A September Update

Most of you know by now: September is paediatric cancer awareness month.

The 2017 edition is very special: our community of parents, patients and caregivers is waiting for the European Commission’s report on the assessment of the Paediatric Medicines Regulation (to be published around the end of October 2017).

What has Unite2Cure been up to these past few moths?

We have been meeting with the Commission and many other EU officials to convey our message that an amendment to this Regulation could be a game changer for kids with cancer, giving them a swifter and safer access to innovative drugs.

Let’s continue our awareness work on this topic: we need to have a clear legal framework to make sure all kids cancers become curable in the 21st century.

Dear followers, keep spreading our messages and supporting our actions 💛💛💛


September: International Childhood Cancer Awareness Month

To coincide with International Childhood Cancer Awareness month in September Unite2Cure is calling for immediate change to current European Legislation. This campaign is being supported by doctors and other industry experts across Europe. For a list of supporters and to join our conversation click here!