URGENT: Call on your MEP to support children with cancer

Dear Supporter

We have just received news that, within days, Members of the European Parliament will vote on a resolution vital for the future of children with cancer. We are asking you to contact your MEPs now, urging them to support the Resolution on the Regulation on Paediatric Medicines on December 15.

Our Toolkit here provides a simple ‘two- click’ procedure that will get a message to your elected representatives fast. It also gives plenty of background on what the Resolution is about.

This is a once in a decade opportunity to transform research into childhood cancers and other young people’s illnesses. Please call on your MEP to represent you and all those that have been affected by cancer by voting YES to the Resolution on December 15.

Thank you from all at Unite2Cure

1 thought on “URGENT: Call on your MEP to support children with cancer

  1. En España se tiene dificultad para que los niños y adolescentes con cáncer reciban los mismos medicamentos que están ya aprobados por la Unión Europea. Depende de la Comunidad Autónoma donde viva. En la misma ciudad, se concede a un paciente en un hospital y en otro no.
    Tampoco existen medicamentos específicos para pediatría.


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