How to change the system

Cancer remains the primary cause of death by disease of children and adolescents in Europe, yet investment in research into childhood cancers lags far behind that for adults. A few basic changes to European law, however, could transform the situation and harness the major advances that have been made in biological science for the benefit of children. We are, therefore, calling for a specific set of reforms to be made to the Paediatric Medicines Regulation without delay.

These would ensure that every time a drug company develops a new treatment for adults, the drug’s potential for combating childhood illnesses would also be evaluated. This would have a significant impact on the health of young people generally, but, in particular, it would benefit those with cancer.

To understand why, click here to read our proposals on ‘Making European regulation work for children with cancer.’

For more information, read the  SIOPE/CRUK/Unite2Cure Position Paperaediatric