Unite2Cure meets with Glenis Wilmott, MEP

Unite2Cure meeting with

From left to right: Chris Copland, Consumer Representative, National Cancer Research Institute – Pam Kearns, Director of the Cancer Research UK Clinical Trials Unit – Glenis Wilmott, MEP – Karen and Kevin Capel, Christopher’s Smile – Catherine Guinard, Public affairs Manager, CRUK

A team of Unite2Cure representatives met on Friday January 15th with MEP Glenis Wilmott, who has been actively involved in promoting changes to the Paediatric Medicines Regulation (PMR) in order to speed up the development of new drugs for kids with cancer.
Ms. Wilmott was able to provide some insight into the legislative process, but in particular, what MEPs can do to push the process forward. It is clear that what is required is a straightforward and relatively simple proposal on changes to the PMR. Framing something of this kind will be our goal during the Cancer Drug Development Forum (CDDF) congress this week in Brussels. It was also agreed that ideally a balanced set of proposals with toughening up of requirements on mechanism of action combined with some new incentives on the lines of those framed by WG2 would appear attractive.


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About unite2cure

Unite2Cure is a network of groups and individuals from across Europe, which is calling for better treatment and better access to treatment for children and young people with cancer. The movement, which is parent-led, aims to unite parents/carers, survivors, not for profit organisations, health professionals, researchers and other industry experts in a campaign to save more young lives.

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