature, lack of concentration and focus (taking a toll on his school performance) and hear loss.


Siobhan Sweeney  United kingdom My 5 year is fighting Ewing’s sarcoma cancer

Nicola Maxwell Self-employed United Kingdom My son is a two time survivor of Ewing’s Sarcoma. He wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for the breast and bowel cancer chemotherapies that reduced his tumours enough for his stem cell transplant to destroy the last of his tumours.

Jo Bishop  United Kingdom

Tracy  Sinton  Paramedic  Uk I lost my 10 year old son to a relapsed pinealoblastoma and we need better treatments for all childhood cancers

benita cocianni language teacher italy I believe that children should be allowed to have the chance to live equally to adults and all races…

Gerry Tye Childhood Cancer Advocate Australia Pediatrics need a Voice, funding and progress in Brain Cancer and DIPG…

In that we need new protocols to promote innovation and research in a timely manner…

Claire  Iannizzi student  Luxembourg There is a lot that needs to be done on the European level to emprove cancer medication, treatment and support. WE can all add our part of support and help by signing this petition.

Danielle and Marc Iannizzi-Zeimet  Luxembourg In memory of our lovely daughter Alix who passed away in June 2014 at the age of 16. Together with her we wish that all children and teenagers will benefit from an efficient and less invasive treatment.Team is Queen!

Gaby Weber  Luxembourg

Laurens Roer Student Germany

REINHARD Michel Employee Luxembourg

Solange Dumont  Luxemburg

mark walford-groom shop assistant united kingdom childhood cancer in uk is underfunded whicjh is disgusting

Elizabeth  Edwards Retired District nurse UK My 4 year old grand daughter died suffering an aggressive incurable sarcoma

Siobhan Sweeney Mum Uk My 5 year old child fought Ewing’s sarcoma cancer